How to claim and edit your profile

How to claim and edit your profile

Use our short tutorial videos to get you started with Autumna

To get the most out of your Autumna profile, the following tutorial videos will show you how to register and claim your profile, and then how to edit your information easily to keep it up-to-date and relevant to self-funding families looking for your elderly care services.

The benefit of claiming your profile on Autumna

Even if you have only opted for the FREE standard profile, you will still be able to receive a monthly review of your stats. This will show how many people have searched for elderly care in your area and how many times they have viewed your profile page.

Autumna lets you see detailed stats

If you have a Premium profile, you will be able to see what areas of your profile self-funding families are particularly interested in, and how many people have engaged with your various contact details.

How to edit your profile

Once you’ve registered with Autumna and claimed your profile, we then make it very easy for you to insert the information that self-funding families looking for elderly care, want to see.

For example, people who are paying for their own later life care want to know up-to-date information on availability, and prices. This is so easy to manage on Autumna.

Private payers want to know about the people who are running your service. The Autumna advice line takes calls every day from families who want to know who will be looking after their loved ones if they need elderly care.

And so, photographs and short biographies of your friendly carers, really help to reassure these people.

How to upload and edit photos

With an Autumna premium profile, this is really easy to do.

Likewise, videos  - and 360 virtual tours if you are a care home - are another brilliant way of getting across the personality of your elderly care service.

With SmartPhones, videos are so easy to make now – there doesn’t need to be anything particularly professional about the production of them – in fact in many ways people prefer to see an ‘unpolished’ view, and can be slightly sceptical about a carefully stage-managed showround type video.

How to upload and edit videos

With Autumna we’ve made it really easy to paste the YouTube embed code into your Premium profile.

You don’t have to make your YouTube ‘public’ if you don’t want to. You can list them as ‘unregistered.’ That way, only people who are actually looking for elderly care on Autumna, will see your videos.

How to upload your CQC ESF report to display your S.A.F.E. infection control icon.

During COVID, the safety of elderly residents in care homes, in terms of infection control, came under a very harsh media spotlight. As a result, Autumna launched the S.A.F.E. infection control initiative.

S.A.F.E. stands for Symptom Assessment For Everyone. It aims to help care providers reassure the public, by publicising any 3rd party validation they receive about their procedures and protocols designed to prevent the spread of infection within their care setting.

At the time of writing, the only 3rd party evidence available is the CQC Emergency Support Framework report. So, phase 1 of the S.A.F.E. initiative is to upload that report to your Autumna profile.

It’s important too, to answer the questions about PPE and Wifi and broadband facilities, as phase 2 of the initiative, may well concern itself with AI and assistive technologies in ensuring Symptom Assessment For Everyone becomes, not only a possibility, but an everyday occurrence in an elderly care setting.

How to improve your profile strength

The main premise behind the Autumna platform - and in fact why it was set up in the first place - was that self-funding families looking for care for their elderly loved ones, did not have an online resource, where they could get all the information they needed in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-compare way.

So, Autumna, in effect, set itself up as RightMove for care homes. It then added home care and live-in care services into its directory and could now legitimately be known as

The hierarchy of its search results are mainly governed by the amount of information a care provider has been prepared to post online.

For example, self-funders are understandably very interested in the price they can expect to be charged. But very often, care providers have been reticent about publishing their prices.

Autumna wants to reward care providers who provide this information, and in fact, all sorts of information that would be relevant to any person searching for the elderly care that best suits their particular circumstances.

This information goes to make up a Profile Strength score, and the  higher that score, the higher a care provider is likely to appear in any search.

How is profile strength measured?

This video shows exactly what factors are involved in assessing Profile Strength.

The higher your Profile Strength, the higher the likely engagement you will get from private payers on the hunt for the best elderly care provider for their particular needs.

This is a supposition that can be tested simply by viewing your stats tab.

How to view your stats

For providers on our FREE standard listing some fields are blocked. But it is still possible to see how many searches have been made for either care homes, home care or live-in care in your area, and of those searches, how many clicked onto your profile page.

For providers who have given us more information through their Premium profile, all the stats are available, including tab views, contact views, website referrals and email enquiries.

If you are going to be transparent with your information, we should be too. Your stats will not only show you how well your profile is performing but also how well Autumna is performing for you. 

For more information, or help claiming your profile go to or ring the office on 01892 33 53 30.

If you can’t access our YouTube channel for some reason, the following may also help you register with Autumna and claim your profile:

  1.  Log in.
  2.  If you are new to the site - register and create an account.

How to register and claim on Autumna

3.   Activate your account by clicking the link in the email Autumna sends you.
4.   Claim your organisation.

    Claim your profile

    TIP. Many organisations have the same name. Check the postcode is the same as yours.

    TIP. Only claim the service you are responsible for. Unless you are the Manager of a group of care providers, only claim the care home or domiciliary service you are responsible for.

    5.  Submit your claim.

      6.   Autumna will review your claim and then send you another verification email.

      7.   Click the link in that email which will take you to your claimed profile.

      8.   You will need to log in again.

          Claim your organisation

           9.   Click the orange link to your claimed profile under ‘My Organisations’.

                Edit your profile

                10.  Scroll down the page to find the edit button.

                11.  When you’ve finished editing, return to normal mode.

                          Return to normal mode

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