How we can help

For a start, we can take any confusion and uncertainty away and give you the independent information and guidance you need

There's a care solution for everyone - and Autumna will help you find it

Different types and levels of care can be needed at various stages throughout later life, for a wide range of reasons. Even if you are feeling confused and concerned as a self-funder looking for guidance, there will be a solution for you and you should discover everything you need on Autumna. 

You’ll find answers to most of the questions you may have, effective sign-posting and really easy-to-use registers of care providers. And if you would like to speak to an expert, you can call any of our professional advisors through the advice line numbers below.

Independent advice lines

Call 01892 300 530 for care advice

Find out about the appropriate types of care for your particular needs by contacting Chosen with Care: www.chosenwithcare.co.uk

Call 0800 082 1155 for funding advice

Find out everything you need to know about financing care by contacting Eldercare Solutions:


Call 0800 999 4437 for legal advice

Find out everything you need to know about Lasting Powers of Attorney or making a Will by contacting the Law and Life team at Parfitt Cresswell: www.parfittcresswell.com

The answers are here
The answers are here