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Care Homes by Service Name

An index of Care Homes in the UK by Service Name

Buckingham Lodge Care Home
Old Rectory (Bramshall)


1 & 2 Flax Cottages
1 Lansdowne Road
1 Lansdowne Road
1 Sewardstone Close
1 Uppingham Gardens
1-4 Windsor Drive
101 Royal Hill
117-119 Mollands Lane
121 Hales Road
134 Ashland Road
135 Norman Road
13a Repton Drive
14-17 Palmwood Court
15 Main Street
15 The Sycamores
16 Balnacraig Avenue (The Leaves)
16 Homeside Close
16 Kenilworth Gardens
165 Point Clear Road
167 Lodge Hill
18 Wolverton Gardens, Horley (Active Prospects)
18-20 Richmond Close Home Care & Support
182 Bromham Road
19 Barkla Close
19 Chilgrove Road
19-23 Church Street


2 Central Avenue
2 East Park Road Harrogate
2, 3 and 4 Nightingale Close
2-1-2 Old Holywood Road
2-4 Watcombe Circus
2-8 Orchard Street
20 Towngate East
207 Goodmayes Lane
21 Mill Lane
23 Trittiford Road
23 Valley Road
230a Mountnessing Road
235 Rugeley Road
24 Pettigo Road
26 St Barnabas Road
26 St Marks Road
26a Sussex Avenue
27 Ledston Avenue
280-282 Wells Road
29 Manchester Road
29a Shrewsbury Road, Redhill (Active Prospects)


3 Bridges Care Home
3 Ferrers Drive
3 Hainault Avenue
3 Red Admiral Court Gateshead
3 Trees Respite (Westbury)
30 Broad Lane
30 Richmond Road
304 Southwell Road
33 Blanford Road
36 West Street
36a Birling Avenue
37 Wilcot Road
3L Care - Atherton
3L Care Limited


4 Claremont Road
4 Harvey Road
4 Hermitage Lane
4 Old Barn Close
4 Trinity Court
4,5,7 The Sycamores
43a and 43b Morley Road
44 Sedgley Road
45 Watson Road
47 Somerton Road
48 Heath Road


5 Winston Court
50 Arbour Street
50 Broadfields
514 Arnold Road
579 Maidstone Road


6 Peel Way
60 Cobham Road
61 Track Road
611 Ormeau Road
66 Park Lane
69 Chartridge Lane


7 Eworth Close
7-9 Third Avenue
74 Central Road
79 Malmesbury Road


8 Chestnut Road
8 Wyndham Close
80 Malone Road
86 London Road


9 Allenby Road
9 Victoria Street Care Centre
95 Ashley Avenue


A S Care
A1 Care Services trading as Ty Ceirios Nursing Home
AA Bourne Retirement Lodge
Aachen Brook St Anne's Community Services
Aadamson House Care Home
Aahana House
Aalsmeer Care Centre
Aarandale Lodge
Aarandale Manor
Aaron Court
Aaron Court Care Home
Aaron Court Care Home
Aaron Crest Care Home
Aaron Grange Care Home
Aaron House
Aaron House
Aaron House Care Home
Aaron Manor
Aaron View Care Home
Aarondale Care Home
Aarondale Care Home
Aarondale House
Aarons Specialist Unit
Aashna House Residential Care Home - Sanctuary Care
Abacus Care Home
Abacus House Residential Care
Abacus Quality Care Ltd T/A Abacus Care Home
Abafields Residential Home
Abbcross Nursing Home
Abbegale Lodge
Abbeleigh House
Abberdale Ltd t/a Abberdale House
Abberton Manor Nursing Home
Abbey Care Complex
Abbey Care Direct Limited
Abbey Care Home
Abbey Care Home
Abbey Chase Nursing Home
Abbey Court
Abbey Court Care Home
Abbey Court Care Home
Abbey Court Care Home
Abbey Court Care Home - Leek
Abbey Court Nursing and Residential Home
Abbey Dale House
Abbey Dean
Abbey Dingle Care Home
Abbey Gardens Nursing Home
Abbey Grange Care & Nursing Home
Abbey Grange Care Home
Abbey Grove Residential Home
Abbey Hey Care Home
Abbey House
Abbey House - Morden
Abbey House Nursing Home
Abbey House Residential Care Home
Abbey House Residential Care Home
Abbey Lawns Care Home
Abbey Lea Care Home
Abbey Lodge
Abbey Lodge
Abbey Lodge - Coulsdon
Abbey Lodge Care Home
Abbey Lodge Care Home
Abbey Lodge Residential Home
Abbey Park
Abbey Place
Abbey Ravenscroft Park Nursing Home
Abbey Retirement Home
Abbey Rose
Abbey Rose Care Home
Abbey View
Abbey View
Abbey Village
Abbey Wood Lodge Care Home
Abbey Wood Park Care Home
Abbeycliffe Residential Care Home
Abbeycrest Nursing Home
Abbeycroft Residential Care Home
Abbeydale - Derby
Abbeydale Court Care Centre
Abbeydale Nursing Home
Abbeydale Nursing Home
Abbeydale Nursing Home - Birmingham
Abbeydale Nursing Home - Salford
Abbeydale Residential Care Home
Abbeydale Residential Care Home - Bury
Abbeydale Residential Care Home - London
Abbeyfield (Somerset) Society
Abbeyfield - St George's House
Abbeyfield Ballachulish
Abbeyfield Bognor Regis Society Limited
Abbeyfield Care Home Clitheroe
Abbeyfield Extra Care House
Abbeyfield Grange Ltd
Abbeyfield Haddenham Society Limited
Abbeyfield House
Abbeyfield House - Alnwick
Abbeyfield House - Inverness
Abbeyfield House Care Home
Abbeyfield House Care Home
Abbeyfield House Springburn
Abbeyfield Lear House
Abbeyfield Oxenford Society Ltd
Abbeyfield Parkdale
Abbeyfield Reading Society Limited
Abbeyfield Residential Care Home - Castle Farm
Abbeyfield Residential Care Home - The Grove
Abbeyfield Silverdale & District Society Limited
Abbeyfield Winnersh
Abbeygate Care Centre
Abbeygate Rest Home
Abbeygate Retirement Home
Abbeymere Care Centre
Abbeymoor Neurodisability Centre
Abbeyrose Court
Abbeyrose House
Abbeyside Nursing Home
Abbeyvale (Care Home)
Abbeyvale Care Centre
Abbeywell Court
Abbeywood House
Abbeywood Tottington Limited
Abbi Lodge Residential Home
Abbot Care Home
Abbots Lawn
Abbots Leigh Manor Nursing Home
Abbots Wood Manor
Abbots Wood Manor
Abbotsbury Residential Home
Abbotsfield Hall Nursing Home
Abbotsfield Residential Care Home
Abbotsford - Pinner
Abbotsford Care, Cowdenbeath
Abbotsford Care, Dunfermline
Abbotsford Care, Glenrothes
Abbotsford Care, Kinglassie
Abbotsford Care, Methil
Abbotsford Care, Newburgh
Abbotsford House
Abbotsford Nursing Home
Abbotsford Nursing Home - Manchester
Abbotsford Residential Care Home.
Abbotsleigh Dementia Nursing and Residential Care Home
Abbotsleigh Mews Care Home
Abbotswood Court
Abbott House - Oundle
Abbotts Barton
Abbotts Court Care Home
Abbotts Residential Care Home
Abbottswood Lodge Residential Care Home
Abercarn Care Home
Abercorn House
Abercorn House Care Home
Abercorn House Care Home - Sanctuary Care
Abercorn Nursing Home
Aberdeen House
Aberdeen House
Aberford Hall
Abermad Nursing Home Ltd
Abiden Care
Abiden Care
Abigail Lodge Care Home - Consett
Abingdon Court Care Home
Abingdon Manor Care Centre
Abington Park View
ABLE (Action for a Better Life) - 57 King Street
Ablegrange Severn Heights Limited
Abney Court
Abode Residence
Abraham House
Abundant Grace Nursing Home
Acacia Care Centre
Acacia Care Centre
Acacia Court
Acacia Court
Acacia House - Tenterden
Acacia House Nursing Home
Acacia Lodge
Acacia Lodge
Acacia Lodge
Acacia Lodge Care Home
Acacia Lodge Care Home
Acacia Mews Care Home
Accommodation with Assistants at hand
Accord Housing Association Limited - 53a Ipstones Avenue
Acer Court Care Home
Acer House Care Home
Ach-an-Eas (Care Home)
Ackroyd House
Acomb Court
Acorn Avenue
Acorn Care Home
Acorn Care Home
Acorn Court Care Home
Acorn Grange Care Home
Acorn Heights Care Home
Acorn Hill Nursing Home
Acorn Hollow General Nursing Home
Acorn House
Acorn House
Acorn House - Croydon
Acorn House Care Centre
Acorn House Residential Home Limited
Acorn Hove
Acorn Lodge
Acorn Lodge - Croydon
Acorn Lodge Care Centre
Acorn Lodge Care Home
Acorn Lodge Care Home
Acorn Lodge Nursing Home
Acorn Lodge Residential Care Home
Acorn Luxury Care Limited
Acorn Manor Residential Care Home
Acorn Manor Residential Home
Acorn Nursing Home
Acorn Nursing Home
Acorn Retirement Home
Acrefield House
Across The Bay
Across The Bay
Action on Hearing Loss
Acton Care Centre
Ada Belfield Centre
Adalah Residential Rest Home Limited
Adams House
Adamscourt Residential Care Home
Adamstan House Nursing Home
Adamwood Nursing Home
Adbolton Hall
Adderley Green Care Centre
Addington Heights
Addison Court
Addison Court
Addison Park
Adel Grange Residential Home
Adelaide Care Home
Adelaide House
Adelaide House Care Home
Adelaide House Nursing Home
Adelaide House Residential Care Home
Adelaide Lodge Care Home
Adele Cottage
Adeline House Care Home
Adelphi Residential Care Home
Aden Court Care Home
Aden House (Care Home)
Aden House Care Home
Aden Lodge Care Home
Aden Mount Care Home
Aden View Care Home
Adjuvo (Midlands) Support for Living Ltd
Adlington Manor
Admiral Court
Admiral House - London
Admirals Reach Care Home
Admirals Rest
Adrian House - Leeds
Adult Pathways 1
Adult Social Care Discharge Suite, Castle Hill Hospital (NHS)
Adult Social Care Suite - Waters Ward
Affalon House Nursing Home
Afton Lodge Care Home
Agate House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Agility Care
Agincourt Care Home
Agnes and Arthur
Agnes Court - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Agnes House
Agnes House - Residential Care Home
Ailsa Craig
Ailsa Craig Care Home
Ailsa House Residential Care Home
Ailsa Lodge
Ailsa Lodge Care Home
Ailwyn Hall
Ainsdale Court
Ainslie Manor Nursing Home
Aire View Care Home
Airedale Care Home
Airlie House
Airthrey Care
Alan Morkill House
Alandale Residential Home
Alastrean House
Alba Rose
Alban House Residential Care Home
Alban Manor Nursing Home
Albany Farm Care (Hampshire) Limited
Albany House
Albany House - Doncaster
Albany House - Tisbury
Albany Lodge Nursing Home
Albany Nursing Home
Albany Park Nursing Home
Albemarle - Care Home
Albemarle Court (Nottingham) LTD - T/As Albemarle Court Nursing Home
Albemarle Hall Nursing Home
Albemarle Rest Home
Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court
Albert House Nursing Home
Albert House Residential Home
Albert Residential Home
Albert Road
Albert Suites at Battersea Place
Albion Court Care Centre
Albion House Care Home
Albion Lodge Retirement Home
Albury Care Homes Limited
Albury House
Aldbourne Nursing Home
Alde House
Alder Grange
Alder House - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Alder House Care Home
Aldercar Residential Care Home
Aldergrove Manor Nursing Home
Alderlea Care Home
Aldersmead Care Home
Alderson House
Alderwood Care Home
Alderwood Care Home
Alderwood L.L.A. Limited - Dybdale Crescent
Aldridge Court Nursing Home
Aldringham Court
Alex Wood House
Alexander Care Centre
Alexander Care Home
Alexander Court
Alexander Court (Sheffield)
Alexander Court Care Centre
Alexander Heights Care Home
Alexander House
Alexander House
Alexander House
Alexander House - Dover
Alexander House Care Home
Alexander House Care Home - Cheltenham
Alexander House Private Nursing Home
Alexander Residential Home
Alexander Scott's Hospital Eventide Home
Alexandra (Rotherham)
Alexandra - Oldham
Alexandra Care Home
Alexandra Care Home
Alexandra Care Home
Alexandra Court
Alexandra Court
Alexandra Court - Cleveleys
Alexandra Court Care Centre
Alexandra Court Residential Home
Alexandra Grange
Alexandra Grange EMI
Alexandra House
Alexandra House
Alexandra House
Alexandra House - Eastwood
Alexandra House - Harlow
Alexandra House - Harwich
Alexandra House - Leicester
Alexandra House - Ludlow
Alexandra House - Oxted
Alexandra Lodge Care Centre
Alexandra Lodge Care Centre
Alexandra Lodge Care Home
Alexandra Nursing & Residential Home
Alexandra Nursing Home
Alexandra Nursing Home - Poulton-le-Fylde
Alexandra Park Home
Alexandra Rose Residential Care Home
Alexandra View Care Centre
Alexandra Villa
Alexandra Way Residential Care Home
Alfriston Court Care Home
Alice Grange
Alice House
Alicia Nursing Home
Alinthia House
Alison Crescent
Alison House CareHome Limited
Alistre Lodge Nursing & Care Home
Aliwal Manor Care Home
All Hallows Neuro Rehabilitation Centre
All Hallows Nursing Home
Allambie Court
Allambie House
Allan Court
Allenbrook Home (Halesowen)Ltd
Allenbrook Nursing Home
Allendale House
Allendale Residential Home Limited
Allerton Court
Allerton Lodge
Allerton Park Care Centre
Allesley Hall
Allingham House Care Centre
Allington Court Care Home
Allington House
Allison House
Allison House Residential Home
Alliston House
Allonsfield House
Allt Y Mynydd
Alma Barn Lodge
Alma Court Care Home
Alma Green Residential Care Home
Alma Lodge Care Home
Alma Lodge Care Home
Alma McFadyen
Alma Residential Home
Almond Court Care Home
Almond View Care Home
Almond View Care Home
Alne Hall - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Alphington Lodge Residential Home
Alpine Care Home
Alpine House
Alpine Lodge
Alpine Villa Care Home
Alsley Lodge
Alston Court Residential Home
Alston House
Alston Lodge Residential Home Limited
Alston View Nursing and Residential Home
Alstone House (Registered Care home)
Alt Park Nursing Home
Alt-Na-Craig Limited
Altham Care Home
Altham Court Care Home
Althorpe Residential Home
Alton House
Alton House Care Home - Hayling Island
Alton Manor Care Home - Portsmouth
Alum Care Limited
Alverstoke House Nursing Home
Alveston Leys Care Home
Alvina Lodge
Alvony House Residential Care Home
Alyson House
Amarna House Care Home
Ambassador Care Home
Ambassador House
Ambassador House
Amber Banks Care Home
Amber Court
Amber House
Amber House
Amber House - Coventry
Amber House Residential Home Limited
Amber Lodge - Leeds
Amber Lodge Nursing Home
Amber View Care Home
Amber Wood
Amberley Care Home
Amberley Care Home
Amberley Court Care Home
Amberley Court Care Home
Amberley Hall Care Home
Amberley House - London
Amberley House - Plymouth
Amberley House Care Home
Amberley House Care Home - Stoke-on-Trent
Amberley Lodge - Purley
Amberley Lodge Care Home
Amberwood Care Home Limited
Amberwood House
Amberwood Nursing Home
Ambika Lodge Care Home
Ambleside Bank Care Home
Ambleside Nursing Home
Ambleside Nursing Home
Ambleside Residential Care Home
Amelia House Residential Home
Amerind Grove Care Home
Amesbury Abbey
Amherst Court
Ami Court
Amphion View Limited
Amy Woodgate
Amy Woodgate
An Acarsaid (Care Home)
Anahita Recovery Centre
Anam Cara
Anastasia Lodge Care Home
Anbridge Care Home
Ancasta Grove
Ancaster House
Anchor House - Doncaster
Anchor Lodge Retirement Home
Anchorage Nursing Home
Anchorstone Nursing Home
Ancliffe Residential Care Home
Ancona Care Home
Andover Nursing Home
Andrew Cohen House
Andrew Smith House - Nelson
Andrews Court Care Home
Andrin House Nursing Home
Angelcare Inglewood
Angelcare Residential Living
Angelina Care
Angels (Stratton House) Limited
Anglebury Court
Angorfa Residential Care Home
Angusfield Care Home
Anisha Grange
Aniska Lodge
Anita Dorfman House
Anjulita Court
Anley Hall Nursing Home
Ann Challis
Ann Mangham
Ann Marie Howes Centre
Ann Slade Care Home
Annabel House Care Centre
Annacliffe Residential Home
Annahilt Care Home
Annan Court
Annandale Lodge
Annandale Rest Home
Anne Residential Homes - 74 Coombe
Annefield Grange
Annefield House Limited
Annesley House Care Home
Annesley Lodge Care Home
Annfield House
Anniscliff House
Anson Court
Anson Court Residential Home
Antiquary House
Anton House - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Antonine House
Antrim Care Home
Antron Manor
Anville Court Care Home
Anwen Care Home
Anya Court
Apex Care Centre
Apley Grange
Apley Lodge Residential Home
Apna Ghar Residential Home
Apollo House
Apple Blossom Lodge
Apple Hill
Apple House
Apple House
Apple Mews
Apple Mews Care Home
Apple Residential Care Home
Apple Tree Care Home
Apple Tree House
Apple Trees Care & Reablement Centre
Appleby Court
Appleby Court Care Home
Appleby Grange
Appleby House
Appleby Lodge
Applecroft Care Home
Applecroft Residential Care Home
Applecross Nursing Home
Applegarth Care Home
Applegarth Nursing Home
Applegarth Residential Care Home
Applethwaite Green
Appleton Lodge
Appleton Lodge
Appleton Manor
Appletree Court Care Home
Appletree Grange
Appletree House Residential Care Home
Applewood Care Home
Appley Cliff - Care Home Physical Disabilities
April Cottage
April Cottage Retirement Home
April Court Care Home
April Park Nursing Home
Apsley House Care Home
Apthorp Care Centre
Aquarius Lodge
Aquarius Residential Care Home
Ar-Lyn Residential Home
Aram House
Aran Court Care Home
Aranlaw House Care Home
Arberglen Care Home
Arbor House
Arboretum House
Arboretum Nursing Home
Arbory Residential Home
Arbour Court
Arbour House
Arbour Lodge
Arbour Walk
Arbour Walk OPENING MARCH 2020
Arbrook House Care Home
Arcadia Gardens
Arcare for Forte Limited
Archers Court
Archers Park
Archers Point Residential Home
Arches Care Home
Archmoor Care Home
Archview Lodge Care Home
Arcot House Residential Home
Ard Cuan
Ard Na Grainde
Arden Court
Arden Grange Nursing & Residential Care Home
Arden House
Arden House
Arden House
Arden House Nursing Home
Arden House Residential Care Home
Arden House Residential Home
Arden Lodge Residential Care Home for Elder Adults
Arden Manor Care Home
Arden Park
Arden Towers
Ardencraig Care Home
Ardenlea Court Care Home
Ardenlea Grove Care Home
Ardfenaig Residential Home
Ardlough Care Home
Ardmaine Care Home
Ardnahein Care
Ardtully Retirement Residence
Ardview House
Areley House
Argentum Lodge
Arguam House
Argyle Park Nursing Home
Argyle Residential Home
Argyles Care Home
Argyll House Nursing Home
Aria Court
Ariya House
Ariya House
Arlington House
Arlington House Residential Care Home
Arlington Manor Care Home
Armstrong House
Arncliffe Court Care Home
Arnold House
Arnold House - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Arnside Lodge
Aronel Cottage Care Home Limited
Aronmore Residential Care Home
Arran House
Arran Manor
Arran View Care Home
Arran View Care Home
Arranmore Park Rest Home
Arrigadeen Nursing Home
Arrowsmith Lodge Rest Home
Arthur Jenkins
Arthur Jenkins Care Home
Arthur Lodge Residential Care Home
Arthurs Court
Arun Lodge Residential Care Home
Arundel House
Arundel House - Paignton
Arundel Park Lodge
Arundel Park Residential and Nursing Home
Ascot House
Ascot House - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Ascot House - Nottingham
Ascot House - Scunthorpe
Ascot Lodge Nursing Home
Ascot Lodge Nursing Home
Ascot Nursing Home - Middlesbrough
Ash Cottage
Ash Court Care Centre - Camden
Ash Court Care Home
Ash Grange Nursing Home
Ash Grove Care Home
Ash Hall Nursing Home
Ash Hall Nursing Home
Ash House
Ash House Residential Home
Ash Lodge Care Home
Ash Lodge Care Home with Nursing
Ash Tree
Ash Tree House
Ashbourne Care Home
Ashbourne Court Care Home
Ashbourne Court Care Home
Ashbourne House - Bristol
Ashbourne House - Stockport
Ashbourne House Care Home
Ashbourne Lodge
Ashbourne Lodge Care Centre
Ashbourne Lodge Rest Home
Ashbourne Lodge Rest Home
Ashbourne Nursing Home
Ashbrook Care Home
Ashbrook Court Care Home
Ashbrook House
Ashbrook Neuro Rehabilitation
Ashbrook Nursing Home
Ashbury Care Home
Ashbury Lodge Residential Home
Ashby Court Care Home
Ashby House - Milton Keynes
Ashby Lodge Residential Home
Ashchurch House
Ashchurch View
Ashcott House
Ashcroft Care Home
Ashcroft Care Home
Ashcroft Care Home Limited
Ashcroft Hollow Care Home
Ashcroft House - Leeds
Ashcroft House Nursing Home
Ashcroft Nursing Home
Ashcroft Nursing Home
Ashcroft Nursing Home - Chesterfield
Ashdale Care Home
Ashdale Nursing Home
Ashdene Care Home
Ashdene Court
Ashdene House
Ashdown House
Ashdown Lodge
Ashdown Nursing Home
Ashdowne Care Centre
Asheborough House Care Centre - Saltash
Ashefields Residential Care Home
Asher Care
Asher Nursing Home
Ashfield (Malton) (North Yorkshire County Council)
Ashfield (Skipton) (North Yorkshire County Council)
Ashfield Court
Ashfield Court - Harrogate
Ashfield House - Leominister
Ashfield House - Raunds
Ashfield Lodge
Ashfield Nursing & Residential Home
Ashfield Nursing Home
Ashfield Residential Care Home
Ashfields Care Home
Ashfields Care Home
Ashford House
Ashford House
Ashford Lodge Nursing Home
Ashgables House
Ashgate House
Ashgate House Care Home
Ashgill Care Home
Ashgrange House
Ashgreen House Residential and Nursing Home
Ashgrove Care Home
Ashgrove Care Home
Ashgrove Care Home - Humberstone
Ashgrove Care Home - London
Ashgrove House
Ashgrove House
Ashgrove House Care Limited
Ashgrove House Nursing Home
Ashgrove Nursing Home
Ashgrove Residential Care Home
Ashgrove Residential Care Home
Ashill Lodge Care Home
Ashingdon Hall
Ashington Grange
Ashington House
Ashking House
Ashlands Care Home
Ashlands Manor Care Centre
Ashlands Nursing Home
Ashlands Nursing Home
Ashlar House
Ashlea Court Care Home
Ashlea Court Care Home
Ashlea Court Residential Home
Ashlea House
Ashlea Lodge
Ashlea Mews
Ashlea Mews Care Home
Ashlee Residential Care Home
Ashleigh Care Home
Ashleigh Court
Ashleigh Court Rest Home
Ashleigh House
Ashleigh House
Ashleigh House
Ashleigh House
Ashleigh Manor Residential Care Home
Ashleigh Nursing Home
Ashleigh Residential Home Limited
Ashleigh Rest Home
Ashlett Dale Rest Home
Ashley Arnewood Manor
Ashley Care Centre
Ashley Court
Ashley Court
Ashley Court Care Home
Ashley Court Care Home
Ashley Court Care Limited
Ashley Down Nursing Home
Ashley Drive
Ashley Gardens
Ashley Gardens Care Centre
Ashley Grange Nursing Home
Ashley House
Ashley House
Ashley House - Langport
Ashley House Care Home
Ashley House Care Home
Ashley House Residential Care Home
Ashley House Residential Home
Ashley House Residential Home - Care Home
Ashley Lodge Care Home
Ashley Lodge RH Limited
Ashley Park Care Home
Ashling House
Ashlong Cottage
Ashlyn Care Home
Ashlynn Grange
Ashlyns Care Home
Ashmead Care Centre
Ashmeade Residential Home
Ashmill Residential Care Home
Ashminster House
Ashmore Nursing Home
Ashridge Court Care Centre
Ashtead House
Ashton Court Care Home
Ashton Court Residential Home
Ashton Court Residential Home
Ashton Grange
Ashton Grange
Ashton Grange Nursing & Residential Home
Ashton Grange Residential Home
Ashton House
Ashton Lodge
Ashton Lodge Care Home
Ashton Lodge Nursing Home
Ashton Lodge Residential Home
Ashton Manor
Ashton Manor Care Home
Ashton Manor Nursing Home
Ashton Park Care Home
Ashton View Nursing Home
Ashtree House
Ashurst House
Ashurst Lodge
Ashurst Mews Care Home
Ashurst Park Care Home
Ashurst Residential and Care Home
Ashview House Residential Care Home
Ashview Nursing Home
Ashville Care Home
Ashville House
Ashville Residential Home
Ashwood - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Ashwood - Ware
Ashwood Care & Nursing Home - Spalding
Ashwood Care Centre
Ashwood Care Centre
Ashwood House
Ashwood House
Ashwood Lodge Care Home
Ashwood Park Residential and Nursing Home
Ashwood Residential Care Home
Ashwood Rest Home
Ashworth Grange
Askham Grove
Askham Hall
Askham House
Aslockton Hall Nursing & Residential Home
Asmall Hall
Aspect House
Aspen Court
Aspen Court
Aspen Court
Aspen Court Care Home
Aspen Court Nursing Home
Aspen Grange Care Home
Aspen Grange Care Home
Aspen Hill Village
Aspen House
Aspen House Care Home
Aspen House Limited
Aspen Lodge
Aspen Lodge Care Home
Aspen Lodge Care Home
Aspen Lodge Residential Care Home
Aspen Place
Asprey Court Care Home
Asquith Hall
Asra House Residential Care Home
Astbury Lodge Residential Care Home
Astbury Manor Care Home
Astbury Mere Care Home
Astell Care Centre
Aster Care
Asterbury Place
Astley Grange
Astley Grange
Astley Grange (Bolton)
Astley Hall
Astley Hall Nursing Home
Astley House
Aston Court Care Home
Aston House
Aston House
Aston House Care Home
Aston Manor
Astor Court
Astor Hall
Astor Lodge
Astor Lodge View
Astral Lodge Residential Home
Astune Rise Nursing Home
Atfield House
Athenaeum Residential Care Home
Athol House - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Atholl House Nursing Home
Athorpe Lodge
Atkinson Grove Chance for a Break Service
Atlantis Care Home
Attlee Court
Auburn Lodge Residential Home
Auburn Mere
Auchtercrag Care Home
Auchtermairnie Care Home
Auckland Rest Home
Aucklands Rest Home
Auden House Residential Home
Aughnacloy House
Aughton Park
Augusta Court
Augustus Court
Auriel Lodge
Austen Court Care Home
Austen House
Austenwood Nursing Home
Austin Rose Care Home
Autumn Gardens
Autumn Grange Nursing Home
Autumn House Nursing Home
Autumn House Nursing Home
Autumn House Residential Home
Autumn Leaves UK Limited
Autumn Lodge
Autumn Lodge - Bognor Regis
Autumn Lodge Residential Home
Autumn Vale Care Centre
Autumn Vale Rest Home
Autumna Care Home
Autus Court
Avalon Court Care Centre
Avalon Court Residential Home
Avalon EMI Care Home
Avalon House
Avalon Nursing Home
Avalon Nursing Home
Avalon Park Nursing Home
Avalon Residential Home
Avandale Lodge Nursing Home
Avebury House
Avebury House
Aveland Court Care Home
Aveley Lodge
Avenue House - Bristol
Avenue House Nursing and Care Home
Avenues London - 1a Webb Road
Averill House
Averlea Residential Home
Avery Lodge
Avery Lodge Residential Home
Avery Park Care Home
Aviary House
Avocet Court
Avocet House Care Home
Avocet Trust - 1181 Holderness Road
Avocet Trust - 20-22 Middlesex Road
Avocet Trust - 22a-26 Middlesex Road
Avon Cliff
Avon Court
Avon Court Care Home
Avon House
Avon House Rest Home - Balcombe
Avon Lee Lodge
Avon Lodge
Avon Lodge and Avon Lodge Annex
Avon Lodge Care Home
Avon Manor
Avon Park Residential Home
Avon Park Residential Home
Avon Reach
Avon Valley Care Home
Avon View
Avonbloom Retirement Home
Avonbridge Care Home
Avondale Care Home
Avondale Castlemount Lodge
Avondale House
Avondale Lodge Care Home
Avondale Nursing Home
Avondale Residential Care Home
Avondale Rest Home
Avondene Care Home
Avonhaugh Nursing Home
Avonleigh Gardens
Avonmere Care Home
Awel Tywi
Awel y Mor Care Centre
Awel-Y-Mor Care Centre
Axbridge Court Nursing Home
Aycliffe Care Home
Aylesham Court Care Home
Aylestone Grange
Ayletts House
Aynsley Nursing Home
Ayresome Court
Azalea Court


