What Autumna can do for providers of elderly care

What Autumna can do for providers of elderly care

Supporting care providers and families funding their own elderly care

Autumna has worked with self-funding families for over a decade and we know the questions they ask.

What do you get if you register with Autumna?

Autumna is the only website and advice line specialising in self-funding families looking for elderly care.

Autumna provides a multi-faceted elderly care advice service

A level playing field for elderly care providers.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your marketing budget is, search hierarchy on Autumna is governed by the amount of information you provide to families searching for care services on our site.

  1. A FREE standard listing on Autumna has over 50 searchable fields to help self-funding families find you.
  2. A PREMIUM listing on Autumna has between 200 and 300 searchable fields and allows you, through photos, videos and virtual tours to really show off the personality of your care offering.

We want social care to be transparent for our clients and so Autumna rates your service by how open it’s ‘virtual’ doors and windows are.

One example of this is our S.A.F.E. infection control initiative, which allows families to search for care providers who are able to demonstrate how well equipped they are to manage, or better still prevent, any infection outbreaks.

Register on Autumna and claim your profile

Claim your care profile today!

Whether you are a care home, home care or live-in care agency, you can claim your profile on Autumna simply by registering your details here.

If you get stuck - here is a video that will show you what to do.

Alternatively contact us on 01892 335 330 or via email debbie@autumna.co.uk

What does it cost?

In response to the COVID-19 crisis Autumna is inviting every registered care provider in the UK to take up a FREE standard listing. This provides families with the core information they need at a time when they can't visit homes.

If you want to be more visible and provide more information to help the families looking for elderly care to find you though, you can opt for a PREMIUM profile listing.

A Premium profile on Autumna has over 200 searchable fields
More visibility with PREMIUM profile

A PREMIUM profile monthly flat subscription fee for care homes and live-in care branches is £58/month +VAT.

A PREMIUM profile monthly flat subscription fee for home care agencies is £33/month +VAT.

A Premium home care profile on Autumna is just £33/month
Home care PREMIUM profile just £33/month

There are no other costs involved. No referral fees. No hidden extras. And for a limited time, our data entry team will load your details. After that you have full access to your profile which you can simply edit and amend yourself, any time you want.

Why we don’t take referral fees.

It is vitally important that the information we provide is independent and unbiased.

That is why we will not take referral fees and care providers cannot pay more to be at the top of our search results.

Self-funders have a choice.

Self-funders have a choice over who provides their later life care, and Autumna presents that choice in an easy-to-navigate and accessible way.

Our Profile Strength indicator reflects the amount of up-to-date and relevant information you have provided and the stronger the profile the higher you are likely to appear in a search.

Increase your Profile Strength by providing more information
Profile strength effects your visibility

Editing your profile is easy.

It’s very important that the information we provide to families on our site is up-to-date and relevant, so we’ve made it very easy for you to edit your profile yourself.

Editing your Autumna profile is easy
Editing your Profile is easy

Keep your availability updated.

The more frequently you update your information - even if it’s just your availability status - the more it will help your Profile Strength indicator, which in turn, effects how high your profile will appear in a search.

Check your stats.

You can see really easily how your profile is performing on Autumna just by checking your stats page. Whether you’ve listed one care service or 100 you can see how many people have viewed your profile and the various areas within your profile that they are most interested in.

Check your own stats with a Premium profile
Check your stats with a PREMIUM profile

Why have we focused on self-funding families?

  1. Self-funding families rarely get the support they need to make an informed choice about their elderly care. (Dilnot Report, Care Act, Competition and Markets Authority).

  2. We want to support care providers who offer good quality care - and we know the best way to do that is to ensure self-funding families can find them.

What do you get if you subscribe to Autumna?

The content of the Autumna website has been informed by the years of experience we have built up supporting self-funding families in their search for elderly care.

A PREMIUM profile on Autumna has more than 200 searchable fields and includes such things as:

  • Nursing specialisms
  • Dementia specialisms
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Manager photo, video and bio
  • Staff photos, videos and bios
  • Link to your website
  • CQC report
  • Full contact details, including email and telephone number
  • Activities
  • Mealtimes and menus
  • Building facilities
  • Digital care plans
  • Family portals
  • Brochure downloads
  • Care industry Awards

The self-funding consumer can filter their search by any of these criteria and shortlist homes that meet their requirements.

Debbie Harris, the founder of Autumna, talks about why she set up Autumna and the benefits it brings to families looking for elderly care and the care providers listing on the site.


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