Welcome to the Go Green badge

Welcome to the Go Green badge

What is Autumna's new Go Green badge?

The Go Green badge on Autumna allows care homes, nursing homes, retirement living developments and home care agencies to evidence their commitment to sustainability and the future well-being of the planet, directly to their prospective residents and service users.  The first phase is launching the Go Green badge to nursing and care homes.

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What does Go Green on Autumna involve?

Go Green is an extension of your profiles, giving you the ability to showcase all of your sustainability and green initiatives. In addition to demonstrating what you’re presently doing, Go Green is also a roadmap to guide you on your sustainability journey.  

We’ve worked closely with ESG professionals, care providers and upcoming CQC requirements to compile a list of steps that care homes could be making, should be making and may need guidance in making in order to improve sustainability across the sector.

Care providers demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future.

Go Green in action

Our Go Green action group consists of care providers and ESG experts. Together we have pulled together the carbon reduction priorities that we are trying to achieve within the care home environment. This information will be available to you and, liaising with the CQC and the new Social Care Sustainability Alliance we will be supporting you to achieve your ESG goals.

Go Green starts with a pledge of intention and will develop to help you communicate your areas of good practice.   

Over the next few weeks, we will be offering you the platform to add information to your profile on the following areas of sustainable practice:

Building Management, comprising of areas such as insulation, LED bulbs, double glazing, motion sensors, water saving methods and cleaning management. 

Procurement and Waste Management, considering the areas of your landfill/recycling journey and the sourcing of goods. 

Energy & Renewable Energy, looking at renewable energy tariffs, solar power, air source heat pumps and biomass boilers. 

Digital Compliance, such as digital care planning, payslips and rotas. 

Home Projects, looking at projects such as re-wilding, home grown vegetables and composting and community projects. 

We will be in touch and will update this page with details of the pledges you can make and the next steps for uploading information on to your profile.

Get in touch: 

If you would like to know more about the Go Green initiative on Autumna, then please email Natalie.morris@autumna.co.uk or call her on 01892 335 330.

Submit your Green initiatives

If you need some help to update your profile with your green initiatives, simply complete this form and we'll do the rest.

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