Bablake House
Badby Park
Badenscoth House
Badgers Holt Residential Care Home
Badgers Lodge
Badgers Wood
Badgeworth Court Care Centre
Badminton Place
Badminton Place
Badminton Place
Baedling Manor
Bafford House
Baglan Lodge Care Home
Bagshot Park Care Centre
Baillieston Nursing Home
Baily House
Bakers Court Care Home
Bakewell Cottage Nursing Home
Bakewells Care Home
Balclutha Court Care Home
Baldock - 15 Clothall Road
Baldock - 7 Clothall Road
Baldock - The Rowans
Balfarg Care Centre
Balgowan Nursing Home
Balhousie Brookfield
Balhousie Clement Park
Balhousie Coupar Angus
Balhousie Dalnaglar
Balhousie Huntly
Balhousie Luncarty Care Home
Balhousie Pitlochry Care Home
Balhousie Rumbling Bridge
Balhousie Ruthven Towers
Balhousie St Ronans
Ball Tree Croft
Ballantine Court Care Home
Ballater House
Ballifeary House
Balloo House
Ballumbie Court
Ballyclare Nursing Home
Balmain Care Home
Balmanno House
Balmedie House
Balmoral Care Home
Balmoral Care Home
Balmoral Court
Balmoral House
Balmoral House - Skyline Care Ltd
Balmoral Rest Home
Balmoral View Care Centre
Balmore Country House
Balquhidder House
Baltimore Care Ltd
Bamburgh House
Bamfield Lodge
Bamford Close
Bamford Grange Care Home
Banbury Heights Nursing Home
Bancroft Gardens Residential Home
Bandrum Nursing Home
Bange Nursing Homes Limited t/a Bradley House Nursing Home
Bangeston Hall
Bangor Care Home
Bank Close House
Bank Hall Care Home
Bank House Care Home
Bank House Residential Care Home
Bank House Residential Care Home
Bankfield House Care Home
Bankfield Manor Care Home
Bankfoot House
Bankhouse Care Home
Bankhouse Care Home
Banksfield Nursing Home
Bankview Care Home
Bankwood Care Home
Bannatyne Lodge
Bannow Retirement Home
Bannview House Care Home
Banstead Manor Care Home
Banstead Road - Care Home
Barclay Gardens
Barclay House
Barclay Street
Bare Hall Residential Care Home
Bare Hall Residential Home
Barford Court
Bargoed Care Home
Barham Care Centre
Barham House Nursing Home
Barkat House Residential Home
Barking Hall Nursing Home
Barlavington Manor
Barley Brook
Barley House
Barley View
Barleycroft Care Home
Barling Lodge
Barling Lodge
Barlochan House Care Home
Barn Close Residential Home
Barn Park Residential Home
Barnby Court Care Home
Barnes Court Care Home
Barnes Lodge
Barnetson Court
Barnett Wood Lane - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Barnfield Manor Care Home
Barnfold Cottage Residential Home
Barnford View
Barnham Manor
Barnhaven Residential Care Home
Barnston Court Care Home
Barnvale Cottage
Baroda Care
Barons Down Nursing Home
Barons Lodge
Barons Lodge Sutton
Barons Park Care
Barony Lodge Residential Care Home
Barrington House
Barrington Lodge
Barrington Lodge Care Home
Barrock Court Care Home
Barrogil House
Barrow Hall Care Centre
Barrowhill Hall
Bartholamew Lodge Nursing Home Limited
Bartletts Residential Home
Bartley Green Lodge Residential Care Home
Barton Brook Care Home
Barton Cottage
Barton Court
Barton House
Barton House Nursing Home
Barton Lodge
Barton Lodge
Barton Place Nursing Home
Barty House Nursing Home
Bascombe Court
Bascombe Court
Basingfield Court
Basingfield Court Residential Care Home
Bassett House
Bassingham Care Centre
Bath Lodge Care Home
Bathampton Manor
Batley Hall Nursing and Residential Home
Baugh House Care Centre
Bavani Care Home Limited
Bawn Cottage
Baxendale Care Home
Baxendale Care Home
Bay Court Care Home
Bay Court Nursing Home
Bay House
Bay House Care Ltd
Bay Tree Court Care Centre
Bay Tree House
Bay Tree House
Bay Tree House (WXM) Limited
Bay Tree Lodge
Bay View
Baycroft Fairfield
Baycroft Flitwick
Baycroft Grays Farm Road
Baycroft Great Baddow
Baycroft Kempston
Bayford House Care Home
Bayith House
Bayith Rest Home
Baylham Care Centre
Baytree Court
Baytrees Nursing Home
Bayview Care Home
Bayview House (Care Home)
Beach Court Care Home
Beach Crest Residential Home
Beach House
Beach Lawns Residential and Nursing Home
Beach View
Beachcomber Care Home
Beachcroft House Care Home
Beacher Hall Care Home
Beachlands Residential Care Home
Beachville West End
Beacon House
Beacon House
Beacon House
Beacon View Home for Older People
Beaconsfield Court
Beaconville Nursing Home
Beamish Residential Care Home
Beane River View
Beanlands Nursing Home
Bearehill Care Home
Bearwardcote Hall Residential Home
Bearwood House Residential Care Home
Bearwood Nursing Home
Beatrice Webb
Beau Sejour Care Services
Beauchamp Court
Beauchamp House
Beauchamp House Nursing Home
Beauchamp House Nursing Home
Beaufort Care Home
Beaufort Grange
Beaufort Hall Nursing Home
Beaufort House
Beaufort House
Beaufort Lodge
Beaumanor Nursing Home
Beaumaris Care Home
Beaumont House
Beaumont Court
Beaumont Court Care Home
Beaumont Hall
Beaumont Lodge Nursing Home
Beaumont Manor
Beaumont Nursing Home
Beaumont Park Nursing and Residential Home
Beaumont Villa
Beauvale Care Home
Bebington Care Home
Beck House
Becket House Nursing Home
Beckfield House Residential Home
Beckley Close
Beckside Lodge
Bedale Grange Care Home
Beddell House
Bedewell Grange
Bedford Care Home
Bedford Charter House
Bedford Park Care Centre
Bedhampton Nursing Home & Specialist Care Unit
Bedwardine House Residential Care Home
Bedwellty Park Residential Home Limited
Beech Close
Beech Close
Beech Court Care Centre
Beech Court Care Home
Beech Court Nursing Home
Beech Dene Residential Care Home
Beech Grove
Beech Grove Care Home
Beech Hall
Beech Hall
Beech Haven
Beech Haven
Beech Haven Residential Care Home
Beech Hill Grange
Beech Hill House
Beech House
Beech House
Beech House
Beech House (Exeter) Limited
Beech House - Basildon
Beech House - Binfield
Beech House - Bristol
Beech House - Halesworth
Beech House Care Home
Beech House Care Home
Beech House Care Home - Worksop
Beech House Nursing Home
Beech House Rest Home
Beech Lawn Care Home
Beech Lawn Nursing and Residential Home
Beech Lodge
Beech Lodge Care & Nursing Home
Beech Lodge Nursing Home
Beech Manor
Beech Manor Care Home
Beech Range
Beech Spinney
Beech Tree Care Home
Beech Tree House
Beech Tree House Care Home
Beech Tree House Residential Home
Beechbrook Residential Home
Beechcare Incorporating the Peter Gidney Neurological Centre
Beechcroft Residential Home
Beechcroft - Torquay
Beechcroft Care Home
Beechcroft Care Home
Beechcroft Green Nursing Home
Beechcroft House
Beechcroft House Residential Home
Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home
Beechcroft Nursing and Residential Home
Beechcroft Residential Home
Beechdale House Care Home
Beechdale Manor Care Home
Beeches Care Home
Beeches Care Home
Beeches Care Home
Beeches Care Home (Nottingham)
Beeches Retirement Hotel
Beechfield Lodge
Beechfields Nursing Home Limited
Beechgrove Care Home
Beechill Care Home
Beechill Nursing Home
Beechlawn Residential Home
Beechmore Court
Beechside Residential Care Home
Beechvale Nursing Home
Beechwood - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Beechwood Care Home
Beechwood Care Home
Beechwood Care Home
Beechwood Grove
Beechwood House
Beechwood House
Beechwood House Care Home
Beechwood Lodge
Beechwood Nursing Home
Beechwood Park
Beechwood Place Nursing Home
Beechwood Residential Care Home
Beechwood Residential Home
Beechwood Specialist Services
Beechy Knoll Care Home
Beenstock Home
Beeston Lodge Nursing Home
Beeston View
Beeton Grange
Begbrook House Care Home
Beggars Roost Nursing Home
Beis Pinchas
Belamie Gables
Belamie Gables Care Home
Belford House
Belgrave Court Residential Care Home
Belgrave Lodge
Belgrave Lodge Nursing Home
Belgravia Care
Belgravia Care Home
Belhaven House
Belhaven Nursing Home
Bell House Care Home Limited
Bellavista Care Cardiff Limited
Bellavista Nursing Homes (Wales) Limited
Belle Green Court
Belle Rose Nursing Home Limited
Belle Vue
Belle Vue Care Home
Belle Vue Care Home
Belle Vue Country House
Belle Vue Court
Belle Vue House
Belle Vue Nursing Home
Belle Vue South Wales Ltd
Belleaire House
Bellefield Residential Home
Belleville Lodge Nursing Home
Bellevue Nursing Home
Bellfield Centre
Bellfield Home
Bells Piece - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Bellsgrove Care Home
Bellstone Residential Care Limited
Belmont Care Centre
Belmont Care Home
Belmont Castle Care Home
Belmont Cottages
Belmont Court
Belmont Grange Limited
Belmont Grange Nursing and Residential Home
Belmont House
Belmont House Care & Nursing Home
Belmont House Care Home
Belmont House Nursing Home
Belmont House Nursing Home
Belmont House Residential Home
Belmont Lodge Care Centre
Belmont View
Belmont View
Belmont Villa Care Home
Belmore Lodge
Belong Atherton Care Village
Belper Views Residential Home
Belsfield House
Beltany House
Belton House Retirement Home
Belvedere Care Home
Belvedere House
Belvedere Lodge
Belvedere Lodge
Belvedere Manor
Belvedere Park Nursing Home
Belvidere Court Nursing Home
Belvidere Nursing Home Limited
Belvidere Residential Care Home
Belvoir Care Home Limited
Belvoir House
Belvoir Lodge
Belvoir Vale Care Home
Bembridge House
Bempton Old Rectory Residential Home
Ben Madigan Care Home
Benarty View
Bendigo Nursing Home
Benfield Hall Nursing Home
Benham Lodge
Benholm Nursing Home
Benkhill Lodge
Bennachie View
Bennett House
Bennett Lodge
Bennetts Castle Care Centre
Bennfield House
Bennochy Lodge Care Home
Benoni Nursing Home Limited
Benore Care Home
Benore Care Home
Benridge Residential Care Home
Benslow Nursing Home
Benson House Care Home
Bentinck Crescent
Bentley Court Care Home
Bentley House
Bentley House Care Centre
Bentley Lodge Care Home
Bentley Manor
Benton House
Benvarden Residential Care Homes Limited
Benvie Care Home
Berehill House Care Home
Berelands House Care Home Service
Berengrove Park Nursing Home
Beresford lodge Residential Care Home
Bereweeke Court Care Home
Berkeley Court
Berkeley Court
Berkeley House
Berkeley House
Berkeley Lodge
Berkeley Village and Cuerden Grange
Bernadette House
Bernash Care Home
Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes
Berry Hill Care Home
Berry Pomeroy
Berrycroft Manor
Berrystead Nursing and Residential Home Limited
Berwick Grange
Berwick House Rest Home
Berwood Court Care Home
Bescot Lodge Care Home
Bessingby Hall
Bessingby Lodge
Beth Ezra
Bethany Care Service
Bethany Christian Home
Bethany Homestead
Bethany House
Bethany House
Bethany House Care Home
Bethany House Care Home
Bethany House Limited
Bethany Residential Home LTD
Bethel House
Bethel House Care Home
Bethel/Bethesda Residential Home
Bethesda Care Home
Bethesda Eventide Homes - Ipswich
Bethrey House
Bethshan Nursing Home Limited
Bethshan Sheltered Housing Association
Bethune Court
Betsy Clara Nursing Home
Beudygwyn Farm
Beulah Lodge Rest Home Limited
Beverley Court Residential Home
Beverley Grange Nursing Home
Beverley Park Nursing Home
Beverley Parklands Care Home
Beverly Lodge
Bexhill Care Centre
Beyer Lodge Nursing Home
Bhakti Shyama Care Centre
Bickerley Green Care Home with Nursing
Bickerton House
Bickham House
Bide A While
Bidston Lodge
Biffins Care Home
Bilney Hall
Bilton Court
Bilton Hall Nursing Home
Bilton House
Bingley Wingfield Nursing Home
Bings Hall
Birch Abbey
Birch Court Care Home
Birch Green Care Home
Birch Grove Nursing Home
Birch Hall Care Centre
Birch Heath Lodge
Birch Hill Care Centre
Birch Park Care Home
Birch Tree Manor
Birch Trees Nursing Home
Birchams Grange
Birchfield Residential Care Home
Birchlands Care Home
Birchley Hall
Birchmere House
Birchmere Mews
Birchwood Bungalow
Birchwood Court Residential Care Home
Birchwood Grange Nursing Home
Birchwood Grove
Birchwood House
Birchwood House Rest Home
Birchwood Residential Care Home
Birchwood Retirement Home
Birchy Hill Care Home
Birds Hill Nursing Home
Birdscroft Nursing Home
Birkdale Park
Birkdale Residential Home
Birkdale Tower Lodge
Birkenhead Court
Birkenhead Court
Birkin Lodge
Birnbeck House - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Birtley House Nursing Home
Bishop Herbert House
Bishop's Way
Bishops Cleeve Care Home
Bishops Waltham House Care Home
Bishopsgate Lodge Care Home
Bishopsmead Lodge
Bishopsteignton House
Bispham Gardens
Bistre Nursing Home
Blackbrook House
Blackbrook House Care Home
Blackburn Lodge
Blackdown Nursing Home
Blackfaulds House Nursing Home Ltd
Blackhurst Care Home
Blacklake Lodge Residential Home
Blackley Premier Care
Blackrod House
Blackwater Mill Residential Home
Blackwell Care Centre
Blackwell Vale Care Home
Blaen y Pant
Blaenmarlais Care Home
Blaenos House Care Home
Blair House
Blair House Care Home
Blair House Care Home
Blair Lodge
Blair Mayne
Blair Park Residential Care Home
Blakesley House Nursing Home
Blandford Grange Care Home
Blandford Lodge
Blanefield Care Home
Blar Buidhe Care Home
Blatchington Manor
Blenham House Care Home
Blenheim Care Centre
Blenheim Care Home
Blenheim Care Home
Blenheim Court Care Home
Blenheim Court Care Home
Blenheim House
Blenheim House Care Home
Blenheim Lodge
Bletchley House Residential Care and Nursing Home
Blind Veterans UK
Blind Veterans UK Llandudno
Bliss Care Home
Bloomfield Care Home
Bloomfield Care Homes Limited
Bloomfield Court
Bloomfield Court
Bloomsbury House
Blossom Fields
Blossom Hill Care Home
Blossom House
Blossom House Residential Home
Blossom View Respite Home
Blossoms Care Home Limited
Blue Cedars
Bluebell Court Care Home
Bluebell House
Bluebell House Residential Care Home
Bluebell Nursing & Residential Home
Bluebell Nursing Home
Bluebell Park
Bluebell Residential Home Limited
Bluebell Villa
Bluebells Care Home
Bluebirds Neurological Care Centre
Bluebrooke Nursing & Residential Care Home
Bluegate Lodge
Bluegrove House
Bluewater Nursing Home
Blyford Residential Home
Blyth Country House Care Home
Blyth House
Bo'ness Care Home
Boarbank Hall Nursing Home
Boars Tye Farm Residential Home
Boars Tye Farm Residential Home
Bod Hyfryd Care Home
Bod Hyfryd Nursing Home
Bodawen Nursing Home
Bodelwyddan Residential Care Limited
Bodlondeb Care Home
Bodmeyrick Residential Home
Bodmeyrick Residential Home
Bodnant House
Bohill Bungalows
Bohill House Nursing Home
Bohill Residential Care Home
Boldmere Court Care Home
Boldmere Drive
Boldshaves Oast
Bole Aller House
Bollingbroke House
Bollingbroke House
Bolters Corner Nursing Home
Bon Accord
Bon Accord Care - Balnagask House
Bon Accord Care - Fergus House
Bon Accord Care - Kingswells Care Home
Bon Accord Care - Rosewell House
Bonaer Care Home
Bonchester Bridge Care Centre
Bonehill Lodge Care Home
Boniface House
Boniville House
Bonnyholm Gardens Care Home
Bonnyton House
Bonnyton House - Busby
Bonnyton House - Busby
Boroughbridge Manor and Lodge Care Home
Borrage House
Boscombe Lodge Nursing Home
Boston House
Boston House
Bosworth Care Home
Bosworth Court Care Home
Botham Hall Care Home
Bothwell Castle Care Home
Boucherne Limited
Boughton Green Road
Boughton Lodge Care Home
Boughton Manor
Boulevard Lodge
Boulters Lock Residential Home
Boulters Lock Residential Home
Bourn View
Bournbrook Manor Home Ltd
Bourne Hill Care Home
Bourne House
Bourne House
Bourne House Nursing Home
Bourne View
Bourne Wood Manor Care Home
Bournville Grange Limited
Bournville Village Trust - 191 Redditch Road
Bourton Grange
Bowbridge Court
Bowbrook House
Bowburn Care Centre
Bowe's Court Care Home
Bower Grange Residential Care Home
Bowercroft Care Limited
Bowerfield Court
Bowerfield House
Bowerswood House Residential Home Limited
Bowes House
Bowfell House
Bowland Lodge
Bowley Court
Bowood Court & Mews
Box Tree Cottage Residential Home
Brabourne Care Centre
Brabyns House
Braceborough Hall Retirement Home
Braceborough Hall Retirement Home
Bracebridge Court
Bracken House
Bracken Lodge Care Home
Bracken Tor House
Brackenbridge House
Brackenfield Hall
Brackenfield Hall
Brackenlea Care Home
Brackley Care Home
Brackley Fields Country House Retirement Home
Bracknell Care Home
Bradbury Grange
Bradbury Home
Bradbury House
Bradbury House
Bradbury House
Bradbury House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Bradbury Wing - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Bradeney House Nursing & Care Home
Bradfield Residential Home
Bradley House Care Home
Bradley Manor
Bradley Resource Centre
Bradmere Residential Care Home
Bradshaw Manor Care Home
Bradstowe Lodge
Bradwell Court Residential Care Home
Bradwell Hall Nursing Home
Brae Valley
Braeburn Court
Braeburn Home
Braeburn Lodge
Braeburn Lodge
Braefield Nursing Home
Braehill Lodge
Braemar Care Home
Braemar House
Braemar Lodge
Braemar Lodge Residential Care Home
Braemount Nursing Home
Braeside Care Home
Braeside home for the Elderly Ltd
Braeside House
Braeside Residential Care Home
Braid Hills Nursing Centre
Brailsford House
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust - Bristol Road
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust - Cook Close (Dover Court)
Braintree Nursing Home
Bramble Cottage Retirement Home
Bramble Down
Bramble House
Bramble Lodge
Brambles Care Home
Brambles Care Home
Brambles Residential Care Home
Bramblewood Care Home
Brambling House
Brambling Lodge
Bramblings Residential Home
Bramcote Hills Care Home
Bramhall Manor Care Centre
Bramley Court Care Home
Bramley Court Care Home
Bramley Grove Care Home
Bramley House Residential Home
Brampton Lodge
Brampton Lodge
Brampton Manor
Brampton View Care Home
Bramshaw House
Bramshott Grange
Brancepeth Court
Branch Court Care Home
Branch House
Brandon House
Brandon House
Brandon House Nursing Home
Brandon Lodge Care Home
Brandon Park Residential and Nursing Home
Brandreth Lodge Nursing Home
Branksome Heights
Branksome House
Branksome Park Care Centre
Branston Court Care Home
Brant Howe Residential Home
Brant Howe Residential Home
Branthwaite Care Home
Brantley Manor Care Home
Brantwood Hall Care Home
Brantwood Residential Care Home
Braunstone Firlands Nursing Home
Braywood Gardens
Breach House
Breadalbane Residential Home
Breadstone Care Home with Nursing
Breage House


