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Live In Care by Service Name

An index of Live In Care in the UK by Service Name


1st 4 Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

1st Homecare (Live In)


24-7 Arms Care (Live-in Care)


3D Care Solutions (Live-in Care)


A Class Care (Live in Care)

A Star Care (Live-in Care)

Abacare (Live-in Care)

Abane Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Abbots Care Ltd Live-in Care (Buckinghamshire)

Abbots Care Ltd Live-in Care (Dorset)

Abbots Care Ltd Live-in Care (Hertfordshire)

Abicare Live-in Care

Abicare Services Ltd - Wales (Live-in Care)

ABR Grace Solutions (Live-in Care)

Abrahamic Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Acacia Homecare Berkshire (Live-In Care)

Acacia Homecare North West Surrey (Live-In Care)

Acacia Homecare Stockport (Live-In Care)

Access Care

Acclaim Care Agency (Live-in Care)

Address Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Adenosh Limited (Live-in Care)

Adlux Care (Live-in Care)

Admire Care (Live-in Care)

Adon Health (Live-in Care)

Advance Healthcare (UK) Limited (Live-in Care)

Aegys Smart Care (Live-in Care)

Aeria Homecare (Live-in Care)

Affordable Care At Home (Live-in Care)

Afresh Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Agincare Live-in Care (England and Wales)

Alcedo Care Crewe (Live-in Care)

Alcedo Care Southport (Live-in-Care)

Alcedo Care Trafford (Live-in Care)

Alex C&C Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Andover (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Banbury (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Basingstoke (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Bath (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Brentwood (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Brighton (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Bristol North (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Bristol South (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Bromley (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Bromsgrove (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Cambridge (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Cheltenham (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Chippenham & Trowbridge (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Chobham & Camberley (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Christchurch (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Colchester (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Devizes (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Epping & Loughton (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Epsom & Ewell (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Guildford (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Harpenden & Mid Herts (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Hemel Hempstead (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Hereford (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Hitchin & Letchworth (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Horley (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Horsham (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Ipswich (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Lancing (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Leatherhead (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Live In Care

Alina Homecare Maidstone (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Maldon & Chelmsford (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Milton Keynes (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Poole (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Potters Bar (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Ringwood (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Rustington (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Salisbury (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Stevenage (Live-in Care)

Alina Homecare Walton on Thames (Live-in Care)

A-List Care Elite (Live-in Care)

All4One Care Services Limited(Live-In-Care)

Allfor Care (Live-in Care)

Allfor Care Alpha Care Recruitment West and Home Care Service Limited (Live-in Care)

Alpenbest (Live-in Care)

Alpenbest South (Live-in Care)

Altogether Care LLP - Poole Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Altogether Care LLP - Salisbury Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Altogether Care LLP- Blandford Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Alva Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Alves iCare Ltd (Live-in-Care)

Amarris Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Amber Home Carers (Live-in Care)

Ambrose Adrian Healthcare (Live-in Care)

ANA Homecare Live-In Care

Anchor Of Grace Care Services

Angel Solutions (UK) Ltd (Live-in Care)

Angel Solutions Community Care (Live-in Care)

Angel Touch Home Care (Live-in Care)

Angels Healthcare Solutions (Live-In Care)

Angels Home Care Introductory Services - Self Employed Live-in Carers

Anglia Prime Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Aphoenix Care (Live-in Care)

Apical Care Agency Ltd (Live-in Care)

Appleford Homes (Live-in Care)

Arbour Companions and Care (Live in)

ARN Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Arundale Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Ashridge Home Care (Live-in Care)

Assured Care Services (MK (Live-in Care)

Assured Community Care (Live-in Care)

At Home Healthcare (Live-in Care)

AtHome Care Live-in Care

AV Support (Live-In Care)

Availl (Bury St Edmunds) Live-in Care

Availl (Cambridge) Live-in Care

Availl (Huntingdon) Live-in Care

Availl (Norwich) Live-in-Care

Avant Healthcare Services - Manchester South (Live-in Care)

Avant Healthcare Services ltd - Ealing (Live-in Care)

Avant Healthcare Services Ltd - Hillingdon (Live-in Care)

