Live ratings for care homes

Live ratings for care homes

How do Live Ratings on Autumna work?

Prospective clients always want to know how your home rates in relation to your competitors.  Using Digital Reception or e-Reception Book software will give you that opportunity by displaying Live Ratings on Autumna. This software gives you the ability to invite any visitor who enters your home the opportunity to rate how good the experience was! 

When visitors sign out of your home they are presented with the option to provide feedback.  It's quick and it's easy. The ratings are then sent instantly from the Digital Reception or e-Reception Book to Autumna and they update your premium profile on Autumna instantly.

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What is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management Systems are a digital tool, utilised by care and nursing homes for logging and managing visitors, contractors, and staff. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional sign-in books in reception areas.

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Key Benefits:

  • Enhances the first impression for visitors and contractors by adding your branding and logo.
  • Boosts Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings through the collection of immediate visitor feedback.
  • Integrates with Autumna Live Ratings, enabling the display of live feedback on premium profiles.
  • Strengthens resident safeguarding by incorporating additional security measures and pre-check-in questions.
  • Reduces staff costs by minimising administrative tasks.
  • Limits any spread of viruses through contactless check-in options, such as QR codes.
  • Complies with GDPR standards by securely handling personal data.
  • Offers integration possibilities with existing healthcare management systems.
  • Streamline fire evacuation procedures by providing a real-time roster of all visitors and staff in the care home.
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    Digital Reception

    Digital Reception

    Digital Reception is a front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents. A highly configurable system, supporting any number of social care settings.

    A front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents.

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    e-Reception Book

    e-Reception Book

    Replace all visitor books on your front desk with an iPad-based system to check in and out visitors. Create a modern first impression with a fully branded system.

    Visitor & Staff Sign-in App For Care & Nursing Homes.

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    Get in touch:

    If you would like Digital Reception or e-Reception Book and Live Ratings on your Autumna profile please contact:

    Kelly Cox

    Email: or call 01892 335 330 to talk about upgrading your profile to a premium listing and integrating Live Ratings.

    Ian Trott - Digital Reception


    or Call: 07462 871931 to talk about installing Digital Reception.

    Mike Gainey - e-Reception Book

    or Call: 01489 336 291

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