breaksea care home


Breck Lodge Care Home
Breckside Park Residential Home
Bredon View
Breffni Lodge
Breme Residential Care Home
Brenalwood Care Home
Brenan House Residential Home
Brendon Lodge
Brendoncare Alton
Brendoncare Froxfield
Brendoncare Knightwood
Brendoncare Meadway
Brendoncare Otterbourne Hill
Brendoncare Park Road
Brendoncare Ronald Gibson House
Brendoncare Stildon
Brentwood Care Centre
Bretby House
Breton Court
Brewster House
Briar Close House Care Home
Briar Dene Residential Care Home
Briar Hill House
Briar House
Briarcroft Care Home
Briardene Care Home
Briarlea Care Home
Briarmede Care Home
Briarmede Care Home
Briarscroft Residential Care Home
Briarwood Care Home
Brick Barn Care Home
Bricklehampton Hall
Bridge Haven
Bridge House
Bridge House
Bridge House
Bridge House Care Centre
Bridge House Care Home
Bridge House Care Home
Bridge House Care Home
Bridge House Nursing Home
Bridge House Residential Home
Bridge of Weir Care Home
Bridge View
Bridge View House Nursing Home
Bridgedale House
Bridgeside Lodge Care Centre
Bridgewater Park Care Home
Bridgeway Care Home
Bridgewood House
Bridgewood Mews (Complex Needs Care)
Bridlington Lodge
Briercliffe Lodge
Brierfield House
Brierfield Residential Home
Brierton Lodge Care Home
Briery Lodge
Briery Park
Brigadoon Care Home
Briggs Lodge Residential and Nursing Home
Brighstone Grange
Brighton & Hove Bethesda Home
Brighton & Hove City Council - 15 Preston Drove
Brighton & Hove City Council - The Beach House
Brighton & Hove City Council - Wayfield Avenue Resource Centre
Brighton Lodge
Brightside Manor
Brigshaw House
Brimington Care Centre
Brimstage Manor Nursing Care Home
Brindley Court
Brinnington Hall
Brinsworth House
Bristol South Rehabilitation Centre
Britannia Care Home
Britten Court
Broad Oak Manor Care Home
Broad Oak Manor Nursing Home
Broadacres Care Home
Broadacres Care Home
Broadbridge Park
Broadfield House Home for Older People
Broadgate Care Home
Broadhurst Residential Care Home
Broadhurst Residential Care Home
Broadland House Residential Care Home
Broadland View Care Home
Broadlands Nursing Home Ltd
Broadlands Park Residential Care Home
Broadlands Residential Care Home
Broadleigh Nursing Home
Broadmead Rest Home
Broadmeadow Court Residential Care Home
Broadoak Grange
Broadoak Lodge
Broadoak Manor Care Home
Broadoak Park
Broadwater Lodge
Broadway Care Home
Broadway Halls Care Home
Broadway Lodge Residential Home
Broadway Nursing
Broadway Residential
Broadways Private Nursing Home
Broadwindsor House
Brocastle Manor Care Home
Brockhampton Court Care Home with Nursing
Brockington House Care Community
Brocklehurst Nursing Home
Brockshill Woodlands
Brockwell Court Care Home
Brockworth House Care Centre
Bromfield House Residential Home
Bromford Lane Care Centre
Bromley Park Dementia Nursing Home
Brompton House Care Home
Brompton Lodge limited
Bromson Hill Care Home
Bronswick House
Brook Care Home
Brook Court
Brook House
Brook House
Brook House Care Centre
Brook House Care Home
Brook House Care Home
Brook House Care Home
Brook House Residential Care Home
Brook House Residential Care Home
Brook House Residential Home
Brook House Residential Home
Brook House Residential Home
Brook Lane Rest Home
Brook Lodge
Brook Lodge
Brook View
Brook View (Complex Needs Care)
Brookdale Care Home
Brookdale House Care Home
Brookdale Nursing Home
Brookdale View
Brooke House
Brooke House
Brookfield Care Home
Brookfield Care Home
Brookfield House Care Home
Brookfield Nursing Home
Brookfield Residential Home
Brookfield Residential Home
Brookfield Support Centre
Brookfields Private Nursing Home
Brookholme Care Home
Brookholme Croft Ltd
Brooklands Care Home
Brooklands Care Home
Brooklands Care Home
Brooklands Healthcare Antrim
Brooklands Healthcare Dunmurry
Brooklands Healthcare Kilkeel
Brooklands Healthcare Londonderry
Brooklands Healthcare Magherafelt
Brooklands House Rest Home
Brooklands Nursing and Care Home
Brooklands Nursing Home
Brooklands Nursing Home
Brooklands Rest Home Ltd
Brooklyn Care Homes Limited
Brooklyn House
Brooklyn House Nursing Home
Brookside Care Home
Brookside Care Home
Brookside Residential Care Home
Brookside Residential Home
Brookvale House
Brookview Care Home
Brookview Nursing Home
Brookwood Manor
Broom Lane Care Home
Broomcroft House Care Home
Broome End
Broome Park Nursing Home
Broomfield Court
Broomfield Lodge
Broomfield Residential Care
Broomgrove Trust Nursing Home
Broomhill Care Centre
Broomy Hill Nursing Home
Brough Manor Care Home
Broughton Hall
Broughton House - Veteran Care Village
Broughton House and College
Broughton House and College
Broughton House Residential Home
Broughton Lodge
Browfield Residential Home
Brown Edge House Residential Home
Brownhill Lodge
Brownhills Nursing Home
Brownlands Nursing Home
Brownlow House
Brownlow House Residential Care Home
Browns Field House Care Home
Browns Short Break Respite Limited
Brownscombe Care Residences
Brownscombe House Nursing and Residential Home
Broxbourne House
Broxburn Nursing Home
Bruach House
Bruce House
Bruce Lodge
Brun Lea Care
Brunel House
Brunswick Court Care Home
Brunswick House
Brunswick House
Brunswick House Nursing Home
Brwynog Residential Care Home
Bryan Wood
Bryden House
Bryher Court Nursing Home
Brymore House Care Home with Nursing
Bryn Awelon Nursing Home LTD
Bryn Blodau
Bryn Celyn Care Home
Bryn Edwin Hall Residential Home
Bryn Eithin Residential Care Ltd
Bryn Estyn Care Home
Bryn Haven
Bryn Illtyd
Bryn Ivor Lodge
Bryn Ivor Lodge Care Home
Bryn Marl Nursing Home
Bryn Seiont Newydd
Bryn y Mor Ltd
Bryn y Wawr
Bryn Yr Haul
Brynawel House Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre Ltd
Brynderwen Care Home Ltd
Brynfield Manor
Brynhelyg Care Home
Brynhyfryd Care Home
Brynhyfryd House Nursing Home
Brynsiriol Care Home
Bryntirion Resource Centre
Brynwood care Home
Bryony House
Bryony Lodge
Bryony Lodge Nursing Home
Bryony Park Nursing Home
Buccleuch Care Centre
Buccleugh Lodge
Buchan House Care Home
Buchanan Court
Buchanan House
Buchanan House Care Home
Buchanan Lodge
Buchanan Lodge Care Home
Buckingham Care Home
Buckingham House
Buckingham House
Buckingham Lodge
Bucklesham Grange
Bucklow Manor Care Home
Buckreddan Care Centre
Buckwood View
Buddleia House Care Home
Budhmor House (Care Home)
Bullsmoor Lodge
Bungalow Retirement Home
Bungay House
Bunkers Hill Care Home
Burcot Grange
Burdyke Lodge
Burford Nursing Home
Burger Court
Burgess Care
Burgh House Residential Care Home Limited
Burleigh Hill House
Burleigh Hill House Residential Home
Burleigh House
Burleigh House
Burley Hall Care Home
Burley Heights
Burleys Wood
Burlingham House
Burlington Care and Support Services
Burlington Care Home
Burlington Court
Burlington Hall Care Home
Burlington Nursing Home
Burman House
Burn Brae Lodge
Burnfoot Care Home
Burnfoot Coach House
Burngrange Care Home
Burngrange Care Home
Burnham Lodge
Burnham Lodge Nursing Home
Burnrigg Court
Burnside Care Home
Burnside Court
Burnt Tree Croft
Burntwood Hall Care Centre
Burntwood Lodge
Burnworthy House
Burrell Mead
Burrows Hall
Burrows House
Burrswood Care Home
Burton Closes Hall Care Home
Burton Cottages
Burton Oaks
Burton, Bridge and Trent Court Care Centre
Burwood Nursing Home
Burwood Nursing Home
Bury Lodge Care Home
Bury Lodge Nursing Home
Bush House Residential Care Home
Bush Rest Home
Bushell House
Bushey House Beaumont
Bushmead Court Residential Home
Bute House
Bute House Care Home
Butler Green House
Buttercup House Care Home
Butterfly House
Butterfly Lodge
Butterfly's Care Home
Butterfly's Care Home
Butterhill Care Centre
Butterley House
Butts Croft House
Buxton House
Buxton Lodge Care Home
Bybrook House Nursing Home
Bybuckle Court
Byker Lodge
Bymead House
Byng House
Byrnhill Grove Registered Care Home
Byrnhill Grove Registered Care Home
Byron Court Care Home
Byron House Care Home
Byron Lodge
Byron Lodge Care Home
Byron Lodge Care Home Ltd
Byway House
Bywell House Care Home