Avant Healthcare Services ltd - Surrey (Live-in Care)

AVH Healthcare (live-in Care)

Axiom Home Care Hillingdon (Live-in Care)

Axiom Home Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Azelea Care Solutions (Live-in Care)


B Home care & Co (Live-in Care)

Baal-Perazim Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Barking Enterprise Centre (Live-in Care)

Bayview Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Beaminster - Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Beata Care Services (Live-in Care)

Beaumont Home Care (Live-in Care)

Beersheba Social Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Berkeley Home Health (Live-in Care)

Berkeley Home Health (Live-in Care)

Berks Care UK (Live-in Care)

Bespoke Care Company

Best Choice Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Best2Care (Live-In Care)

BG Healthcare Cumbria Branch (Live-in Care)

Bhandal Homecare (Live-in-Care)

BIG Healthcare

BIM Care Solutions (Live-in Care)

Bio Luminuex Health Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Blakehill Healthcare (Live-in-Care)

Bloom Lilly Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Bloomfield Care (Live-in Care)

Blue Angel Care Limited (Live-in-Care)

Blue Coral Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Blue Recruit LTD (Live-In-Care)

Blue Ribbon Live In Care

Bluebird Care Bedford (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Cambridge and South Cambs (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Canterbury and Thanet (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Clapham and Streatham (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Coventry (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Croydon (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Ealing (Live-In Care)

Bluebird Care East Hertfordshire (Live-In Care)

Bluebird Care East Suffolk, Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft (Live-In Care)

Bluebird Care Eastbourne & Wealden (Live-in-Care)

Bluebird Care Exeter (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Folkestone & Dover (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Gravesham and Dartford (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Guildford, Godalming and Surrey Heath (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Harrow & Brent (Live-In Care)

Bluebird Care Lincoln (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Maidstone (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Manchester North and Salford (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Market Harborough and Oadby (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Mid and West Cornwall (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Newmarket and Fenland (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care North East Lincolnshire & West Lindsey (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Oswestry (Live-in-Care)

Bluebird Care Plymouth and South Hams Live-in Care

Bluebird Care Sheffield (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Shropshire (Live-in-Care)

Bluebird Care Solihull & Birmingham West (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire (Live-in-Care)

Bluebird Care St Helen (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells (Live-In-Care)

Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees (Live-in Care)

Bluebird Care Wandsworth (Live-in Care)

BodFem Care (Live-in Care)

Bornipete Limited (Live-in Care)

Bounce Back Healthcare Solutions (Live-in Care)

Bowland Care Services (Live-in Care)

Bramble Home Care - Tewkesbury (Live-in Care)

Breakthru Care Ltd

Breeze Support Solutions (Live-in Care)

Bridgecare Solutions Ltd (Live-in Care)

Bridgeout Healthcare Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Bridgewater Home Care - Bolton (Live-in-Care)

Bridgewater Home Care - Warrington (Live-in-Care)

Bridgewater Home Care - Wigan (Live-in-Care)

Bridgewater Home Care Watford (Live-in Care)

Bright Idea Staffing (Live-in Care)

Brighter Days Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Brightstar Care (Live-in Care)

Brisca Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Brisca Healthcare Romford (Live-in Care)

Britannia Social Care (Live-in-Care)

British Elderly Care Services (Live-in Care)

Brooke Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

BSA Assured Quality Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)



C & V Inspire Training and Development Consultancy (Live-in Care)

C.E Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Call on Me Ltd (Live-in Care)

Callquest For Care (Live-in Care)

Calmliving Healthcare Limited (Greater Manchester) (Live-In Care)

Calon Lan Community Care (Live in Care)

Candlelight24 Live-In Care

Care & Grace (Live-In-Care)

Care 1st Homecare - Bristol

Care 1st Homecare - Gloucestershire (Live-In-Care)

Care Connex : Specialist In Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Care Direct & Support Solutions (Luton) Office (Live-In Care)

Care Infinity Solutions (Live-in Care)

Care Professionals 24 Limited (Live-in Care)

Care Quarters (Live-in Care)

Care Sante Kent Ltd (Live-in Care)

Care Sante London (Live-in Care)

Care Sante Northamptonshire (Live-in Care)

Care Wish Ltd (Live-in Care)

Care With Choices (Live-in Care)

Care2Victory Services (Live-in Care)

Careforth Ltd t/a Home Instead Senior Care (Live-in Care)

Carefound Home Care (Harrogate) (Live-in Care)

Carefound Home Care (West Bridgford) (Live-in Care)

Carefound Home Care (Wilmslow) (Live-in Care)

Carefound Home Care (York) (Live-in Care)

Carefour (Live-in Care)

Careinmyhome (Live-in Care)

Careleaf (Live-in-Care)

Caremark Calderdale (Live-in Care)

Caremark Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire (Live-In-Care)

Caremark Guildford & Woking (Live-In Care)

Caremark Lewes and Wealden North (Live-in Care)

Caremark Liverpool (Live-in Care)

Caremark Mid Sussex and Crawley (Live-in-Care)

Caremark North Herts and Stevenage (Live-in Care)

Caremark Redditch and Bromsgrove (Live-In Care)

Caremark Sevenoaks & Tandridge (Live-in Care)

Caremark Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling (Live-in-Care)

Carematch Ltd (Live-in-Care)

Caremax 24/7 (Live-in Care)

Carescot Limited t/a Home Instead (Live-in Care)

Caresify UK Ltd (Live-in Care)

Caring Crew - Peterborough (Live-in Care)

Caring Hearts and Hands Limited (Live-in-Care)

Caring Hearts Support Services Ltd (Live-in-Care)

Caring Lane Limited (Live-in Care)

Caring Spirit Group (Live-in Care)

Cedars Health Solutions (Live-in Care)

Cera Care Live-in Care

Chameleon Care (Dartford) (Live-in Care)

Cheery Blossom Supported Living (Live-in Care)

Cherish Social Care (Live-In-Care)

Cherished Home Care (Live-in Care)

Chesham (Live-in Care)

Chesterford Homecare (Live-in Care)

Chime Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Choices Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Choices Healthcare Ltd Suffolk (Live-in Care)

Chosen Care Group (Live-in Care)

Chosen Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Christies Care (Live-in Care)

Christoolas Limited (Live-in Care)

Cinox Healthcare Ltd (Live-In Care)

Citrine Healthcare Limited (Live-In Care)

City Support Limited (Live-in Care)

Clarendon (Live-in Care)

Clarity Homecare (Hillingdon) Live-in Care

Clarity Homecare (Norwich) Live-in Care

Clarity Homecare Ashford (Live-in Care)

Clarity Homecare Bradford (Live-in Care)

Clarity Homecare Bury (Live in Care)

Clarity Homecare Coventry (Live-In Care)

Clarity Homecare Ealing (Live-in-Care)

Clarity Homecare Essex (Live-In Care)

Clarity Homecare Teddington (Live-In Care)

Clover Healthcare (Live-in Care)

CO Remote Care (Live-in Care)

Coastal Care South (Live-in Care)

Coghlan Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Colchester Homecare LTD North Essex branch (Live-in Care)

Comfcare Main Office (Live-in Care)

Committed Solutions (Live-in Care)

Community Independent Living (Live-In Care)

Complete Care Needs (Live-In-Care)

Connections Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Constance Care East Ayrshire (Live-In Care)

Constance Care Glenrothes (Live-In Care)

Constance Care Livingston (Live-In Care)

Constance Care South Lanarkshire (Live-In Care)

Constantia Care Limited

Consultus Care & Nursing Ltd

Consummate Care (UK) Ltd (Live-in Care)

Core Care Provider Services (Live-in Care)

Corinium Care Limited

Country Cousins Live in Care

Countrywide Cottage Carers (Live in Care)

Curam (Live-in Care)

Curant Care (Live-in service)


Danos Elite Care (Live-In-Care)

Day and Nightcare Live-in care Ltd

DCC Domiciliary Care Company (Live-in Care)

DCI Care Ltd (Live-in-Care)

DeGlo Care (Live-in Care)

Della Bella Care Services (Live-in Care)

Dendera Care (Live-in Care)

Dendera Ltd (Live-in Care)

Dependable Care for You (Live-in Care)

Derbyshire Care Services HQ (Live-in Care)