Cabrini House 1 (Diagrama Healthcare)
Caddington Grove
Cadoc House Service
Cadogan Court
Cae Deri
Cae Glas
Cae Glas
Cae Melyn Care Home
Caeglas Residential Home Ltd
Caemaen Residential Care Home
Caer Gwent
Caerleon House Nursing Home
Cairdean House
Cairn Home
Cairnie Lodge
Cairnmartin Court Care Home
Caladh Sona
Caldene Rest Home
Calderbank House
Calderdale Retreat
Caldwell Grange
Caldy Manor
Cale Green Nursing Home
Caledonia Care Home
Caledonian Court Care Home
California House
Callands Care Home
Calvert Trust Kielder
Calway House
Camber Lodge
Camber Lodge
Camberley Manor
Cambrian House
Cambrian Lodge
Cambridge Court Care Home
Cambridge House Care Home
Cambridge Manor Care Home
Cambridge Nursing Home
Cambridge Park
Cambridge Park
Cambron House
Camden Care Home
Camden Lodge Residential Care Home
Camden Park House
Camellia House
Camellia House
Camellia House Care Home
Camelot Care Homes Ltd
Camelot House & Lodge
Camelot Nursing and Residential Care Home
Camelot Residential Care Home
Camelot Rest Home
Cameron House
Cameron House
Cameron House (Care Home)
Cameron House Care Home
Cameron Lodge
Cameron Park Nursing Home
Camilla House
Camilla House Care Home
Camilla House.
Camlo Homes
Campbell House
Campbell Snowdon House
Camphill Care Home
Camplehaye Residential Home
Campsie View
Cams Ridge
Canal View Care
Canal Vue
Canderavon House
Candlewood House
Candour Care Services (Hillcrest) Limited
Canford Chase
Canford Manor Nursing Home
Canmore Lodge Nursing Home
Cann House Care Home
Canning Court Care Home
Canola House Residential home
Canonbury Residential Home
Canterbury House
Canterbury House Residential Home Limited
Cantley Grange
Cantref Care Home
Canwick Court Care Centre
Canwick House Care Home
Capel Grange Nursing Home
Capel Grange Residential Home
Capricorn Cottage
Capwell Grange Care Home
Caradoc House Residential Care Home
Caraston Hall
Carberry House Care Home
Carden Bank rest home
Carders Court Care Home
Cardinal Heenan House
Cardinals Way
Cardonald Care Home
Cardwell Avenue
Care at Parkside
Care Management Group - Telegraph Road
Carentan House
Carey Lodge
Caring Hands (Wiltshire)
Carisbrooke Manor
Carisbrooke Nursing Home
Carisbrooke Nursing Home
Carl Court
Carleen Nursing and Residential Care Home
Carleton Court Care Home
Carleton Court Residential Home Limited
Carleton House Care Home
Carlin Lodge
Carlingford Lodge Care Home
Carlingwark House
Carlisle Dementia Centre - Parkfield
Carlisle House
Carlisle Lodge
Carlton Care Home
Carlton Court Care Home
Carlton Hall Residential Home
Carlton House
Carlton House
Carlton House
Carlton House Residential Home
Carlton House Rest Home
Carlton House Rest Home Limited
Carlton Mansions Care Home
Carlton Specialist Care Centre
Carmel Lodge Care Home
Carmen House
Carmen Lodge
Carmichael House
Carnalea Care Home
Carnalea Residential Home
Carnbroe Care Centre
Carnmarth Discharge Lounge
Caroline House
Carolton Care
Carolyne House
Carpathia Grange
Carr Bank House
Carr Croft Care Home
Carr Gate
Carr Holm
Carrick House Nursing Home
Carrick House Nursing Home
Carrickfergus Manor
Carrickstone House
Carrington Court
Carrington House
Carrington House Care Home
Carrington House Limited
Carrondale Nursing Home
Carryduff Nursing Home
Cartef Residential Care Home
Carter House Care & Nursing Home
Cartlidge House
Cartmel Grange
Cartref Ael Y Bryn
Cartref Annwyl Fan Care Home
Cartref Bryn yr Eglwys
Cartref Care Home (Lakeside Road East)
Cartref Care Home Ltd
Cartref Croeso Ltd
Cartref Dyfi Care Home
Cartref Porthceri
Cartref Station Road
Cartref y Borth Nursing Home
Cartrefle Residential Home
Cartvale Care Home
Cary Brook
Casa di Lusso
Casa Mia Care Home
Cassandra House
Casterbridge Manor
Castle Bank Care Home
Castle Court Care Home
Castle Court Residential Home
Castle Dene
Castle Dene Care Home
Castle Farm Care Home
Castle Gardens Care Home
Castle Graig Nursing Home
Castle Grange
Castle Grange
Castle Grange
Castle Grove Nursing Home
Castle Hill House
Castle Hill House Care Home with Nursing
Castle House
Castle House Nursing Home Limited
Castle Keep
Castle Lodge Care Home
Castle Lodge Care Home
Castle Meadows Care Home
Castle Mount Residential Care Home
Castle Park
Castle Park
Castle Rise
Castle View
Castle View
Castle View
Castle View House
Castle View Nursing Home
Castle View Nursing Home
Castle View Rest Home
Castlecroft Residential Care Home
Castleford Home for Older People
Castleford House Nursing Home
Castleford Lodge
Castleford Lodge
Castlegate House Residential Home
Castlehill Care Home
Castlehill Specialist Care centre
Castleman House
Castlemead Court Care Home
Castlethorpe Nursing Home
Castletroy Residential Home
Castleview Care Home
Castleview Residential Care Home
Castlewellan House
Catchpole Court Care Home
Cathay Nursing Home
Cathay Nursing Home
Cathedral Care Centre
Cathedral View
Cathedral View House
Catherine Court
Catherine House General Nursing Home
Catherine Lodge
Catherine Miller House
Cathkin House Care Home
Catmoor House
Caton House Residential and Nursing Home
Catron House
Catterall House Care Home
Cauldon Place
Cavell Court
Cavell House
Cavell Lodge
Cavendish Care Home
Cavendish Care Homes Limited
Cavendish Court
Cavendish Park
Cavendish Road
Cavista Ltd
Cawood House
Caythorpe Residential Home
CC The Laurels Ltd
Cecil Court
Cedar Court
Cedar Court
Cedar Court Care Home
Cedar Court Care Home
Cedar Court Dementia Care Home
Cedar Court Nursing Home
Cedar Court Nursing Home
Cedar Court Residential and Nursing Home
Cedar Court Residential and Nursing Home
Cedar Falls Care Home
Cedar Falls Care Home
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grange
Cedar Grange Ltd
Cedar House
Cedar House
Cedar House
Cedar House
Cedar House
Cedar House Care Home
Cedar House Care Home
Cedar House Care Home
Cedar House Residential Care Home
Cedar Lawn
Cedar Lawn Nursing Home
Cedar Lodge
Cedar Lodge
Cedar Lodge
Cedar Lodge
Cedar Lodge Care Home
Cedar Lodge Nursing Home
Cedar Lodge Nursing Home
Cedar Mews
Cedar Park Nursing Home
Cedar Road
Cedar Tree Care Home Limited
Cedar View Care Centre
Cedardale Residential Home
Cedarhurst Lodge
Cedars (The)
Cedars Care Home
Cedars Care Home
Cedars Care Home
Cedars Road
Cedarwood Care Centre
Cedarwood House
Cedarwood Lodge (Active Prospects)
Cedrus House
Cefn Lodge Care Home
Cefn Rodyn
Centenary House
Cepen Lodge
Ceris Newydd Nursing Home
Cerrig Camu
Cerrig yr Afon nursing home
Cestria House Residential Home
Chacombe Park
Chadderton Total Care Unit Limited
Chadwell House Residential Care Home
Chaffinch Residential Care Home
Chalcraft Hall Care Home
Chalfont Lodge
Chalgrove Care and Nursing Home
Chalkhill Road
Chalkmead Resource Centre
Chalkney House
Challoner House
Chamber Mount
Chamberlain Court
Chamberlain Road Nursing Home
Chamberlaine Court
Champion House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Champions Place
Chandler Court
Chandlers Ford Care Home
Chandos Lodge
Chandos Lodge Nursing Home
Chantry House Residential and Nursing Home
Chapel Fields
Chapel Garth EMI Residential Home
Chapel House Care Centre
Chapel Level Nursing Home
Chapel Lodge
Chapel Lodge
Chapel View Care Home
Chaplin Lodge
Chardwood Rest Home
Chargrove Lawn
Charing Court Residential Home
Charing House Care & Nursing Home
Charles Court Care Home
Charles Lodge
Charlesworth Rest Home
Charlotte Grange Care Home
Charlotte House
Charlotte House
Charlotte James Nursing Home
Charlotte Straker House
Charlton Court
Charlton Court Nursing Home
Charlton Grange Care Home
Charlton House
Charlton House Community Resource Centre
Charlton Kings Care Home
Charlton Park Care Home
Charnley House
Charnwood Country Residence
Charnwood Hall Nursing Home
Charnwood House
Charnwood House Nursing Home
Charnwood Lodge
Charnwood Oaks Nursing Home
Charnwood Park Residential Home
Charterhouse Care Home
Charters Court Nursing and Residential Home
Charton Manor
Chase House Limited
Chase Lodge Care Home
Chase Park Neuro Centre
Chasedale Care Home
Chaseley Care Home
Chaseley House Residential Home Limited
Chaseley House Rest Home
Chaseside Care Home
Chaseview Care Home
Chaseview Nursing Home
Chaston House Care Home
Chataway Care Home
Chater Lodge
Chatsworth Grange
Chatsworth Lodge
Chatsworth Residential Home
Chatterton Hey
Chatterwood Nursing Home
Chaucer House
Chawley Grove
Chaxhill Hall
Cheadle Manor Care Centre
Cheaney Court Care Home
Chegworth Nursing Home
Chelfham House Residential Home
Chelmunds Court
Chelston Park
Cheney House
Chepstow House
Cheriton Care Home
Cheriton Care Home
Cheriton Care Home
Cheriton Care Home
Cherry Blossom Care Home
Cherry Blossom Care Home
Cherry Blossom Manor
Cherry Cottage
Cherry Garden
Cherry Garth
Cherry Hinton Nursing Home
Cherry Holt Care Home
Cherry Leas Care Home
Cherry Lodge
Cherry Lodge
Cherry Lodge Rest Home
Cherry Oak Care Home
Cherry Orchard
Cherry Tree Care Centre
Cherry Tree Care Home
Cherry Tree Care Home
Cherry Tree Care Home Limited
Cherry Tree Close
Cherry Tree Cottage
Cherry Tree House
Cherry Tree House
Cherry Tree House
Cherry Tree House
Cherry Tree House Residential Home
Cherry Tree Lodge
Cherry Tree Lodge
Cherry Tree Lodge Nursing Home
Cherry Tree Lodge Private Residential Care Home
Cherry Tree Lodge Private Retirement Home Limited
Cherry Tree Manor
Cherry Tree Nursing Home
Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees Care Home
Cherry Trees Resource Centre
Cherry Wood Grange Care Home
Cherryfield House
Cherrytree Residential Home
Cherrytrees Care Home
Cherryvalley Care Home
Cherub Cottage Care Home
Cherwood House Care Centre
Chesham Bois Manor
Chesham Leys
Cheshire Grange
Chester Court
Chester House Care Home
Chester Lodge Care Home
Chester Nursing home
Chester Park Care Home
Chesterton Care Home
Chesterton Lodge
Chesterton Lodge
Chestfield House
Chestnut Court Care Home
Chestnut Court Care Home
Chestnut Grange
Chestnut Grove
Chestnut Grove Rest Home
Chestnut House
Chestnut House Nursing Home
Chestnut House Nursing Home Ltd
Chestnut Lodge
Chestnut Lodge
Chestnut Lodge Care Home
Chestnut Lodge Care Home
Chestnut Lodge Nursing Home
Chestnut Manor Care Home
Chestnut Residential Care Home
Chestnut View
Chestnut View Care Home
Chestnuts Residential Home
Chestnuts Retirement Home
Chestnuts-Bognor Regis
Cheswardine Hall Nursing & Residential Home
Chetwynd House
Cheverells Care Home
Cheverton Lodge
Chevington House
Chevington Lodge
Cheviot Court
Cheviot Nursing Home
Chevy Chase Care Home
Cheybassa Lodge Rest Home
Chichester Court Care Home
Chichester Grange
Chichester Hall Care Home
Chiltern Grange Care Home
Chiltern House - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Chiltern Rest Home
Chiltern View
Chilterns Manor
Chilton Care Centre
Chilton Court
Chilton Croft Nursing Home
Chilton House
Chilton Meadows Care Home
Chimnies Residential Care Home
China Cottage Care Home
Chippendayle Lodge Residential Care Home
Chipstead Lake - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Chirk Court
Chirnside House
Chiswell Residential Home
Chiswick House
Chitty Barn
Chocolate Works Care Village
Choice Care Home
Choice House
Choice Support - 2 Endymion Road
Choice Support - 5 Bowley Close
Choice Support - 6 Bowley Close
Choice Support - Crewe Road
Choice Support - Samuel Close 1
Choice Support - Samuel Close 2
Choice Support - Samuel Close 3
Choices for Living Well (Killelea)
Choices Housing Association Limited - 1 William Street
Choices Housing Association Limited - 103 Heath Street
Choices Housing Association Limited - 17 Norton Avenue
Choices Housing Association Limited - 2 Cowley Way
Choices Housing Association Limited - 4 West Street
Choices Housing Association Limited - 40 Stafford Avenue
Choices Housing Association Limited - 5 Greenbrook Court
Choices Housing Association Limited - 535 High Lane
Choices Housing Association Limited - 60 Holdcroft Road
Choices Housing Association Limited - 63 Hoveringham Drive
Chollacott House Nursing Home
Cholwell House Nursing Home
Chorleywood Beaumont
Chorlton Place Nursing Home
Chosen Court
Chrislyn House
Chrissian Residential Home Limited
Christchurch Court - 2 Christchurch Road
Christchurch Court - 4 Christchurch Road
Christian Head
Christopher Grange Residential Care
Christopher Grange Rhona House
Church Farm at Field House
Church Farm at Rusticus
Church Farm Care Home
Church Farm Nursing Home
Church Farm Nursing Home at Skylarks
Church Farm Residential Care Home
Church Green Lodge
Church House Care Home
Church Manor Care Home
Church Rose Nursing Home
Church Street Care Home
Church Terrace Nursing Home
Church View
Church View
Church View
Church View (Bishop Auckland)
Church View (Liverpool)
Church View (Murton)
Church View (Nursing Home)
Church View Care Home
Church View Nursing Home
Church View Residential Home
Church Walk (Complex Needs Care)
Church Way Respite
Churchfield Care Centre
Churchfield Court
Churchfields Care Home
Churchfields Nursing Home
Churchill House
Churchill House Nursing and Residential Home
Churchview and Larklands Care Home
Churchview Nursing and Residential Home
Chypons Residential Home
Clair Francis Retirement Home
Clairleigh Nursing Home
Clandeboye Care Home
Clanfield Residential Care Home
Clann House Residential Home
Clapham Lodge Care Home
Clara Court
Clare Court Care Home
Clare Hall Nursing Home
Clare House Care Home
Clare House Residential Home
Clare Lodge Care Home
Clare Mount
Claremont Care Home
Claremont Care Home
Claremont Care Home
Claremont Care Home
Claremont Court Care Home
Claremont Court Care Home Ltd
Claremont House
Claremont House
Claremont House
Claremont House
Claremont Lodge
Claremont Lodge Care Home
Claremont Nursing Home
Claremont Park Nursing Home
Claremont Parkway
Claremont Residential Home
Claremount House
Clarence Court Care Home
Clarence Court Care Home
Clarence Gardens
Clarence House
Clarence House
Clarence House Care Home
Clarence House Care Home
Clarence House Care Home
Clarence Park
Clarendon Care Home
Clarendon Court Care Home
Clarendon Court Care Home
Clarendon Grange
Clarendon Hall Care Home
Clarendon House
Clarendon House
Clarendon House Residential Dementia Care Home
Clarendon Lodge
Clarendon Manor
Clarendon Mews Care Home
Clarendon Nursing Home
Clareview House
Claridge Place
Clarke - Taylor LTD
Clarkson House Residential Care Home
Clarkston House
Claro Homes
Clashfarquhar House
Clayburn Court
Claydon House
Claydon Lodge Care Home
Clayfield Care Home
Clayhall House
Clayton House
Clayton Manor
Cleaveland Lodge
Cleeve Court Community Resource Centre
Cleeve Court Community Resource Centre
Cleeve House
Cleeve Lodge
Cleeve Lodge Care Home
Cleggsworth Care Home
Clement Court
Clements House
Clevedon Court Nursing Home
Clevedon House
Cleveland House
Cleveland House Care Home
Cleveland View
Cleveleys Nursing Home
Cleves Place
Clifden House Dementia Care Centre
Cliff Court Care Home
Cliff House Care Home
Cliffdale Rest Home
Cliffe Vale Residential Home Limited


cliffhaven care home


Clifford House Residential Care Home
Clifftop Care Home
Clifton Cottage
Clifton Court
Clifton Court
Clifton Court Limited
Clifton Court Nursing Home
Clifton House
Clifton House
Clifton House Residential Care Home
Clifton House Residential Home
Clifton Lawns
Clifton Lodge - Southbourne
Clifton Manor Nursing Home
Clifton Manor Residential Home
Clifton Meadows
Clifton Nursing Home
Clifton View Care Home
Cliftonville Care Home
Clinton House Nursing Home
Clipstone Hall & Lodge
Clipstone House
Clitheroe Care Home
Cloisters Care Home
Cloisters Care Home
Clonmore House
Clore Manor
Close House Nursing and Residential Care Home
Cloud House
Clough House
Cloughreagh House
Clova House Residential Care Home
Clovelly House
Clovelly House Care Home
Clovelly House Residential Home LTD
Clovenstone House
Clover Cottage
Clover House
Clover House
Cloverdale Care Home
Cloverdale House
Cloverleaf Care Home
Cloyda Care Home
Clumber Court Care Centre
Clumber House Nursing Home
Cluny Lodge Nursing Home
Clyde Court Care Home
Clynsaer House
Coach House Nursing Home
Coach House Nursing Home
Coachmans Cottage
Coalville Nursing Home
Coalway Lane
Coastal Lodge
Coble House
Cochrane Care Home
Codnor Park Care Home
Coed Craig Care Home
Coed Isaf Nursing Home
Colbury House
Colbury House Nursing and Residential Home
Cold Springs Park Care Home
Coldwells House
Cole Valley
Colebrook Manor
Coleridge House
Coleridge House Care Home
Coleshill Road
Colin Care Home
Colin Garden Lodge
Colinton Care Home
Colinvale Court
College Fields Nursing Home
College Green Rest Home
College Hill Residential Home
College Road Care Home
College View
Collegeland Nursing Home
Colliers Croft Care Home
Collingtree Park
Collingwood Care Home
Collingwood Court
Collingwood Court Care Home
Collingwood Grange Care Home
Collins House
Collinson Care Home
Collisdene Care Centre
Colne House
Colne Place Residential Care Home
Colne Valley Residential Home
Colne View
Coloma Court Care Home
Colonia Court Care Home
Colton Lodges Care Home
Colwyn Bay Old Convent Nursing Home, Ltd
Combe Lea Community Resource Centre
Comber Care Home
Comberton Nursing Home
Comfort Care Homes (Plas Y Bryn) Ltd
Comfort House
Compass Care - South Park
Compassionate House
Compassionate House
Compton Care (Staffs) Limited
Compton Lodge
Compton Manor Residential Care Home
Compton View Residential Care Home
Conewood Manor Nursing Home
Coneygar Lodge
Conifer Lodge
Conifer Lodge Residential Home
Conifers Care Home
Conifers Care Home
Conifers Care Home
Conifers Nursing Home
Conifers Nursing Home
Coniston House
Coniston House Care Home
Coniston Lodge
Coniston Lodge Nursing Home
Connaught Court
Connect House
Connell Court
Connie Lewcock Resource Centre
Connors House
Consort Close - Bollington
Consort House Nursing Home
Constable House
Continuing Care Services t/a The Promenade
Conway House
Cookridge Court
Cooksditch House Nursing & Residential Home
Cooksons Court
Cool Runnings Too
Coombe Dingle Nursing Home
Coombe Grange Residential Home
Coombe House Residential Home
Coombes Wood House
Coombes Wood House
Cooper House
Cooper House Care Home
Cooperscroft Care Home, Potters Bar
Cooriedoon Care Home
Coote Lane Residential Home
Coplands Nursing Home
Coppelia House
Copper Beech
Copper Beech Care Home
Copper Beeches
Copper Beeches
Copper Beeches Care Home
Copperdown Residential Care Home
Copperfield House
Copperfields (Complex Needs Care)
Copperfields Residential Home
Coppermill Care Centre
Coppice and Oakside Care Home
Coppice Close
Coppice Court Care Home
Coppice Lea
Coppice Lodge
Coppice Nursing Home
Corbett House Nursing Home
Corbrook Park
Cordelia Court
Cordelia House Ltd
Corinthian House
Corkey House
Corkhill Care Centre
Cornelia Manor RCH
Cornelius House
Corner Cottage
Corner House
Corner Lodge Limited
Corners Residential Home
Cornerways Residential Home
Cornfield Care Centre
Cornfield House
Cornford House
Cornish Close
Cornmill Nursing and Residential Care Home
Cornwall Park
Cornwallis Court
Cornwell House
Corona House Residential Home
Corriewood Private Clinic
Corrina Lodge
Corton House
Cosham Court Nursing Home
Cossham Gardens - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Cossins House Care Home
Cote House
Cotman House
Coton Grange
Coton Hill House
Coton House
Cotswold House Care Home
Cottage View
Cottenham Court Care Home
Cotteridge House
Cottingham Hall
Cottingley Hall Care Home
Coumes Brook Home Limited
Coundon Manor Care Home
Country Court
Country Lodge Nursing Home
Country View Nursing Home
County Homes
Court House Care Home
Court House Residential Home
Court House Retirement Home
Court Lodge
Court Nursing Home
Court Regis
Courtfield Lodge
Courthill Care Home
Courtland Lodge
Courtlands Care Home
Courtlands Care Home
Cove Manor
Covenant Care - The Wheelhouse
Covent House
Cow Lees Care Home
Cowbridge residential care home
Cowdray Club
Coxbench Hall
Coxhill Manor Nursing and Residential Home
Coxwell Hall and Mews Nursing Home
Coxwold & Priory
Crabwall Hall
Cradlehall Care Home
Craghall Residential Home
Craig En Goyne
Craigard House
Craigarran Care Home
Craigbank Care Home
Craigdun Care Home
Craigend Gardens Care Home
Craighall House
Craighaven Care Home
Craighead Care Home
Craighead Nursing Home
Craigie Care Home
Craigie House
Craigie House.
Craigieknowes Care Home
Craigielea Care Home
Craigielea Lodge
Craigielea Nursing Home
Craigmair Interim Care Home
Craignair Care Home
Craigneil Residential Home
Cramlington House
Cramond Residence
Cramond Residence
Crandon Springs Care Home
Crandon Springs Care Home
Cranford Care Centre
Cranford Residential Home
Cranhill Nursing Home
Cranleigh Paddock Care Home
Cranley Lodge
Cranmer Court
Cranmer Court
Cranmer House
Crann Dara
Crann Mor Nursing Home
Crannog Care Home
Crantock Lodge
Crantock Lodge
Crantock Lodge Residential Home
Cranwell Court
Cravenside Home for Older People
Crawford Street
Crawshaw Hall Medical Centre and Nursing Home
Cream IV Limited (Ivy View)
Creamery House
Creative Support - Bredon Respite Service
Creative Support - Dove Lane
Creative Support - High Street
Creative Support - The Glade
Creative Support - The Houghtons
Creative Support - The Laurels (Cumbria)
Creative Support - Trafford Respite Service
Crecy Care Home
Credenhill Court Rest Home
Creedy House
Cregagh Nursing Home
Creggan Bahn Court
Creggan Bahn Court
Creggan Day Centre
Crelake House Residential Care Home
Crescent House
Crescent House
Crescent Nursing Home
Cressington Court Care Home
Crest House Care Home
Crest Lodge Care Centre Limited
Cresta Lodge
Creswick House
Creynolds Lane
Crick Care Home
Crimond Care Home
Crimson Manor
Crispin Court Care Home
Critchill Court
Croagh Patrick Care Home
Crockstead Farm House
Croes Atti
Croft Avenue Care Home
Croft Care Home
Croft House
Croft House
Croft House Care Home
Croft House Care Home
Croft House Care Home
Croft House Care Home Limited
Croft House Rest Home
Croft Lodge
Croft Lodge
Croft Manor Residential Home
Croft Meadow
Croftbank House
Croftdene Care Home
Croftfield Residential Care Home
Crofthead House Nursing Home
Croftland Care Home with Nursing
Crofton Court
Crofton Lodge
Croham Place
Crompton Court
Cromwell Avenue
Cromwell Court
Cromwell House
Cromwell House Care Home
Cromwell House Residential Care Home
Crookston Care Home
Crosby House
Crosfield House
Cross and Passion Convent
Cross and Passion Convent
Cross Heath Grove
Cross Keys
Cross Lane House
Cross Park House
Cross Street Residential Care Home
Cross Way House Care Home
Crossbrook Court
Crossfields Lodge
Crossgate Care Centre
Crosshill House Residential Care Home
Crosshill Nursing Home
Crosslaw House Care Home
Crosslaw House Care Home
Crosslet House Care Home
Crossley House
Crossley House
Crossroads House Care Home
Crossways Community
Crossways Healthcare Limited
Crossways Nursing Home
Crossways Nursing Home
Crossways Nursing Home
Crossways Residential Care Home
Crossways Residential Home
Croston Park Nursing Home
Crouched Friars Residential Home
Crowborough Lodge Residential Care Home
Crowley Care Homes Ltd - St Annes Care Home
Crown House Care Home
Crown House Care Home
Crownwise Limited - Parkview
Crownwise Limited - St Andrews
Crownwise Limited - Streatham Common South
Crowstone House
Crowstone Manor
Croxteth Park Care Home
Crozier House
Crystal Court
Cubbington Mill
Cuffley Manor Care Home
Culduthel Care Home
Culliford House
Cullion House
Cullum Welch Court Care Home
Culm Valley Care Centre
Culmore Manor Care Centre
Culrose Residential Home
Culsh House Care Home
Culverhayes Nursing Home
Culwood House
Cumberland Court
Cumberland House
Cumbernauld Care Home
Cumberworth Lodge Care Home
Cumbrae House
Cumbrae Lodge Care Home
Cumbria House Care Home
Cumloden Manor Nursing Home
Cumnor Hall
Cumnor Hill House
Cumulus Heights Residential Services
Cunningham House
Cunningham House
Cunningham House
Currergate Nursing Home
Curtis Weston House
Curzon House
Cwm Cartref Care Home
Cwm Gwendraeth
Cwmbran House
Cwmcelyn Nursing Home
Cwmgelli Lodge
Cwrt Enfys Care Home
Cwrt Mytton
Cwrt-Clwydi-Gwyn Care Home
Cymar House
Cymar House
Cypress Court
Cypress Road
Cysgod Y Coed Ltd
Cysgod Y Gaer