Destiny Health Care Services (Live-in Care)

Destiny Hope Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Devoncare (Live-in-Care)

Didcot Home Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Dignity Community Care (Live-in Care)

Dignity Express Health Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

DirectPath Healthcare Solutions (Live-in Care)

Diversified Care Solutions (Live-inCare)

Divine Care and Support Services (Live-in Care)


DMK Care and Support Ltd (Live-in Care)

Dominion Logic Services (Live-in Care)

Domus Live-in Care Ltd

Doves Care Agency Ltd (Live-in Care)

Draycott Nursing and Care (Live-In Care)

Duty Care

Dynamic Care Support Ltd


E2E Homecare (Live-in Care)

Eagles Wing Healthcare Solutions Ltd (Live-in Care)

East Durham Business Centre (Live-in Care)

ECL Health Care (Live-in Care)

Eden Care at Home Limited (Head Office)(Live-in Care)

Edenom Care (Live-in Care)

Edyn Care

Egeh's Care (Live-In-Care)

Elder (Live-in Care)

Elect-12 Care Services (Live-in Care)

Eliezer Supported Living Services Limited (Live-in-Care)

Elite TK Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Ella's homecare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Ellice Limited (Live-in Care)

Elmcare Solutions Ltd (Live-in Care)

Elstree Home Care Ltd (Live in Care)

Emerald Care Services (North Lincs) Ltd (Live-in Care)

Emms Ventures Limited (Live-in Care)

Encounter Live-In Care Devon

Enn Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Epicare Solutions (Live-in Care)

EPR Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Esmero Care Services (Live-in Care)

Eternal Live-In-Care Reading

Ethica Care- (Live-in Care)

Etrum Healthcare Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

European Nursing Agency Limited

Everest Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Evolve Supporting Prospects (Live-in Care)

Evolving Care Limited (Crewe) Live-in Care

Evolving Care Limited (Leicester) Live-in Care

Executive Health Limited (Live-in Care)

Eximius Live-in Care Limited

Exodus Homecare Agency (Live-in Care)

Eyam Domiciliary Service (Live-in-Care)


FairPlaceCare (Live-in Care)

Faith Home Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Falcon-Care (Live-in Care)

Fastline Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Faysha Limited (Live-in Care)

Feasible Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Fine Care (Live-In Care)

First Solution Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Firstpoint Homecare (Live-in Care)

Fitzrovia Homecare (Live-in Care)

Flawless Care Services Ltd - Vale House (Live-in Care)

Flexi Direct (Live-in Care)

Flexserve UK Limited (Live-in Care)

Flow Healthcare Services (Live-in Care)

For You Healthcare Limited (Live-In Care)

Fortress Care Services (Live-in Care)

Four Oaks Healthcare Live-In Care

Frapidi Care Services (Live-in Care)

Fresh Springs Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Fresh Tree Care (Live-in Care)


GA24Care (Live-in Care)

Gap Care (Live-in Care)

Gap Kare Limited (Live-In Care)

Genkoo Healthcare Services (Live-in Care)

Genuine Carers (Live-in Care)

Givecare (Live-in Care)

Glee Care (Live-in Care)

GN Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Gold Achievers Care (Live-in Care)

Gold Heart Care (Live-in Care)

Golden Hands Care (Live-in Care)

Good Companions Care at Home (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Aylesbury (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Bedford (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Bournemouth and Poole (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Dorchester and Weymouth (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - East Dorset (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Edgware and Finchley (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Epsom and Reigate (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Horsham and Crawley (Live-In Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Isle of Wight (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Mid Sussex (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - New Forest (Live-in-Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Reading and West Berks (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Salisbury and Amesbury (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - South Kent (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Southampton and Winchester (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Sussex South (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Westminster (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Wimbledon and Kingston (Live-in Care)

GoodOaks Homecare - Wokingham and Bracknell (Live-in Care)

Gracebrook Ltd (Live-In Care)

Gracious Health Solutions Limited (Live-in Care)

Greenstaff HomeCare UK

Greenways Live-In Care Ltd

Greenwood Homecare (Live in Care)

Guardian Angel Carers Eastleigh & Hedge End (Live-In Care)