Daffodil Lodge
Dail Mhor (Care Home)
Dairy Lane Care Centre
Daisy Nook House
Daisyhill Private Nursing Home
Dalawoodie House Nursing Home
Dalby Court Residential Care Home
Dale Lodge
Dale Mount
Dale Park
Dalemain House
Dales House
Daleside Nursing Home
Daleview House
Dalginross House
Dalling House
Dalmellington Care Centre
Dalton Court Care Home
Dalvey House
Damfield Gardens
Dan Y Bryn
Dan Y Mynydd
Dana House
Dane View Care Home With Nursing
Danesbrook House
Danesford Grange Care Home
Daneside Court Nursing Home
Daneside Mews
Danesmoor Residential Care Home
Daniel Yorath House
Danmor Lodge Limited
Dapplemere Nursing Home
Darenth Grange Residential Home
Darley Dale Care Home
Darley Hall Care Home
Darlington Court
Darlington Manor Care Home
Darna House
Darnall Grange
Darnall View Residential Home
Darnley Court
Darroch Nursing Home
Darsdale Home
Darwin Court Care Centre
Darwin House Limited
Dashwood Manor
Dauntsey House
Davenham Hall Nursing Home
Davenport Manor
Davers Court
David Cargill House
David Gresham House
David House
David Walker Gardens
Davids House
Davidson House
Davies Court
Davlyn House
Dawn Rest Home
Dawson Lodge
De Baliol
De Brook Lodge
De Bruce Court
De La Cour House
De Lucy House
Dean House
Dean House
Dean Wood Care Home
Dean Wood Manor
Deanfield Care Home
Deanfield Care Home
Deangate Care Home
Deansfield Residential Care Home
Deansgrove Residential Home
Deanston House Nursing Home
Dearne Hall
Dearne Hall
Dearne Valley Care Centre
Dearnevale (Complex Needs Care)
Dearnlea Park Residential Care Home
Decoy Farm
Deepdale Neurological Centre
Deepdene Care Centre
Deer Lodge
Deer Park Care Centre
Deer Park Care Home
Deer Park View Care Centre
Deerhurst Care Home
Deerplay Care Home
Deerswood Lodge
Deeside Care Home
Deewater Grange
Defoe Court
Delaheys Nursing Home
Delamer House
Delamere Lodge
Delapre House
Delaware House
Dell Field Court
Dell House
Delph House
Delph House Limited
Delphine Court
Delves Court Care Home
Delves Court Care Home
Dementia Care
Dene Brook
Dene Bungalow
Dene Court Care Home
Dene Court Residential Home
Dene Grange
Dene Holm
Dene Park House
Dene Place Care Home
Denecroft Residential Care Home
Denehurst Nursing Home
Deneside Court
Denewood House Care Home
Denham Manor
Denison House Care Home
Denmark Street
Denmead Grange Care Home
Dennis Moore Care Ltd
Dennyshill Care Home
Dent House Nursing Home
Denville Hall
Derby Heights Care Home
Derbyshire House Residential Care
Dercliffe Care Home
Derham House
Derriford House
Derwent Care Home
Derwent Cottage
Derwent House
Derwent House Residential Home
Derwent Lodge Care Centre
Derwent Lodge Nursing Home
Derwent Residential Care Home
Derwent Road
Derwent View
Desart Mews
Devereux House
Devon Lodge Residential Home
Devonshire Court
Devonshire Dementia Care Home
Devonshire House
Devonshire House
Devonshire House
Devonshire House and Lodge
Devonshire Manor
Dewar House
Dewdown House
Dewi-Sant Residential Home
Dhillon care services Ltd
Dial House Nursing and Residential Home
Diamond House
Diamond House
Diana Lodge
Dickley Court
Didsbury Court
Didsbury Court Rest Home
Digby Manor
Dignity Residential Care Home
Dimensions 6 The Avenue
Dimensions 1 Michigan Way
Dimensions 11 Kilford Court
Dimensions Broomfield 40 Gladstone Road
Dimensions Fountain House Innox Lane
Dimensions Somerset Ashbury
Dimensions Somerset Greengates
Dimensions Somerset Jasmine
Dimensions Somerset Newholme
Dimensions Somerset Northmead House
Dimensions Somerset Selwyn House
Dimensions Somerset Spring View
Dimensions Somerset The Brambles
Dimensions Somerset The Maples
Dimensions Somerset The Old Police House
Dimensions Somerset The Old Vicarage
Dimensions Somerset The Saplings
Dingle Meadow
Dinsdale Lodge Care Home
Dipton Manor Care Home
Ditton Priors Care Centre
Divine Care Centre
Diwali Nivas
Docking House
Doddington Lodge
Doddlespool Hall Care Home
Dol Awel Residential Home
Dol Y Felin
Dolphin Manor
Dolphin View Care Home
Dolphinlee House Home for Older People
Don Thomson House Residential Care Home
Doneraile Residential Care Home
Donisthorpe Hall
Donnington House Care Home
Donwell House
Doonbank House Care Home
Dora Rose Care Home
Dorandene - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Dorin Court Bungalow Short Break Service
Dorley House Residential Care Home
Dormy House
Dorothy House
Dorothy Thornton House
Dorrington House (Dereham)
Dorrington House (Watton)
Dorrington House (Wells)
Dorset House
Dorset House
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 11 Friars Close
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 2 Thornhill Close
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 20 Edward Road
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 23 Birch Way
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 4 Romulus Close
Dorset Learning Disability Service - 56 Maiden Castle Road
Dorward House
Dothan House
Douglas Bank Nursing Home
Douglas Court
Douglas House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Douglas View Care Home
Doulton Court Care Home
Dounemount Care Home
Dove Court
Dove Court Care Home
Dove Court Care Home
Dove House Care Home
Dove House Residential Home
Dove Tree House
Dovecote Lodge
Dovecote Manor
Dovecote Manor Care Home
Dovecote Residential and Nursing Home
Dovecote View Chichester
Dovedale Court
Dovedale Court
Dovehaven Grove
Dovehaven House
Dovehaven Lodge
Dovehaven Nursing Home
Dovehaven Residential Home
Dover Cottage Rest Home
Dover Drive Short Stay Service
Dovercourt House Residential Care Home
Doveridge Care Home
Doves Nest Nursing Home
Down Hall Residential Home
Down House
Down Lodge Residential Care Home
Down Lodge Residential Care Home
Downham Grange
Downing House
Downs House
Downs View Care Centre
Downshaw Lodge
Downshire House
Downside House
Downsvale Nursing Home
Downview Residential Home
Dowty House
Dr Anderson Lodge
Dr French Memorial Home Limited
Dr. Ashdown's Stockton Lodge
Drake Court Residential Home
Drake Nursing Home
Drakelow House Residential Home
Drakes Place
Drapersfield House
Draycombe House
Drayton House
Drayton House Residential Care Home
Drayton Road
Drayton Village Care Centre
Dresden House Limited
Drewstead Lodge
Driftwood House
Droitwich Mews Care Home
Drovers Call
Druid Stoke Care Home
Drumary House
Drumbrae Care Home
Drumclay Care Home
Drumconner Care Home
Drumconner Lancing
Drumdarroch House Nursing Home
Drumlough House
Drummaul House
Drummohr Nursing Home
Drummond Grange Nursing Home
Dryclough Manor
Dryfemount Care Home
Duchess Gardens Care Centre
Ducks Halt
Dudbrook Hall
Dudley Court Care Limited
Dudwell St Mary
Duffryn Ffrwd Manor LTD
Duke Street Bungalows
Duke's Court Care Home
Dukeminster Court
Dulas Court
Dulverton House
Dumpton Lodge
Dun Berisay (Care Home)
Dun Eisdean (Care Home)
Dunanney Care Centre
Duncan House
Duncote Hall Nursing Home
Duncraggan Care Home
Dundonald House
Dundoran Nursing and Residential Home
Dungannon Care Home
Dungate Manor
Dunkirk Memorial House
Dunlady House
Dunlarg Care Home
Dunley Hall and Ryans Court
Dunmore Residential Home
Dunniwood Lodge
Dunollie Residential and Nursing Home
Dunraven House and Lodge
Dunsland House
Dunster Lodge Residential Home
Dunvegan Lodge Care Home
Dunwood Manor Nursing Home
Durban House
Durban House
Durham and Darlington Crisis and Recovery House
Durham House Residential Care Home
Durland House Residential Home
Durlston House
Durlston Lodge
Durnsford Lodge Residential Home
Durrant House Hotel
Dussindale Park
Dyneley House
Dyserth Care
Dystlegh Grange


Eachstep Blackburn
Eachstep Blackley
Eadar Glinn Residential Home
Eagle Care Home
Eagle House
Eagle House Care Home
Eagle House Residential Care Home
Eagle Lodge
Eagle View Care Home
Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre
Ealing Eventide Homes Limited - Downhurst
Ealing House Residential Care Home
Ealing Manor Nursing Home
Earfield Lodge
Earlfield Lodge
Earls Lodge Care Home
Earlsferry House Care Home
Earlsfield Court
Earsdon Grange
East Bristol Intermediate Care Centre
East Clune Care Home
East Cosham House
East Cosham House
East Cosham House
East Croft Grange
East Dean Grange Care Home
East Hill House Residential Care Home
East Hill House Residential Care Home
East Park Care Centre Limited
East Park Court Residential Care Home
East Riding Care Home
Eastbank Nursing Home
Eastbourne Care Home
Eastbourne Grange
Eastbourne House
Eastbrook House
Eastbury House
Eastbury Manor Care Home
Eastbury Nursing Home
Eastcote Park Care Home
Eastcotts Care Home with Nursing
Eastcroft Nursing Home
Eastfield Farm Residential Home Limited
Eastfield Nursing Home
Eastgate House
Easthill Home for Deaf People
Eastholme Care Home
Eastlands (Complex Needs Care)
Eastlands Care Home
Eastleigh Care Home
Eastleigh Care Homes
Eastleigh Care Homes - Minehead Limited
Eastleigh Care Homes - Raleigh Mead Limited
Eastridge Manor EMI Nursing and Residential Home
Eastry House
Eastside House
Eastview Residential Home
Eastwood Court
Eastwood House
Eastwood House
Eastwood House Care Home
Eastwood Lodge
Eastwood Lodge
Eastwood Promoting Independence Centre
Eaton Court
Eaton Lodge
Eaton Lodge Nursing Home
Ebberly House
Ebenezer House
Ebenezer Residential Care Home
Ebor Court
Eboracum House
Ebury Court Residential Home Limited
Eccleshare Court Care & Nursing Home
Eccleston Court Care Home
Eckington Court Nursing Home
Eckling Grange
Eden Cottage Care Home
Eden Court
Eden Court Care Home
Eden Grange
Eden House
Eden House
Eden House
Eden House
Eden House Residential Home I
Eden Lodge
Eden Lodge Residential Care Home
Eden Mansions Nursing Home
Eden Place Mental Health Nursing Home
Eden Place Residential Home
Edenbridge Manor Care Home
Edendale Lodge
Edendale Residential Care Home
Edenhurst Rest Home
Edenmore Nursing Home
Edensor Care Centre (Diagrama Healthcare)
Edenvale Care Centre
Edenvale Care Home
Edgbaston Beaumont
Edge Hill Rest Home
Edgecumbe Lodge Care Home
Edgehill Care Home
Edgeley House Care Home
Edgemont House
Edgemont View Nursing Home
Edgewater Lodge
Edgewater Lodge Care Home
Edmore House Residential Home
Edmund House
Edward House
Edward House
Edward House
Edward House Care Home
Edward Moore House
Edward Street
Edward Thomason & Taing Support Services
Edwardian Care Home
Edwardstow Court Care Centre
Edwin House
Edwina Mountbatten House
Egerton Lodge Residential Home
Eglantine Villa Care Home
Eighton Lodge Residential Care Home
Eildon House
Eirenikon Park Residential Home
El Shammah
Elaina Nursing Home
Elaine House
Elburton Heights
Elcombe House
Elder Lea Manor
Elderflower House
Elderholme Nursing Home
Elderslie Care Home
Elderthorpe Residential Home
Elderwood Residential Home
Eldon House Care Services
Eldon House Residential Home
Eldonian House Care Centre
Eleanor Hodson House
Eleanor Hodson House Nursing Home
Eleanor Palmer Trust Home
Elegance of Kettering
Eleighwater House
Elephant Care Ltd
Elgin Rest Home
Eliot House
Eliza House
Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Court Rest Home
Elizabeth Fleming Care Home
Elizabeth Homes
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House Residential Care Home
Elizabeth House Residential Care Home
Elizabeth House Residential Care Home
Elizabeth Lodge
Elkington House Care Home
Ella McCambridge Care Home
Ellasdale Road
Ellenborough Nursing Home
Ellerslie Court
Ellesmere House
Ellesmere House
Elliots Hill Care Ltd - Elliots Hill RCH
Elliott House
Elliott House
Elliott House
Elliott Residential Care Home
Ellis House
Elliscombe House Nursing Home
Ellwood Place Dementia Care Home
Elm Bank Care Home
Elm Bank Retirement Village
Elm Grove Care Home
Elm House
Elm House Care Home
Elm House Nursing Home
Elm House Residential Care Home
Elm Lea Residential Care Home
Elm Lodge
Elm Lodge
Elm Lodge Care Home
Elm Lodge Nursing and Residential Home
Elm Lodge Residential Care Home
Elm Lodge Residential Care Home
Elm Park Care Home
Elm Tree
Elm Tree Court - Care Home
Elm Tree House
Elm Tree House
Elm Tree House
Elm View Care Home
Elmbank Care Home
Elmbridge Residential Home Limited
Elmbrook Court
Elmbrook Court Care Home
Elmcroft Care Home
Elmfield House
Elmglade Residential Home
Elmhurst Assisted Living And Care Facilities
Elmhurst Care Home
Elmhurst Nursing Home
Elmhurst Private Nursing and Residential Home
Elmhurst Residential Home
Elmhurst Residential Home
Elmhurst Short Stay Service
Elmsdene Care Home
Elmsfield House Limited
Elmstead Care Home
Elmstead House
Elmwood Care Home
Elmwood House Nursing Home
Elmwood Nursing Home
Elmwood Residential Home Limited
Elreg House
Elroi Manor
Elsenham House Nursing Home
Elsinor Residential Home
Elstow Lodge
Elstow Manor Care Home
Elstree Court Care Home
Elsyng House
Elsyng House Care Home
Eltandia Hall Care Centre
Eltisley Manor
Elton Hall Care Home
Elton Park Care Home
Elvaston Lodge Residential Home
Elvy Court Care Home
Elwick Grange
Elworth Grange
Ely Court care home
Embracing Independent Lifestyles (EIL) - Thorn Mount Nursing Home
Emerson Court
Emerson Grange
Emily Jackson House
Emm Lane Care Home
Emmanuel Care Home
Emmaus House
Emmaus House Residential Care Home
Emsworth House Care Home with Nursing
Emyvale House
Enablement Care
Enbridge House Care Home
Endeavour Residential Home
Enderby Grange
Endsleigh Care Limited
Engleburn Care Home
Enhanced Elderly Care Service - Byker Hall Care Home
Enhanced Elderly Care Service - Fellingate Care Centre Limited
Enhanced Elderly Care Service - Wardley Gate Care Centre
Ennis House
Enstone House
Eothen Residential Homes - Gosforth
Eothen Residential Homes - Sutton
Eothen Residential Homes - Wallsend
Eothen Residential Homes - Whitley Bay
Epsom Lodge
Epworth Grange
Eric Morecambe House
Eric Williams House
Eridge House Rest Home
Ermington House
Ernehale Lodge Care Home
Ernelesthorp Manor & Lodge
Ernest Bold Resource Centre
Ernest Luff Homes
Ernstell House
Ernvale House Care Centre
Ersham House Nursing Home
Erskine Edinburgh Home
Erskine Glasgow Care Home
Erskine Hall Care Home
Erskine Home
Erskine Park Care Home
Erwhir Care Home
Eryl Fryn
Eshcol House Nursing Home
Eshcol House Nursing Home
Esk Hall Care Home
Eskdale House
Esplanade House
Essendene EPH
Essington Manor Care Home
Estherene House
Estuary Housing Association Limited - 1 Bradd Close
Estuary Housing Association Limited - 16 Vista Road
Etheldred House Care Home
Etive House Care Home
Etive House Care Home
Eton House Residential Home
Euroclydon Nursing Home
Euxton Park Care Home
Eve House
Evedale Care Home
Evelyn May House
Evendine House Residential Home
Eventide Residential Home Limited
Everdale Grange
Evergreen Care Home
Evergreen Court
Evergreen Lodge
Evergreen Residential Home
Everley Residential Home
Eversfield House
Eversleigh Care Centre
Eversleigh Nursing Home
Eversley Nursing Home
Eversley Rest Home
Eveylyn House
Evington Home - Pilgrims' Friend Society
Ewer Court
Executive Suites at 3 Bridges
Exmouth House
Expect Limited - 13 Elm Road
Expect Limited - 1a Gainsborough Avenue
Expect Limited - 39 Beaconsfield Road
Expect Limited - 6 Belvidere Park