Guardian Live-in-Care


Hamilton George Care

Hammersmith (live-in Care)

Harlon Healthcare Limited (Live-in Service)

Harmonylane Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Hasz Homecare Services (Live-In-Care)

Haven Healthcare Services (Live-In-Care)

Haven Solutionz Ltd. (Live-in Care)

Healthrites Care (Live-In-Care)

Heights Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Helpers Homecare Limited (Live-in Care)

Helping Hands Home Care West Wales (Live-In-Care)

Helping Hands Live in Care (Cornwall)

Helping Hands Live in Care (Hampshire)

Helping Hands Live in Care (North Humberside)

Helping Hands Live in Care (Suffolk)

Helping Hands Live in Care (Surrey)

Helping Hands Live in Care (Worcestershire)

Helping Hands Middlesbrough

Helping Hands Solihull (Live-in Care)

Heritage Healthcare (Hounslow and Richmond, Live in Care)

Heritage Healthcare Bristol (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Coventry (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Epsom (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Harrow (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Hounslow and Richmond (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Milton Keynes (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare North East (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare St Albans (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Swansea (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Trafford and Cheshire (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Wakefield and Kirklees (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare Windsor (Live-In-Care)

Heritage Healthcare York (Live-In-Care)

HG Care Services Live-In Care

Hillcrest Care (Live-in Care)

Hilling Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Hillside Care Services CIC (Live-in Care)

HK-Care Consulting Limited (Live-in Care)

Holistic Healthcare Cambridge (Live-in Care)

Holistic Standard Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Home Care Assist Stafford (Live-in Care)

Home Care Preferred St Albans (Live-in Care)

Home Help Watford (Live-in care)

Home Instead Altrincham & Sale (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Andover & East Wiltshire (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Aylesbury Vale and North East Oxfordshire (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bagshot (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Banbridge, Newry & Mourne (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Barnet (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Barnsley (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Basildon (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Basingstoke (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bedford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bexhill (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Birmingham (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bolton (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Brentwood, Billericay and Upminster (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Brighton, Hove and Shoreham (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Brighton, Hove and Shoreham office (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bristol North (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bromley, Chislehurst & Orpington

Home Instead Buckinghamshire South (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Burton upon Trent (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Bury (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Calderdale & Spen Valley (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Cambridge (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Canary Wharf (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Cheltenham and Cotswolds (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Chichester & Bognor Regis(Live-in Care)

Home Instead Chingford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Clacton, Frinton and Walton (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Cowbridge, Pontyclun and Pontypridd (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Croydon & Dulwich (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Dartford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Derby South (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Ealing (Live-in Care)

Home Instead East Dorset and Blandford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead East Hampshire and Midhurst (Live-in Care)

Home Instead East Herts & Uttlesford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead East Northants (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Elmbridge & East Spelthorne (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Enfield (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Epsom & Mole Valley (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Exeter and East Devon (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Fareham and Gosport (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Farnborough, Farnham and Fleet (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Frodsham, Runcorn & Widnes (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Gloucester & The Forest of Dean (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Gloucester & The Forest of Dean (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Greenwich & Bexley (Live-in care)

Home Instead Guildford and Woking (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Hammersmith and Chiswick (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Havant (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Hemel Hempstead & Chilterns (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Horsham (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Ilkley (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Ipswich, Woodbridge & Felixstowe (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Kensington and Chelsea (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Kidderminster (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Knowsley and Liverpool East (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Lytham, Fylde & Wyre (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Maidenhead, Henley & Wallingford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Maidstone (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Market Harborough, Corby & Rutland (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Medway (Live-in-Care)

Home Instead Mid Norfolk

Home Instead Milton Keynes (Live-in-Care)

Home Instead North Devon & Exmoor (Live-in Care)

Home Instead North Norfolk (Live-in Care)

Home Instead North Oxfordshire (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Northwich & Knutsford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Norwich (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Oldham and Saddleworth (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Oxford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Portsmouth (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Reading (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Redditch and Bromsgrove (Live-In Care)

Home Instead Romford, Hornchurch, Rainham & Dagenham (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Rugby (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Ruislip and Harrow (live-in Care)