Fabee Nursing Home
Fair Haven
Fair Haven Care Home
Fairburn Mews (Complex Needs Care)
Fairburn Vale (Complex Needs Care)
Fairby Grange
Fairdene Lodge
Fairfax House
Fairfax Road
Fairfield Care Home
Fairfield Care Ltd
Fairfield Country Rest Home
Fairfield House
Fairfield House Residential Care Home
Fairfield Nursing Home
Fairfield Nursing Home
Fairfield Residential Home
Fairfield View
Fairfields Care Centre
Fairhaven Care Home
Fairhaven Care Home
Fairhaven Care Home Ltd
Fairholme House
Fairholme Nursing Home
Fairland House
Fairlawn Residential Home
Fairleigh House Care Home
Fairlie House
Fairlight & Fallowfield
Fairlight Nursing Home
Fairmead House
Fairmile Grange
Fairmont Residential Home
Fairmount Nursing Home
Fairview & Craigdene Residential Care Home
Fairview Court Care Home
Fairview House
Fairview House Care Home
Fairview House Residential Home
Fairview House Residential Home
Fairview Nursing Home
Fairway Residential Care Home
Fairway View
Fairways - Duncreggan
Fairways - Woodford Respite Project
Fairways Care Home
Fairways Newydd Nursing and Dementia Care Centre
Fairways Nursing Home
Fairways Residential Care Home
Fairways Residential Home
Fairwinds (Complex Needs Care)
Faith Global Links Ventures Limited
Faith House
Faith House Residential Home
Faithfull House
Falcon House Care Home
Falcon House Residential Home
Falcon House Residential Home
Faldonside Lodge
Falkland Grange Care Home
Falls Of Dochart Retirement Home
Falmouth House
Falstone Court
Falstone Manor
Far End Residential Home
Far Fillimore Rest Home
Farfield Drive
Farm Lane
Farm Lodge
Farmhouse Care Home
Farmhouse Residential Rest Home
Farnham Common House
Farnham Mill Nursing Home
Farnworth Care Home
Faro Lodge
Farriess Court
Farthings Nursing Home
Farthings Residential Care Home
Farway Grange Care Home (Nursing)
Fauld House Nursing Home
Faversham House Nursing Home
Favordale Home for Older People
Favorita House Residential Home
Fawnhope Rest Home
Fazakerley House Residential Care Home
Featherbed Lane
Featherton House
Felbury House
Felix Holme RCH
Feltwell Lodge
Feltwell Lodge
Fen Grove
Fen House
Fenchurch House Care Home
Feng Shui House (Blackburn)
Feng Shui House Care Home
Fenners Farm House
Fenton Lodge
Ferendune Court
Ferfoot Care Home
Ferguson Lodge
Fern Bank Therapeutic Community Ltd
Fern Brook Lodge
Fern Hill House Care Home
Fern Lea Residential Home
Fern Leaf Carehome Limited
Fern Leaf Carehome Limited
Fern Villa Residential Care Home
Fernbank Care Home
Fernbank House
Fernbank Lodge
Fernbank Nursing Home
Fernbank Residential Home
Fernbrook House
Ferncross Residential Home
Ferndale Care Home
Ferndale Court Nursing Home
Ferndale Lodge
Ferndale Mews
Ferndale Nursing Home
Ferndale Residential Care Home
Ferndale Residential Home
Ferndale Residential Home
Ferndene Care Home
Ferndown Manor
Ferndown Nursing Home
Ferney Lee Services for Older People
Fernhill House
Fernihurst Nursing Home
Fernlea House
Fernlea, The Wishart Anderson (Care Home)
Fernleaf Residential Home
Fernleigh Care Home
Ferns Nursing Home
Fernside Hall Care Home
Fernwood Court Care Home
Ferrars Hall Care Home
Ferrol Lodge
Ferry House Residential Home
Fessey House
Fethneys Living Options - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Fewcott House Nursing Home
Fidra House
Field Farm House Residential Home
Field House
Field House
Field House
Field House
Field House Care Home
Field House Residential Care Home for the Elderly
Field House Residential Home Limited
Field House Rest Home
Field Lodge
Field View
Field View
Field View Care Home
Field View Care Home
Fieldgate Nursing Home
Fieldhead Court
Fieldhead Park
FieldHouse Care Home Limited
Fieldside Care Limited t/a Fieldside Care Home
Fieldway Care Home
Fig House
Figbury Lodge
Figham House
Filsham Lodge
Finavon Care Home
Finavon Court - Forfar
Finborough Court
Finch Manor Nursing Home
Finney House
Fir Close
Fir Trees
Fir Trees House
Fir Villa Residential Home
Firbank House
Firbank Nursing Home
Firbank Residential Care Home
Fircroft Home
Firgrove House
Firgrove Nursing Home
Firs and Hewlitt
Firs Court
Firs Hall Care Home Limited
Firs Residential Home
Firth House
Firtree House Nursing Home
Firtree House Nursing Home
Fishbourne House
FitzRoy - Teddington
Fitzroy Lodge
Fitzwarren House
Fitzwilliam House Care Home
Five Bells Residential Care Home
Five Gables Care Home
Five Gables Care Home
Five Gables Care Home
Five Gables Nursing Home
Five Oaks
Five Rise Nursing Home
Five Rivers Living
Five Stacks Residential Care Centre
Fixby Lodge
Flanshaw Lodge
Flat A 291 Harrow Road
Flat B 291 Harrow Road
Flaxman Avenue
Fleet Valley Care Home
Fleetwood Hall
Fleetwood Hall
Fleetwood Nursing Home
Fleming Court
Fleming House Care Home with Nursing
Flemington Care Home
Fletcher House
Flexible Support Options Limited (Brilan)
Flexible Support Options Limited (Pengarth)
Flexible Support Options Limited (Thorntree Way)
Flint Cottage
Flixton Manor
Florence Grogan House Residential Care Home
Florence House
Florence House
Florence House
Florence House
Florence House
Florence House Residential Home
Florence Justice Christian Home
Florence Nightingale Care Home
Florence Nursing Home
Florence Shipley Residential and Community Care Centre
Floron Residential Home for the Elderly
Flower Park Care Home
Flowerdown Care Home
Flowerdown House
Fodderty House
Foelas Residential home
Folkestone Care Centre
Folkestone Nursing Home
Fonthill House
Footherley Hall
Ford House
Ford Place Nursing Home
Forder Lane House
Fordingbridge Care Home
Fordmill Care Home
Fords Road Home for Older People
Forefaulds Care Home
Foresight Residential Limited - 66 Leeds Road
Forest Brow Care Home
Forest Care Home
Forest Care Village Elstree and Borehamwood
Forest Court Care Home
Forest Court Nursing Home
Forest Dene Residential Care Home
Forest Edge
Forest Hill
Forest Hill House Nursing Home
Forest Home
Forest Lodge
Forest Lodge
Forest Lodge Rest Home
Forest Manor Care Home
Forest Oaks
Forest Place Nursing Home
Forest View
Forest View Care Home
Foresters Lodge
Foresters Nursing Home
Forget me not Residential Home
Formations Care Home
Formby Manor Care Centre
Fornham House Residential Home
Forrester Court
Fort Horsted Care Home Ltd
Forth Bay
Forth View Care Centre
Forthbank Nursing Home
Forthland Lodge Care Home
Forward Support Limited
Forward Support Limited
Forward Support Limited
Fossdale House
Fosse Court
Fosse House
Fosse House Nursing Homes
Fosse Way View Care Home
Fotherby House
Fountain Court
Fountain Lodge Care Home Limited
Fountain Nursing and Care Home Limited
Fountain Place Nursing Home
Fountains Care Home
Fountains Court
Fountains Lodge Care Home
Four Acres
Four Hills Care Home
Four Oaks Care Home
Four Rivers Nursing Home
Four Seasons
Four Seasons
Four Seasons
Four Seasons
Four Seasons Residential Care Home
Fouracres Care Services
Fourways Residential Home
Fourways Residential Home
Foxbridge House
Foxburrow Grange
Foxby Hill Care Home
Foxearth Lodge Nursing Home
Foxes Moon Residential Home
Foxgrove Residential Home
Foxhole House
Foxholes Care Home
Foxhunters Care Community
Foxleigh Grove Nursing Home
Foxley House Care Home
Foxley Lodge Residential Care Home
Foxton Court
Foxtroy House
Foylebank Care Home
Frampton House Residential Care Home
Francis Court
Francis House
Francis House
Franciscan Convent Blackburn
Franciscan Convent Burnley
Frank Foster House
Franklin House
Franklin House Limited
Franklyn Crescent
Freckleton Lodge
Freda Gunton Lodge Residential Home
Frederick House
Freegrove Care Home
Freeland House Nursing Home
Freeland Lodge
Freelands Croft Care Home
Freestones Residential Care Home
Fremantle Court
Fremington Manor Nursing and Residential Home
Fremington Manor Nursing and Residential Home
Frenchay House
Frenchay Park Gardens Care Home
Frensham House
Freshfields - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Freshfields Residential Home
Freshford Cottage Nursing Home
Frethey House
Friarn House Residential Home
Friars Lodge
Friars Mead
Friary House
Friary House
Friary Lodge
Fridhem Rest Home
Friends of the Elderly Malvern
Frindsbury Hall Care Home
Frintondene Care Home
Friston House
Frith House
Frithwood Nursing Home
Frome Nursing Home
Fronheulog Care Home
Froome Bank
Fruithill Nursing Home
Fryers House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Fulford Care & Nursing Home
Fulford Nursing Home
Fullarton Care Home
Furze Hill House
Furze Hill Lodge
Furzeham Lodge Care Home
Furzehatt Residential and Nursing Home


Gable Court Care Home
Gable Lodge
Gables Care Home
Gables Care Home
Gables Manor
Gabriel Court Limited
Gainsborough Care Home
Gainsborough Hall Care Home
Gainsborough House Nursing Home
Gairloch Residential Care Home
Galahill House
Galanos House
Galashiels Nursing Home
Galsworthy House Nursing Home
Galtee More Residential Home
Ganarew House Care Home
Garden City Court
Garden Hill Care Centre
Garden House
Garden House
Garden House
Garden House - Care Home Learning Disabilities
Garden Lodge
Garden Lodge Care Home
Garden Lodge Care Home
Garden View
Gardenia Court Nursing Home
Gardens Neurological Centre
Garfield Grange
Garioch Care Home
Garland House
Garlands Residential Care Home Limited
Garnant House LLP
Garreglwyd Residential Care Home
Garrett House Residential Home
Garsewednack Residential Home
Garson House Care Home
Garswood House Residential Care Home
Garth House
Garth Olwg
Gate Cottage Rest Home
Gate Lodge
Gateford Hill Care Home
Gattison House
Gavin Astor House Nursing Home
Gayton House
Gedling Village Care Home
Generals Meadow
Genesis Care Home
Genesis Residential Home
George Brooker House
George Edward Smart Homes
George House
George Hythe House
George Hythe House
George Lane
George Mason Lodge
George Potter House
Georgia Park Care Home
Georgian House
Georgian House
Georgian House Nursing Home
Georgiana Care Home
Gerald House
Germaina House
Gernon Manor Care Home
Ghyll Grove Care Home
Ghyll Royd Nursing Home
Giboney House
Gibraltar Nursing Home
Gibson House
Gibson's Lodge Limited
Gifford House Care Home
Gilby House Nursing Home
Gildawood Court
Gildawood Court
Gildawood Court
Gillaroo Lodge
Gillbrooke Nursing Home
Gillibrand Hall Nursing Care Home
Gilling Reane Care Home
Gillott Respite Services
Gills Top
Giltbrook Care Home
Gilwern House Residential Home
Gingercroft Residential Home
Gittisham Hill House
Glais House Care Ltd
Glamis Avenue
Glamorgan Care Ltd, Danygraig House
Glan Yr Afon
Glan Yr Afon Residential Services for Older People
Glanbury Care Home
Glanenig Residential Home
Glanffrwd Care Home
Glangarnant Care Home
Glanmorfa Care Home Ltd
Glasallt Fawr Care Home
Glascoed Ltd
Glasfryn Nursing & Residential Home
Glasshouse Hill
Glasswater Lodge
Glastonbury Care Home
Glastonbury Court
Gleavewood Residential Care Home
Glebe Cottage
Glebe Court
Glebe Court Nursing Home
Glebe Farm
Glebe House
Glebe House
Glebe House
Glebe House Care Home
Glebe House Care Home
Glebe House Care Home
Glebe House Care Home (Nursing)
Glebe House Retirement Home
Glebe Villa
Glebefields Care Home
Glebelands House
Glen Arun Care Home
Glen Devon
Glen Heathers
Glen Lyn
Glen Pat Homes
Glen Rosa & Kitwood House
Glen Rose
Glen Tanar Rest Home
Glenabbey Manor
Glenafton Care Home
Glenalina Lodge Care Centre
Glenavon House Nursing Home
Glenbank Care Home
Glenbervie Care Home
Glenbervie Care Home
Glenburnie Care Home
Glencairn House
Glencairn House Retirement Home
Glencoe Care Home
Glencoe Care Home
Glendale Court
Glendale Lodge
Glendale Lodge
Glendale Residential Care Home
Glendon House
Glendun Nursing Home
Glendun Residential Home
Glenesk Care Home
Glenfairn House Nursing Home
Glenfield House Nursing Home
Glenfield Woodlands Care Home
Glenfields Care Home Limited
Glengariff Residential Home
Glengarry Court Care Home
Glengarry Road
Glenhelenbank Residential Home
Glenholme Residential Care Home
Glenhomes Care Home
Glenhurst Manor
Glenisla Home
Glenkeen House
Glenlivet Gardens Care Home
Glenmachan Tower House
Glenmoor House Care Home
Glenmuir House Residential Care Home
Glennfield Care Home
Glennie House
Glenowen Court
Glens Nursing Home
Glenside Farnborough
Glenside Residential Care Home
Glenthorne House
Glenthorne Rest Home Limited
Glentworth House
Glenview Nursing Home
Glottenham Manor Nursing Home
Gloucester House
Gloucestershire House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Glyn Nest Trustee Company Limited
Glyn Rhosyn
Glyn Thomas House
Glynbargoed Care Home
Glyncornel Nursing Home
Glynderwen House
Glynn Court Residential Home
Gnoll Nursing Home
Goatacre Manor Care Centre
Godden Lodge Care Home
Godfrey Olsen House
Godfrey Robinson - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Godiva Lodge
Godolphin House Care Home
Godswell Park
Gokul Nivas
Golan View
Golborne House Residential Care Home
Golden Sands
Golden Years Care Home
Goldendale House
Goldendale Residential Care Home
Goldenhill Nursing Home
Goldenley Care Home
Goldenview Care Home
Goldielea Care Home
Goldthorn Lodge
Golfhill Care Home
Good Companions EMI Residential Care Home
Goodson Lodge Care Centre
Goodwins Hall Care Home
Goodwood Orchard Care Home
Goole Hall
Gordena Care Home
Gordon Lodge Rest Home
Gorse Hill
Gorsefield Residential Home
Gorselands Care Home
Gorselands Nursing Home
Gorselands Residential Home
Gorseway House
Gorseway Lodge Nursing and Residential Care Home
Gorseway Nursing Home
Gorsey Clough Nursing Home
Gortanvogie Residential Home
Gorton Parks Care Home
Gorway House
Gosberton House Care Home
Gosberton House Care Home
Gotton Manor Care Home
Gough House
Gower Gardens
Gowrie House Care Home
Gowrie House Nursing Home
Goyt Valley House Care Home
Grace Care Centre
Grace Court Care Centre
Grace House
Grace House Care Home Limited
Grace Lodge Nursing Home
Grace Manor Care Centre
Grace Muriel House
Gracefield Nursing Home and Residential Care Home
Gracefields Nursing Home
Gracelands Care Home
Gracewell of Adderbury
Gracewell of Ascot
Gracewell of Ascot
Gracewell of Bath
Gracewell of Bookham
Gracewell of Camberley
Gracewell of Chingford
Gracewell of Church Crookham
Gracewell of Church Crookham
Gracewell of Edgbaston
Gracewell of Fareham
Gracewell of Frome
Gracewell of High Wycombe
Gracewell of Horley Park
Gracewell of Kentford
Gracewell of Maids Moreton
Gracewell of Newbury
Gracewell of Salisbury
Gracewell of Sutton
Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield
Gracewell of Sway
Gracewell of Weymouth
Gracewell of Woking
Grafton House Residential Home
Grafton Lodge
Grafton Lodge Residential Unit
Grahamston House
Grampian Court
Granada House
Granby Care Home
Granby Rose SDU
Grand Panorama Nursing Home
Grand View Care Home
Grandholm Care Home
Grandora Care Lodge
Grandview Nursing Home
Grandville Lodge Limited
Grange Care Home Ltd
Grange Care Services Limited - 27 Flamstead End Road
Grange Cottage Residential Home
Grange Cottage Residential home for Elderly Persons
Grange Court
Grange Court Residential Home
Grange Crescent
Grange Hall
Grange Hill House Residential Home
Grange House
Grange Lea Care Home
Grange Lea Residential Home Limited
Grange Nursing Home
Grange Residential Care Limited
Grange-Lea Residential Care Home
Grangefield Residential Care Home
Grangelodge Residential Home Ltd
Grangepark Home
Grangewood Care Centre
Grangewood Lodge Residential Care Home
Grangewood Lodge Residential Home
Grant House (Care Home)
Granville Court Care Home Limited
Granville House
Granville Lodge
Grasmere Nursing Home
Grasmere Rest Home
Grassington House
Grassmere Residential Care Home
Gratia Residential Care Limited
Gratwick House
Graver's Care Home Limited
Gravesham Place Integrated Care Centre
Grays Court
Grays Fair Court
Graysford Hall
Grazebrook Homes - 39 Adshead Road
Grazebrook Homes - 49 Adshead Road
Great Horkesley Manor
Great Oaks
Great Western Court
Great Wheatley Nursing Home
Greathed Manor Nursing Home
Greatwood House
Green Acres Care Home
Green Bank
Green Gables
Green Gables - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Green Gables Care Home
Green Gables Nursing Home (Downing Green Gables Limited)
Green Gates Care Home
Green Heys & Kemp Lodge Care Home
Green Heys Care Home
Green Isle
Green Lane Intermediate Care Centre
Green Lodge
Green Meadows Care Home
Green Park Care Home
Green Pastures Christian Nursing Home
Green Tree Court
Green Trees Care Home
Green Willow Care Home
Greenacres - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Greenacres Care Centre Limited
Greenacres Care Home
Greenacres Care Home
Greenacres Care Home
Greenacres Care Home
Greenacres Grange
Greenacres Residential Care Home
Greenbanks Care Home
Greenbanks Care Home
Greenfield Care Home
Greenfield Care Home
Greenfield Park Care Centre
Greenfields Care Home
Greenfields Care Home
Greenford Care Home
Greengables Care Home
Greenhaw Lodge Care Centre
Greenhill Care Home
Greenhill Grange Residential Home Limited
Greenhill House
Greenhill House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Greenhill Manor Care Home
Greenhill Park Residential Care Home
Greenhill Residential Care Home
Greenhill Residential Care Home
Greenhills Care Home
Greenhive House
Greenlands Residential Home
Greenlands View
Greenlane House
Greenmantle Care Home Limited
Greenroyd Residential Home
Greenside Court (Complex Needs Care)
Greenslades Nursing Home
Greensleeves care home
Greensleeves Care Home
Greensleeves Residential Care Home
Greenvale House Nursing Home
Greenvale House Residential Home
Greenview Residential Care Home
Greenway House Residential Home
Greenways Care Home
Greenways Care Home
Greenways Court
Greenways Rest Home
Greenwell House Care Home
Greerville Manor Care Centre
Greerville Manor Care Home
Gregory Court
Grenham Bay Court
Grennell Lodge Nursing Care Home
Grenville Court Care Home
Gresham Care Home
Gresham Lodge Care Home
Gresham Residential Care Home
Gresley House Residential Home
Greswold House
Greta Cottage
Gretton Court
Greville House
Greville House
Grey Ferrers Care Home
Grey Gables (New Milton) Limited
Grey Gables Residential Home
Greycliffe Manor
Greycliffe Residential Home
Greyfriars Care Centre
Greys Residential Home
Greystoke Manor
Greystones Nursing Home
Griffin House Care Home
Griffiths House
Grimsby Grange and Manor
Grimston Court
Grimston House Care Home
Grindon Mews Short Break Centre
Grisedale Croft
Groby Lodge
Grosvenor Hall Care Home
Grosvenor House
Grosvenor House
Grosvenor House Care Home
Grosvenor House Care Home
Grosvenor Manor Care Centre
Grosvenor Park Care Home
Grosvenor Park Care Home
Grove Court
Grove Hill Care Home
Grove House
Grove House
Grove House
Grove House Home for Older People
Grove House Residential
Grove House Residential Care Home
Grove Lodge
Grove Lodge Care Home
Grove Park Care Home
Groveland Park Care Home
Grovewood Residential Home
Guardian House Nursing & Residential Home
Guide Lane Nursing Home
Guild House Residential Home
Guisborough Manor Care Home
Guthrie House
Guy's Court Residential and Nursing Home


guys cliffe care home Ltd


Guysfield Residential Home
Gwastad Hall Nursing Home and Day Care Centre
Gwen Walford House
Gwendolen Road Care Home
Gwendoline House
Gwenlyn House
Gwern Alyn Care Home
Gwernllwyn Care Home
Gwynfa II The Lodge
Gwynfa Residential Home
Gypsy Corner (Registered Care Home)