Home Instead Scarborough and Ryedale (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Senior Care Bristol East (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Senior Care Crowborough (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Senior Care Glasgow South (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Sheffield North (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Sheffield South (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Oswestry (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Solihull (Live-in Care)

Home Instead South Lakes (Live-in Care)

Home Instead South Lanarkshire (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Southampton (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Southend on Sea (Live-in Care)

Home Instead St Albans (Live-in Care)

Home Instead St Helens (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Stevenage and North Herts (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Stockport & Tameside (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Stourbridge (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Stroud and South Cotswolds (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Sutton, Surrey (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Swindon and Vale of White Horse (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Tamworth & Lichfield (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Tavistock & Tamar Valley (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Warminster & Gillingham (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Warwick & Heartlands (Live-In Care)

Home Instead Watford (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wembley (Live-in-Care)

Home Instead West Exeter and Teignbriddge (Live-in Care)

Home Instead West Leicestershire & Market Bosworth (Live-in Care)

Home Instead West Norfolk (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Westminster and City of London (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Weston-Super-Mare (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wetherby and North Leeds (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wigan(Live-In-Care)

Home Instead Wimbledon & Kingston (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Windsor, Runnymede & West Spelthorne (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wirral (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wolverhampton (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Worcester (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Wrexham and Flintshire East (Live-in Care)

Home Instead Yeovil, Sherborne, Bridport (Live-in Care)

Home Instead York (Live-in Care)

HomeTouch Care Ltd

Honeywell Health Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Honorable Care (Live-in Care)

Hope at Hand Limited (Live in Care)

Hope Health Kare Limited (Live-in Care)

Hope Homecare Services (Live-in Care)

Hub Care Support - West Hertfordshire (Live-in Care)

Hub Care Support (Buckingham, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire) (Live-in Care)



Immerse Care (Live-in Care)

Independent People Homecare (Live-in Care)

Independent Support & Care (Live-in Care)

Indue Healthcare (Live-in Care)

InfiniteLife Care Essex (Live-in Care)

Innovations24 Limited (Live-in Care)

Insight Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Into Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Ivy Palmer (Live-in Care)

Izzy Care Solutions (LIve-in Care)


J & M Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Jankan Care (Live-In-Care)

Jes Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Jessy Care (Live-in Care)

Jevids care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Jewel Home Support (Lancs Live-in Care)

Jome Healthcare (Live-In-Care)

Jotham Healthcrae (Live-in Care)

JS Care Services (Live-in Care)


K&R CARE (Live-in Care)

Kairos Care Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Karia Care Services (Live-in Care)

Kayla Supported Living Ltd (Live-in Care)

Kayoski Care (Live-in Care)

Keeplivin Care (Live-in Care)

Kemble Care LLP (Live-in Care)

Key 2 Care - Grantham (Live-in Care)

Key 2 Care Leicestershire (Live-in Care)

Key 2 Care Stoke (Live-in Care)

Kind Heart Live-in Care (Cheshire)

Kind Heart Live-in Care (Manchester)

Kind Heart Live-in Care (North Yorkshire)

Kind Heart Live-in Care (West Yorkshire)

Kingsley Home Care East Anglia Branch (Live-in Care)

Kirsten's Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Klass Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Knightingles Healthcare Ltd - MK (Live-in Care)

KP Live in Services Limited

Krystal Solutions Limited (Live-In-Care)

KSS Home Care (Live-in Care)


L & F Care Services (Live-in Care)

L.I.S.T Care Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Lalis Direct Care (Live-in care)

Lassad Care Services (Live-in Care)

Lav Care Services (Live-in Care)

Le Temp Care (Live-In Care)

Lead Care Services (LIve-in Care)

Leelin Ltd (Live-in Care)

Legend Integrated Care (Live-In Care)

Lem Health Care (Live-in Care)

Leymar Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Liberty Private Care (Live-in-Care)

Lifted (Live in Care)

Light Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Lilibeth Cousins Ltd (Live-in Care)

Lilicares Limited (Live-in Care)

Little Oak Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Liv Healthy Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Live in Care

Live-In Care Direct

Live-In Care Direct - London

Living Plus Care Services Peterborough and Cambridgeshire (Live-in Care)