Haddington Care Home
Haddon Hall Care Home
Haddon House Care Home
Haddon House Nursing Home
Hadfield House
Hadleigh Court
Hadleigh Nursing Home
Hadley House Nursing Home
Hadley Lawns Care Home
Hadley Place Residential Home
Hadrian House
Hadrian House
Hadrian House
Hadrian Park
Hafan Deg Residential Care Home
Hafan y Waun
Hafan-Y-Coed Care Home
Hafod House Rest Home
Hafod Mawddach
Hafod Nursing Home
Hafod Residential Home
Hafod y Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Centre
Hagley Place
Haighfield Care Home
Hailey House
Hailsham House
Halcyon Court Care Home
Halcyon Days
Halcyon House
Haldane House Nursing Home
Halden Heights Care Community
Hale Place Farmhouse
Half Acre Care Home
Half Acre House
Haling Park Care Home
Hall Grange
Hall Green Care Home
Hall Lane Resource Centre (Respite Care, Short Breaks Service)
Hall Park Care Home
Hallamshire Residential Home
Hallaton Manor Limited
Hallgarth Care Home
Hallgarth Care Home
Hallhouse Care Home
Halsdown Nursing Home
Halsdown Nursing Home
Halsey House
Halstead Hall Care Home
Halton View Care Home
Halvergate House
Halwill Manor Nursing Home
Hamble Heights
Hambleton Court Care Home
Hambleton Grange
Hambleton House
Hambrook Meadows
Hames Hall Residential Care Home
Hamewith Lodge
Hamilton Care Home
Hamilton Court
Hamilton House
Hamilton House
Hamilton House Care Home
Hamilton Nursing Home
Hamilton Park Nursing Home
Hamilton Rest Home
Hamilton's Residential Home
Hammerson House
Hammerwich Hall Care Home
Hamnavoe House
Hampden Hall Care Centre
Hampden House
Hampton Care Limited
Hampton Court
Hampton Grange Nursing Home
Hampton House
Hampton House
Hampton House Residential Care Home
Hampton Lodge (St Basils)
Hamshaw Court
Hanbury Court Care Home
Hancox Close
Handford House Care Home
Handley House
Handsale Limited - Bierley Court
Handsale Limited - Silver Trees
Handsale Limited - Treelands Care Home
Hanford Court Care Home
Hanford Manor
Hankham Lodge Residential Care Home
Hanna Street
Hannah Levy House Trust
Hanningfield Retirement Home Limited
Hapstead Village
Harbledown Lodge
Harborne Lane Specialist Centre
Harbour Care Home
Harbour Care Home
Harbour House
Harbour House
Harbour House Care Home
Harbour Residential Care Centre
Harbour Rise Rest Home
Harbour View Care Home
Harden Hall
Harden Hall
Harding House
Hardwick Dene
Hardwick House Retirement Home
Hardwick View
Harelands House
Haresbrook Park Care Home
Harestane Nursing Home
Harewood Court Nursing Home
Hargrave House
Harker House
Harleston House
Harley Grange Nursing Home
Harley House Care Home Ltd
Harley Road Scheme
Harmonia Village
Harmony House
Harmony House
Harmony House Nursing Home
Harnham Croft Care Home
Harold McCauley House
Harpenden Bethesda Home
Harper Fields
Harper House - Wolverhampton
Harpers Villas Care Centre
Harpwood Care Home
Harrier House Care Home
Harrier Lodge
Harrington House
Harrington House
Harris House (Care Home)
Harrogate Lodge Care Home
Harrowby Lodge Nursing Home
Harry Priestley House
Harry Sotnick House
Hart Care Nursing & Residential Home
Hart Plain Care
Hartcliffe Nursing Home
Hartfield House Care Home
Hartfield House Rest Home
Hartford Court
Hartford Court
Hartford Hey
Hartington Road Care Home
Hartismere Place
Hartland House
Hartlands Rest Home
Hartley House Care Home
Hartley Park Care Home
Hartleys Care
Harton Grange
Harts House Care Home
Hartshead Manor
Hartwell Lodge Residential Home
Hartwood House
Harvest Care Home
Harvey House
Harwood Court
Harwood House
Hasbury Care Home
Haslewood Avenue
Haslingden Hall and the Lodge
Haslington Lodge Care Home
Hassingham House Care Centre
Hastings Court
Hastings Lodge & Hastings Cottage
Hastings Residential Care Home
Hatch Mill
Hatchmoor Nursing Home
Hatfield Haven
Hatfield House
Hatfield House
Hatfield Lodge
Hatfield Peverel Lodge Care Home
Hatfield Residential and Nursing Home
Hatherleigh Nursing Home
Hatherley Care Home Limited
Hatley Court
Hatt House
Hatton Court Care Home
Hatton Grange
Hatton Grange
Hatton Lea Nursing Home
Hatzfeld House
Haugh House
Haughgate House Nursing Home
Haulfre Residential Care Home
Haunton Hall
Havelock Court Care Home
Havelock House Nursing Home
Haven Care Home
Haven Court
Haven House Residential Care Home
Haven Lodge
Haven Lodge
Haven Nursing Home
Haven Residential Care Home
Haven Rose Residential Care Home Limited
Haven View
Havencourt Care Home
Havencourt Care Home
Havencroft Nursing Home
Havendene Residential Home
Havengore House Residential Care Home
Havenhurst Home
Havenmere (Complex Needs Care)
Havering Court Care Home
Haviland House
Hawkhill House Nursing Home
Hawkhurst House
Hawkinge House
Hawkinge House Proactive Assessment Unit
Hawksbury House
Hawksyard Priory Nursing Home
Haworth Court Residential Home
Hawthorn Bungalow
Hawthorn Court
Hawthorn Court Residential Care Home
Hawthorn Green Residential and Nursing Home
Hawthorn House
Hawthorn House
Hawthorn House
Hawthorn House Care Home
Hawthorn Lodge
Hawthorn Lodge Care Home
Hawthorn Manor Residential Home
Hawthorne Court Nursing Home
Hawthorne House
Hawthorne Lodge Residential Care Home
Hawthorne Nursing Home
Hawthorns Lodge Limited
Hawthorns Nursing Home
Hawthorns Residential Home
Haxby Hall
Haxby Hall
Hay House Nursing Home
Haydale Nursing Home
Haydock Nursing and Residential Care Home
Haydon View Residential Home
Hayes Cottage Care Centre
Hayes Court
Hayes Park Nursing Home
Haylands Residential Home for Gentlemen
Haylie House Residential Home
Hays House Nursing Home
Haythorne Place
Hayward Care Centre
Haywood Oaks Care Home
Hazel Bank Care Home
Hazel End Care Home
Hazel Garth
Hazel Lodge
Hazel View
Hazelbrook Christian Nursing Home
Hazeldell Residential Home
Hazeldene Care Home
Hazeldene House
Hazeldene House Residential Home
Hazeldene Residential Care Home
Hazelford Residential Home
Hazelgarth Lodge Residential Care Home
Hazelgrove Care Home
Hazelgrove Court Care Home
Hazelgrove Nursing Home
Hazelhurst Nursing Home


hazelhurst nursing home


Hazell Court
Hazelmere House Care Home
Hazelmere House Care Home
Hazelmere Nursing Home
Hazelroyd Nursing Home
Hazelwell Lodge
Hazelwood Care Home
Hazelwood Care Home
Hazelwood Gardens Nursing Home
Hazelwood House
Headingley Court Care Home
Headingley Hall Care Home
Headingley Nursing Home
Headingley Park Care Home
Headington Care Home
Healey House
Healey Lodge Residential Home
Health and Home Limited - North Road
Health and Home Ltd - North Road
Heanor Park Care Home
Heanton Nursing Home
Heart of England Mencap - 184 Drayton Avenue
Heart of England Mencap - 201 Drayton Avenue
Heartlands Care & Nursing Home
Heartlands Care Limited t/a Lanrick House
Heartly Green
Heartwell House Residential Care Home
Heath Cottage
Heath Farm House Care Centre
Heath House
Heath Lodge
Heath Lodge
Heath Lodge Care Home
Heathbrook House Care Home
Heathcote Care Home
Heathcotes (Ashbrook House)
Heathcotes (Blackburn)
Heathcotes (Park View)
Heathcotes (Wakefield)
Heathcotes Preston
Heather Grange
Heather Vale
Heather View
Heathercliffe Residential Care home
Heathercroft Care Home
Heatherdale Healthcare Limited
Heatherdale Residential Home
Heatherdene Nursing Home
Heatherdene Residential Care Home
Heatherfield Nursing Home
Heatherfield Nursing Home
Heatherlea House Residential Care Home
Heatherley - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Heathermount Residential Home
Heatherside Care Home
Heatherside House Care Centre
Heatherslade Residential Home
Heatherstones Court
Heatherwood Nursing Home
Heathfield (Horsham) Limited
Heathfield Care Home
Heathfield Court Care Home
Heathfield House Care Home
Heathfield House Nursing Home
Heathfield Lodge
Heathfield Lodge Ltd
Heathfield Residential Home
Heathfield Residential Home
Heathfields Residential Home
Heathgrove Lodge Care Home
Heathland Court Care Home
Heathlands Care Home
Heathlands House
Heathlands Residential Care Home
Heathside Mews
Heathside Residential Home
Heathside Retirement Home
Heathwood Care Home
Heathwood Care Home
Heaton House Residential Care Home
Heavers Court
Hebburn Court Nursing Home
Hebron House
Hebron House Nursing Home Ltd
Hector House (Glasgow) Ltd
Hedges House Residential Hotel Limited
Heeley Bank Care Home
Heffle Court
Hegarty Care
Heightside House Nursing Home
Helena Road (2c-2d)
Heliosa Nursing Home
Helme Hall
Helmsley Road Short Breaks Service
Hembury Fort House
Hempstalls Hall Care Home
Hempton Field Care Home
Hemsworth Park
Hen Cloud House
Henderson and Harvard
Henderson House
Hendford Court Care Home
Hendford Nursing Home
Hendra Court
Hendra House Residential Home
Henford House
Hengist Field Care Centre
Hengoed Park
Hengoed Park Care Home
Hengrove Lodge
Henleigh Hall Care Home
Henley House
Henley House
Henley Manor Care Home
Hennel Lane
Henning Hall
Henrietta House
Henry Nihill House
Henshaws Society for Blind People - 2 East Park Road Harrogate
Henshaws Society for Blind People - 3 Red Admiral Court Gateshead
Henwick Grange
Heol Don Care Home
Hepscott Care Centre
Hepworth House
Hepworth House
Herald Lodge
Herewards House
Heritage Care Centre
Hermitage House Care Home Limited
Hermitage Way - Telford
Herncliffe Care Home
Herne Place Care Home
Hernes Nest House
Heron Court
Heron Hill Care Home
Heron Lodge
Heron View Care Home
Herondale Kingfisher
Heronlea Residential Home
Herons Lea Residential Home Limited
Herons Park Nursing Home
Herries Lodge
Herries Lodge
Hesketh Park Lodge
Hesslewood House
Hethersett Hall
Hexham Carntyne Residential Care Home
Heyberry House
Heyfields Nursing Home
Heywood Court Care Home
Heywood Lodge
HF Trust - 34 Shipston Road
HF Trust - Chy Keres
HF Trust - Clifton View
HF Trust - Corunna Close
HF Trust - Cromwell Crescent
HF Trust - Gaston House & Dolphin House
HF Trust - No 3 & 4a Milton Heights
HF Trust - Oaktree House
HF Trust - Orchard View
HF Trust - Phillippines Close
HF Trust - Pound Lane
HF Trust - Severn Cottage
HF Trust - Trelowen
Hickathrift House
Hickling House
High Brake House
High Broom Care Home
High Haven
High Lea House
High Lodge Care Home
High Meadow Nursing Home
High Meadows
High Mount
High Oaks
High Pastures Nursing Home
High Peak Lodge Residential & Nursing Home
High Peak Residential and Nursing Home
High Peak Short Break Service
High Pines Residential Home Limited
High Trees Residential Home
High View Oast Care Home
Higham House Nursing Home
Highbarrow Residential Home
Highbarrow Residential Home
Highborder Lodge
Highbridge Court
Highbury House Nursing Home
Highbury House Nursing Home
Highbury New Park
Highbury Nursing Home
Highbury Residential Home
Highbury Rise
Highclere Care Home
Highcliffe Care Centre
Highcliffe Nursing Home
Highcroft Care Home
Highcroft Care Home
Highcroft Care Home
Highcroft Hall Residential Care Home
Highcroft House
Highcroft Nursing Home
Higher Bank
Higher Cockham Farm
Higher Keason Care Home
Higher Park Lodge
Highfield (Stockton)
Highfield Care Centre
Highfield Care Home
Highfield Care Home
Highfield Court
Highfield Hall
Highfield Hall
Highfield House
Highfield House
Highfield House
Highfield House
Highfield House
Highfield House Care Home
Highfield House Care Home
Highfield House Nursing Home
Highfield House Residential Care Home
Highfield Manor Care Home
Highfield Private Rest Home
Highfield Residential Home
Highfield Residential Home
Highfield Residential Home
Highfield Residential Home
Highfield Resource Centre
Highfields Care Home
Highfields Nursing Home
Highfields Nursing Home
Highfields Residential/ Dementia Care Home
Highgate Care Home
Highgate Care Home
Highgrove Care Home
Highgrove House
Highgrove House Residential Care Home
Highgrove Residential Home
Highgrove Rest Home Ltd
Highland House
Highlands Borders Care Home
Highlands Care Home
Highlands Care Home
Highlands Care Home
Highlands Care Home Jersey
Highmarket House
Highmead House
Highpoint Lodge
Highstone Mews Care Home
Highview Care Home
Highview Lodge
Highview Residential Home
Highwell House Care Home with Nursing
Hilbre House
Hilbre Manor EMI Residential Care Home
Hilderstone Hall
Hilgay Care Home
Hill Ash House Care Centre
Hill Barn
Hill Brow Residential Care Home
Hill Farm
Hill Grove
Hill Grove
Hill House
Hill House
Hill House
Hill House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Hill House Care Home
Hill House Care Home
Hill House Care Home
Hill House Care Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill House Nursing Home
Hill Lodge 1
Hill Lodge 2
Hill View
Hill View Care Home
Hill View Care Home
Hill View Care Home Ltd
Hillbeck Residential Care Home
Hillbro Nursing Home
Hillbrook Grange
Hillbrow Residential Care Home
Hillbury House Care Home
Hillcrest Care Facility
Hillcrest Care Home
Hillcrest House
Hillcrest House Care Home
Hillcrest Manor Nursing Home
Hillcrest Residential Care Home
Hillcrest Residential Home
Hillcrest Residential Home
Hillcrest Residential Unit
Hillcroft Care Home
Hillcroft House
Hillcroft House Galgate
Hillcroft Nursing Home Carnforth
Hillcroft Nursing Home Caton Green
Hillcroft Nursing Home Lancaster
Hillcroft Nursing Home Morecambe
Hillcroft Nursing Home Slyne
Hillcroft Residential Care Home
Hillcroft Residential Care Home
Hilldales Residential Care Home
Hillersdon Court
Hillhall Home
Hillingdon House
Hillsborough House
Hillsborough Residential Home
Hillsdon Nursing Home
Hillside Care Centre
Hillside Care Home
Hillside Care Home
Hillside Care Home
Hillside Farm Care Home
Hillside Home
Hillside House
Hillside Lodge
Hillside Lodge
Hillside Lodge Care Home
Hillside Nursing Home
Hillside Residential Unit
Hillside Rest Home
Hillside View Nursing Home
Hillsview - Blythswood Road
Hillsview - Eastwood House
Hillswood Lodge
Hilltop Court Nursing Home
Hilltop Hall Nursing Home
Hilltop House
Hilltop Lodge
Hilltop Lodge
Hilltop Manor Care Home Limited
Hillview Care Home
Hillview Court
Hillview Nursing Home
Hillyfield Rest Home Limited
Hilton Brook House
Hilton House
Hilton House
Hilton House
Hilton Lodge
Hilton Lodge Nursing Home
Hilton Park - Oaklands
Hilton Park Care Centre
Hilton Residential Home
Hilton Rose
Hilton Rose Retirement Home Ltd
Himley Manor Care Home
Himley Mill Care Home
Hinckley House Care Home
Hinckley Park Nursing Home
Hinderton Mount Residential Home
Hindson House
Hinstock Manor Residential Home Limited
Hinton Lodge
Hoar Cross Nursing Home
Hob Green Country Home
Hob Meadow
Hobbs Field
Hockley Private Nursing Home
Hodge Hill Grange
Hogganfield Care Centre
Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust
Holbeche House Care Home
Holbeche House Care Home
Holbrook Hall
Holcombe House
Holcroft Grange Residential Care Home
Holcroft House
Holder House
Holderness House
Holdingham Grange
Holehird - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Holgate House
Holiday Inn, Maidenhead
Holland House and Villas
Hollands Nursing Home
Holles Street Short Breaks Service
Hollie Hill Care Home
Hollies Care Home
Hollies Nursing and Residential Home Limited
Hollin Bank House
Hollin Knowle Residential Care Home
Hollins Bank Care Home
Hollins Park
Hollow Oak Nursing Home Limited
Holly Bank Care Home
Holly Bank Care Home
Holly Bank Nursing Home
Holly Bush Nursing Home
Holly Cottage
Holly Court Care Home
Holly Grange Residential Home
Holly Hall House
Holly House Care Home
Holly House Residential Home
Holly Lodge
Holly Lodge
Holly Lodge Care Home
Holly Lodge Nursing Home
Holly Lodge Residential Home
Holly Lodge Residential Home Limited
Holly Oak Care Centre
Holly Park Care Home
Holly Tree Cottage
Holly Tree Lodge
Holly Tree Lodge Care Home
Holly Tree Lodge EMI Care Home
Holly Tree Lodge Residential Home Derby
Hollybank Care Home
Hollybank Care Home
Hollybank House
Hollybank Manor
Hollybank Nursing Home
Hollybank Nursing Home
Hollybank Nursing Home
Hollybank Residential Home
Hollybank Rest Home
Hollybush House Nursing Home
Hollybush House Nursing Home
Hollybush Residential Home
Hollycroft Nursing Home
Hollygate Lodge
Hollylodge Residential Home
Hollymead House
Hollymede Cottage
Hollymere House General Nursing Home
Hollymount Residential and Dementia Care Centre
Hollywell Court Residential Home
Hollywood Rest Home
Hollywood Rest Home Limited
Hollywynd Rest Home
Holm Lodge
Holme Farm Residential Home
Holme House Care Home
Holme Lea
Holme Lodge - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Holme Manor Care Home
Holmehurst Residential Home
Holmer Care Home with Nursing
Holmer Court Residential Home
Holmes Court Care Home
Holmes House Care Home
Holmesdale House
Holmesley Care Home
Holmewood Manor Care Home
Holmewood Residential Care Home
Holmfield Care
Holmhurst Care Home
Holmlea Care Home
Holmlea Care Home
Holmleigh Care Home
Holmside Residential Care Home
Holmwood Care Centre
Holmwood Care Home
Holmwood House Care Centre
Holmwood Nursing Home
Holmwood Residential Home
Holmwood Rest Home
Holt Farm Care Limited
Holt House
Holway House Residential Care Home
Holy Cross
Holy Cross Care Home
Holy Cross Care Homes Limited
Holy Name Care Home
Holy Rosary Care Home
Holyrood House
Holyrood House
Holywell Dene Care Home
Holywell House Care Centre
Holywell Nursing Home
Holywell Park
Holywood Care Home
Home Close
Home Farm
Home Farm Care Home
Home From Home
Home Lea House
Home Meadow
Home of Comfort Nursing Home
Home of Compassion
Home Treatment House
Homecroft Residential Home
Homefield Court
Homefield Grange
Homefield House
Homefield House Nursing Home
Homelands Nursing Home
Homelea Residential Care Home
Homer Lodge Care Centre
Homesdale (Woodford Baptist Homes) Limited
Homestead Care Home
Homestead House
Honey Lane Care Home
Honeybourne House
Honeysuckle Cottage
Honeysuckle House
Honeywood House Nursing Home
Honiton Manor Nursing Home
Hooklands Care Home
Hope Green Residential Home
Hope House
Hope Manor Residential Home
Hope Park House
Hopes Green
Hopton Cottage Care Home
Hopwood Court
Horfield Lodge
Horizon House
Horse Fair Care Home
Horsell Lodge
Horton Cross Nursing Home
Horton House Residential Care Home
Hotel in the Park
Houghton Regis Community Care Scheme
Houndswood House Care Home
Hourigan House Residential Care Home
House of Shan Ltd
House of St Martin
Housman Court
Howard Court Care Home
Howard House
Howard House Nursing & Residential Home
Howard Lodge Care Centre
Howards Residential Home
Howbury House Resource Centre
Howdon Care Centre
Howe Dell Manor
Howgate House
Howlish Hall Residential Care Home
Howson Care Centre
Hoylake Cottage
Hoyland Hall Residential Home
Hugh Myddelton House
Huguenot Place
Hulcott Nursing Home
Hulton Care Centre
Hulton Care Home
Hulton Care Home
Hulton House Care Residence
Humfrey Lodge
Hummingbird Care
Hundens Park
Hungerford Care Home
Hunningley Grange Residential Home
Hunningley Grange Residential Home
Hunter's Lodge
Huntercombe Hall Care Home
Huntercombe Hall Care Home
Hunterhill Care Home
Hunters Care Centre
Hunters Creek Care Home
Hunters Down Care Home
Hunters Lodge
Hunters Lodge
Hunters Lodge Care Home
Hunters Moon
Hunters Moor Neurorehabilitation Centre for the West Midlands - The Janet Barnes Unit
Huntingdon Court
Huntington House
Hurst Hall
Hurst Nursing Home
Hurst Park Court
Hurst Park Court
Hurstead House Care Home
Hurstway Care Home
Hurstwood View
Hutton Avenue
Hutton Manor Care Home
Hutton Park Care Home
Hutton View Care Home
Hutton Village Care Home
Huyton Hey Manor
Hyde Lea
Hyde Nursing Home
Hydon Hill - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Hyfrydol Residential Services
Hylands House
Hylton View
Hyman Fine House
Hyne Town House
Hyperion House
Hythe Nursing Home


Iceni House
Icknield Court
Iddenshall Hall
Ideal Home
Idelo Limited - 5 Courtenay Avenue
Iden Manor Nursing Home
Iffley Residential and Nursing Home
Ilford Park Polish Home
Ilsham Valley Nursing Home
Ilsom House Care Home
Imber House
Immacolata House
In Caring Hands St Austell
Inch View
Inchinnan Care Home
Inchmarlo House
Individual Care Services - 1 Dexter Way
Individual Care Services - 11 Wembrook Close
Individual Care Services - 2 Laurel Drive
Individual Care Services - 60 Ward Grove
Ingersley Court Residential Care Home
Ingham House
Ingham Old Hall Care Home
Ingleborough Nursing Home
Ingleby Care Home
Ingleby House
Inglefield Nursing & Residential Home
Inglenook House
Ingleside Residential Care Home
Inglewood Nursing Home
Inglewood Residential Care Home
Inglewood Residential Care Home Limited
Inglewood Residential Home
Inglewood Residential Rest Home
Ingram House at Whiteley Village
Ings Grove House
Ings House Nursing Home
Ings House Nursing Home
Innage Grange
Innis Mhor Care Home
Innisfree Residential Home
Innovations Wiltshire Limited - 10 The Crescent
Inver House
Invernevis House (Care Home)
Invicta Court
Inwood House
Inwood House
Iris Hayter House
Isaac Robinson Court - Care Home
Island Court Care Home
Isle Court Nursing Home
Isle View Care Home
Isleshavn (Care Home)
Isobel Fraser Home
Israel Sieff Court
Ivanhoe Residential
Ivelhurst Nursing Home
Ivonbrook Care Home
Ivy Bank Residential Care Home
Ivy Cottage
Ivy Court
Ivy Dene
Ivy House
Ivy Lodge
Ivy Lodge Retirement Home
Ivy Mead
Ivybank Care Home
Ivybank House Care Home
Ivybank House Nursing Home
Ivydene Residential and Nursing Home
Ixworth Court Care Home


Jack Dormand Care Home
Jack Simpson House
Jackman's Lodge
Jackson House
Jacobs Neurological Centre
Jah Jireh Charity Homes (Wales)
Jah Jireh Maryport
Jah-Jireh Charity Homes Blackpool
Jah-Jireh Charity Homes Leyland
Jah-Jireh Charity Homes Wigan
Jalna Residential Care Home
James Burns House - Care Home Physical Disabilities
James Dixon Court
James Hirons Care Home
James House
James Page
James Terry Court
Jameson House
Jane Percy House
Janet Brougham House
Jansondean Nursing Home
Jasmine Court
Jasmine Court Nursing Home
Jasmine Court Nursing Home
Jasmine House Nursing Home
Jasmine Lodge
Jasna Gora Residential Care Home
Jason Hylton Court
Jean Mackie Centre
Jeian Care Home
Jeian Care Home
Jennifer's Lodge
Jenny's Well
Jerome House
Jesmond Care Home
Jesmund Nursing Home
Jewel House
Jigsaw Creative Care Limited - 77 Russell Street
Jim Gillespie House
Job's Close Residential Home for the Elderly Limited
John Cabot House
John Joseph Powell Memorial Care Centre
John Masefield House - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
John Sturrock
John Wills House
Jooma Care Homes Limited - 136 Langthorne Road
Jordan Lodge
Jordanhill Care Home
Jordanstown Care Home
Joseph House
Joseph House Nursing Home
Jubilee Care Home
Jubilee Court
Jubilee Court
Jubilee Court
Jubilee Court Nursing Home
Jubilee House
Jubilee House
Jubilee House
Jubilee House
Jubilee House Therapy Centre
Jubilee Lodge
Jubilee Lodge
Jubilee Mews
Jubilee Villa Care Home
Jubilee Villa Care Home Ltd
Jude House
July VII Limited t/a Wykenhurst Residential Home
Juniper House
Juniper House Residential Care Home


K Lodge
Kahala Court
Kahanah House
Kahanah House
Kallar Lodge Residential Care Home
Kanner Project
Kara House
Kara House Residential Care Home
Karam Court Care Home
Karamea Care Homes
Karenza Care Home
Karenza Care Home
Karibu Place
Karuna Manor
Katherine House Rest Home
Kathleen Chambers House
Kathleens Lodge Rest Home Ltd
Kathryn Court
Kathryn's House
Kavanagh Place (Complex Needs Care)
Kay Hitch Way
Keate House Residential Home Limited
Keb House Residential Home
Keegan's Court Residential Care Home
Keele Crescent care home
Keele House
Keep Hill Residential Home
Keepers Cottage
Keer Sands Residential Home
Kelso Nursing Home
Kelstone Court Nursing Home
Kelvedon House
Kemp Lodge Care Home
Kendal Care Home
Kendal House
Kendale Hall
Kendall House
Keneydon House
Kenilworth Care Home
Kenilworth Care Home
Kenilworth Grange Care Home
Kenilworth House
Kenilworth Manor
Kenmore - Care Home with Nursing Physical Disabilities
Kenneth House
Kenrick Centre
Kenrick House
Kenroyal Nursing Home
Kensington Care Home
Kensington Hall
Kensington House
Kensington Lodge
Kensington Residential Care
Kent Farm Care Home
Kent House
Kent House
Kent House
Kent House Residential Home
Kent Lodge
Kenton Hall Nursing Home
Kenton House
Kenton Manor
Kents Hill Care Home
Kentwood House
Kenver House Limited
Kenwith Castle Country House Care
Kenwith Castle Country House Care
Kenwood Care Home
Kenyon Lodge
Kepplegate House
Keresley Wood Care Centre
Kernow House
Kerria Court
Kerwin Court
Kesteven Grange
Kestrel Grove Nursing Home
Keswick House
Kettlewell House Nursing Home
Kevindale Residential Care Home
Kevlin House
Kew House
Kexborough House
Keychange Charity Alexander House Care Home
Keychange Charity Cressingham House Care Home
Keychange Charity Erith House Care Home
Keychange Charity Fair Havens Care Home
Keychange Charity Rose Lawn Care Home
Keychange Charity Sceats Care Home
Keychange Charity Walmer House Care Home
Keys Hill Park
Khaya Project (Hillreach)
Khaya Project (Wellesley Road)
Kibworth Court
Kibworth Knoll
Kidsgrove Care Solutions - Arbour Street
Kidsley Grange Care Home
Kilbroney House
Kilburn Care Centre
Kilburn Care Centre
Kilfillan House Care Home
Kilkee Lodge Residential Home
Killynure House
Kilmar House
Kiln Lodge
Kilsby House Residential Home
Kilwee Care Home
Kimberley Care Village
Kimberley Court
Kimberley Grace Care Home
Kimberly West & East Care Centres
Kimbolton Lodge
Kincaid House
Kincarrathie House
Kineton Manor Nursing Home
King Charles Court
King Street - Care Home Physical Disabilities
Kingdom House
Kingfield Holt
Kingfisher Court
Kingfisher Court
Kingfisher Court Care Centre
Kingfisher House
Kingfisher House Care Home
Kingfisher Lodge
Kingfisher Nursing Home
Kingfisher View (Complex Needs Care)
Kingfishers Nursing Home
Kingland House Residential Home
Kingly Terrace
Kings Abbot Rest Home
Kings Bromley Care Home
Kings Castle
Kings Court
Kings Court Care Centre
Kings Court Care Home
Kings Court Nursing Home
Kings Lodge
Kings Lodge Care Centre
Kings Lodge Nursing Home
Kings Lynn Residential Home
Kings Manor Care Home
Kings Park Nursing Home
Kingsacre Luxury Suites
Kingsbury Court
Kingsbury House Limited
Kingsfield Care Centre
Kingsfield Court Care Home
Kingsfield Residential Care Home
Kingsgate Care Home
Kingsgate Care Home
Kingsgate Residential Home
Kingsland Care Centre
Kingsland House
Kingsleigh House
Kingsleigh Residential
Kingsley Cottage
Kingsley Court
Kingsley Court Care Home
Kingsley Court Limited
Kingsley House
Kingsley House Residential Care Home
Kingsley Nursing Home
Kingsley Rest Home
Kingsmead Care Centre
Kingsmead Care Home
Kingsmead Care Home
Kingsmills Care Home
Kingsmount Residential Home
Kingsthorpe Grange
Kingston Care Home
Kingston Court Care Home
Kingston Farmhouse Care Home
Kingston House
Kingston Nursing Home
Kingston Rehabilitation Centre
Kingston upon Hull City Council - 220 Preston Road
Kingsway Clayton House Residential Care Home
Kingsway Nursing Home
Kingswood Court Care Home
Kingswood Court Care Home
Kingswood House
Kingswood Lodge Care Centre
Kingswood Lodge Residential Care Home
Kingswood Manor
Kingswood Mount
Kington Court Community Care Centre
Kington House
Kiniths House
Kinloch Care Centre
Kinloch Tay Residential Care Home
Kinmel Lodge
Kinnaird Manor Care Home
Kinning Park Care Home
Kinross Residential Care Home
Kintyre Care Centre
Kintyre House (Care Home)
Kippen House Care Home
Kippingtons Nursing Home
Kirby Grange Residential Home
Kirby House
Kirk House
Kirk House Care Home
Kirk Lodge Care Home
Kirkburn Court Care Home
Kirkby House Residential Care Home
Kirkby View
Kirkella Mansions Residential Home
Kirklands Care Home
Kirkley Lodge
Kirkley Manor
Kirknowe Nursing Home
Kirksanton Care Centre
Kirkside House
Kirkstall Court
Kirkwood Care Home
Kirkwood Court
Kirlena House
Kite Hill Care Home
Kitnocks House
Kiwi House
Klearwater Adult Services Limited
Knappe Cross Care Centre
Knebworth Care Home
Knells Country House
Knighton Manor Limited
Knights Court Nursing Home
Knights' Grove Care Home
Knightsbridge Lodge
Knightswood Care Home
Knockagh Rise
Knockan Lodge
Knockmoyle Lodge
Knoll House
Knoll House
Knowesouth Care Centre
Knowle Court
Knowle Gate Care Home
Knowle Hill
Knowle House Nursing Home
Knowle Manor
Knowle Park Nursing Home
Knowles Court Care Home
Knowsley Manor Nursing Home
Koinonia Christian Care
Kolbe House
Kun Mor and George Kiss Home
Kyffin Taylor
Kyle Court Nursing Home
Kynance Residential Home
Kynnaird House Care Home


La Fontana
La Haule Care Home
La Luz Residential Home
La Luz Residential Home
La Retraite
Laburnum Court Care Centre
Laburnum House Shaw Limited
Laburnum Lodge
Laburnum Lodge
Laburnum Lodge
Lacemaker Court Residential and Community Care Centre
Lady Dane Farmhouse
Lady Elsie Finney House Home for Older People
Lady Forester Community Nursing Home
Lady Forester Residential & Day Care Centre
Lady of the Vale Care Home
Lady of the Vale Nursing Home
Lady Sarah Cohen House
Lady Spencer House
Ladycroft Respite Service
Ladycross House Care Home
Ladydale Care Home
Ladyfield House
Ladyhill Private Nursing Home
Ladymead Care Home
Ladymead Care Home
Ladymead Care Home
Ladysmith Care Home
Ladyville Lodge
Ladywalk House
Laganvale Care Home
Lake View
Lake View Manor
Lakeland View Care Centre
Lakeland View Care Centre
Lakelands Lodge
Lakelands Residential Care Home
Lakenham Residential Care Home
Lakeside Care Centre
Lakeside Care Home
Lakeside Care Home
Lakeside House Nursing Home
Lakeside Nursing & Residential Home
Lakeside Nursing Home
Lakeside Residential Care Home
Lakeside Residential Home
Lakeside View Nursing Home
Lakeview (Complex Needs Care)
Lakeview Care Home
Lakeview Care Home
Lakeview Lodge Care Home
Lakeview Rest Homes
Lambton House
Lambwood Heights
Lambwood Heights Care home
Lamel Beeches
Lammas House Residential Care Home
Lammermuir House
Lampton House
Lancaster Court
Lancaster Court Residential Care Home
Lancaster Grange
Lancaster House
Lancaster House
Lancefield Care Home
Lanchester Court
Lancum House
Landemere Residential Care Home
Landermeads Care Home
Landona House
Landscore House
Lane End Road
Lane House Residential Care Home
Lanercost House
Lanesborough House Care Home
Langdale and Keswick (Parkfields)
Langdale Court Residential Home
Langdale Heights
Langdale House Ltd
Langdale House Residential Home
Langdale Lodge
Langdale Nursing Home
Langdale Residential Home
Langdale View
Langdon House
Langdon Park
Langfield Nursing and Residential Home
Langford Park
Langford Park Nursing Home
Langham Court
Langlea House Care Home
Langley Court Rest Home
Langley Haven Care Home
Langley House
Langley House
Langley House Care Centre
Langley Lodge
Langley Lodge Nursing Home
Langley Lodge Residential Home
Langley Oaks
Langley Park Care Home
Langley Park Care Home
Langley View Residential Home
Langton Hall Care Home
Langwith Lodge Care Home
Lannock Manor
Lanrick House
Lansbury Court Nursing Home
Lansdowne Care Home
Lansdowne Care Home
Lansdowne Hill Care Home
Lansglade House
Lapal House and Lodge
Lapstone House
Lapwing Lodge
Larchfield House
Larchfield Manor
Larchmere House Nursing Home
Larchwood Care Home
Larchwood Nursing and Residential Home
Larkfield View Care Centre
Larkfield View Care Centre
Larkhall Springs Nursing Home
Larkhill Hall
Larkland House
Larks Leas
Larne Care Centre
Larpool Lane
Larwood House
Lashbrook House
Latham Lodge Nursing and Residential Care Home
Lathbury Manor Care Home
Latimer Court
Lauder Lodge
Launton Grange Care Home
Laura House
Laural House
Laureate Court
Laureate Court
Laurel Bank
Laurel Bank Care Home
Laurel Bank Residential Care Home
Laurel Care Home
Laurel Court (Didsbury)
Laurel Dene
Laurel Lodge Care Home
Laurel Mount
Laurel Mount Nursing Home
Laurel Villas Limited
Laurelhill House
Laurels Lodge Care Home
Lauren Court Residential Care Home
Laureston House Residential Home
Laurieston Care Home for the Elderly
Laurieston House
Lavender Court
Lavender Court
Lavender Court
Lavender Court Care Home
Lavender Court Residential Home
Lavender Fields
Lavender Fields - Care Home with Nursing
Lavender Hills Care Home
Lavender House
Lavender House Care Home
Lavender House Care Home
Lavender House Residential Home
Lavender Lodge
Lavender Lodge Care Home
Lavender Lodge Care Home
Lavender Lodge Nursing Home
Lavender Oaks Care Home
Lavender Villa
Laverstock Care Centre
Lawn Court
Lawn Park Care Home
Lawnbrook Care Home
Lawnfield House
Lawnfield House
Lawrence House Residential Care Home
Lawrence Mews
Lawton Manor Care Home
Lawton Rise Care Home
Laxfield House
Laxton Hall
Layden Court Care Home
Layston Grove Care Home
Laywell House Limited
Le Moors
Leabrook House Nursing Home
Leadon Court Nursing Home
Leaf Park Dementia Village
Leafield Residential Care Home
Leah Lodge Care Home
Leahyrst Care Home
Leatherland Lodge
Leawood Manor
Leazes Hall Care Home
Lebrun House
Lecale Lodge
Lecale Lodge Care Home
Ledbury Intermediate Care Unit
Ledbury Nursing Home
Lee House
Lee House
Lee Mount Residential Home
Lee Valley Care Services Limited
Leeming Bar Grange Care Home
Leeming Garth
Leen Valley Care Home
Leftwich Community Support Centre
Legh House
Legra Residential Care Home
Leighton Court Nursing Home
Leighton House
Leighton House Private Nursing Home
Leighton House Retirement Home Limited
Leiston Old Abbey Residential Home
Lennel House
Lennox House
Lennox House
Lennox Lodge
Lenore Care Home
Lent Rise House
Lenthall House
Leominster Care Home
Leonard Cheshire ARBI
Leonard Elms Care Home
Leonard Lodge
Leonora Home
Lester Hall Apartments
Letham Park Care Home
Lethen Park Nursing Home
Letheringsett Hall
Levanto Residential Care Home
Leven Beach Nursing Home
Lever Edge Care Home
Leverburgh Care Home
Lewin House
Lewis Martin Court
Lexham Green Care Home
Leycester House
Leycester House Residential Care Home
Leys Park Care Home
Lezayre Nursing Home
Liam House
Liberty House
Liberty House
Libury Hall
Life Opportunities Trust - 15 Rose Vale
Life Opportunities Trust - 329 Martindale Road
Life Opportunities Trust - 6a Sewells
Life Opportunities Trust - 9 Hitchin Road
Life Path Trust Limited - 2 Ellys Road
Lifeways Community Care (South Shields)
Light and Hope
Lightbowne Hall
Lightbowne Hall
Lighthouse Lodge
Lightmoor View
Lilac Lodge & Lavender Cottage
Lilbourne Court Nursing Home
Lilena Residential Care Home
Lillibet House
Lillibet Lodge
Lilliput House
Lily House
Lily Wharf Lodge
Lilybank Hamlet Care Home
Lilycross Care Centre
Lime Court
Lime Court Care Home
Lime House
Lime Lodge
Lime Tree Court Limited
Lime Tree Court Residential Care Home
Lime Tree Grange
Lime Tree House
Lime Tree House
Lime Tree House Residential Home
Lime Tree Manor Residential Home
Limecroft Resource Centre
Limefield Court Retirement Home
Limes Residential Care Home
Limetree House
Limetree House Upper Poppleton
Limewood Nursing and Residential Home
Lincoln House Care Home
Lincoln Road
Lincombe Manor
Lincroft Meadow Care Home
Linda Lodge
Lindale Residential Care Home
Lindau Residential Home
Linden Court
Linden Grange
Linden House
Linden House
Linden House
Linden House
Linden House
Linden House Care Home
Linden House Care Home
Linden House Nursing Home
Linden Lodge Nursing Home
Linden Lodge Residential Home
Linden Manor
Lindfield Christian Care Home
Lindfield Christian Care Home
Lindhurst Lodge Residential Home
Lindhurst Lodge Residential Home
Lindisfarne Birtley
Lindisfarne Care Home
Lindisfarne Care Home Limited
Lindisfarne CLS Nursing
Lindisfarne CLS Residential
Lindisfarne Crawcrook
Lindisfarne Hartlepool
Lindisfarne House
Lindisfarne Newton Aycliffe
Lindisfarne Ouston
Lindisfarne Seaham
Lindley Grange Care Home
Lindly House Care Home
Lindsay House
Lindsay House
Lindsayfield Lodge
Lindsey Hall Care Home
Lindum Court
Lindum Court Residential Care Home
Lindum House
Lindum Park House Care Home
Linear Park Residential Care Home
Linfield House
Lingdale Lodge
Link House Care & Nursing Home
Linkfield Court (Bournemouth) Limited
Links View
Linlithgow Care Home
Linson Court
Linthorpe Nursing Home
Linwood Court
Linwood House
Lion Road
Lionsfield House
Lisadian House
Lisburn Care Home
Lisburn Intermediate Care Centre
Lisburne Court
Lisieux House
Liskeard Eventide Home
Lisnaree Care Home
Lisnaveane House
Lisnisky Care Home
Lister House
Lister House
Lister House Nursing Home
Litslade Farm