Living Spring Solutions (Care & Training) Limited (Live-in Care)

LJ Care Solutions (Live-in Care)

Loddon Healthcare (Live-in Care)

London (Live-in Care)

London Care Responds (Live-in Care)

Lots of Care (Live-in Care)

Lovehands Care Services (Live-in Care)

Lovella Care (Live-in Care)


LQS Healthcare Services Ltd(Live-In-Care)

LSR Care Recruitment (Live-in Care)



Mainstay Health and Social Care Services (Live-in Care)

Majestic Healthcare LTD (Live-in Care)

Malachi Care Services (Live-in Care)

Manorcourt (Live-in Care)

Maximus Healthcare (Live-in Care)

MBA Health Ltd (Live-in Care)

McDonald Homecare (Live-in Care)

Meemanda Rose Homecare (Live-in Care)

Mega Choice Support Ltd (Live-in Care)

Mega Resources Nursing & Care Northamptonshire Live-in Care

Melody Care Farnborough (Live-in Care)

Mendip Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Mercy Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Mercy Care Ltd (Live-in care)

Mercylink Care Services (Live-in Care)

Mercy-N Hope Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Merit Support Solutions (Live-in Care)

Mettle and Bond Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

MH Quality Care Ltd (Live-In-Care)

Mi Life care Services (Live-in Care)

MIC Healthcare Solutions (Live-in Care)

Midland Health Care Services (Live-in Care)

Midlands Community Homecare (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare - Finchley (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare - Ramsgate (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare - Thornton Heath (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Brent (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Cambridge (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Carmarthen (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Hammersmith and Fulham (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare High Wycombe (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Kensington and Chelsea (Live-in Care)

MiHomecare Western Bay (Live-in Care)

Miracle Workers

MK Hospital@Home (Live-in Care)

More-Time Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Mother's Touch Care Limited (Live-In Care)

Mumby's Live-in Care

Muve Homecare Birmingham

Muve Homecare Manchester

My Care Tayside (Live-in-Care)

My Homecare Cambs (Live-in Care)

My Homecare Hammersmith and Fulham (Live-in Care)

My Homecare Leicester (Live-in Care)

My Homecare Sutton and Surrey (Live-in Care)

MyLife Edinburgh & Lothians (Live-in-Care)

MyLife Home Care West Scotland and Glasgow (Live in Care)

MyLife Homecare (East Sussex) Live-in-Care

MyLife Homecare (Kent) Live-in Care


Natured Support (Live-in Care)

Ndima Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Needmet Care (Live-in Care)

Neighbourly Helpers Ltd (Live-In Care)

Nesscare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Nest HomeCare - Windsor (Live-in Care)

Network Live In Care London & South East

Network Live in Care Ltd

New Age Care (Live-in Care)

New Light Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Neways at Home (Live-in Care)

NewGenCareGroup (Live-in Care)

Nexime Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Nightingale Healthcare Solutions Truro Office (Live-In-Care)

NMB Homecare Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Nobilis Care Barry Island (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Basingstoke (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Beaconsfield (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Bristol (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Cardiff (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Gloucestershire (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care IOW (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Kettering (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Leicester (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Lichfield (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Melton Mowbray (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Norwich (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Oldham (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Somerset (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care South Gloucestershire (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Southampton (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Suffolk (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Towcester (Live-in Care)

Nobilis Care Wisbech (Live-in Care)

Nobility Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Noble Live-in Care National Care Provider

Novus Care Limited - Canvey Island (Live-in Care)

Novus Care Limited - Cranleigh (Live-in Care)

Novus Care Limited - Godalming (Live-in Care)

Novus Care Limited - Watford (Live-in Care)

Novus Care Limited - Wickford (Live-in Care)

Nu Approaches Group (Live-in Care)

Nurse Next Door (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus - Hampshire (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus - East Sussex (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus - Kent (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus - West Sussex (Live-In Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Colchester (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Eastbourne (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Gosport (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Maidstone (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Newton Abbot (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Salisbury (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Southampton (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home - Truro (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home Bournemouth (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home Dorchester (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus Care at home Plymouth (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus UK - Bristol (Live-in Care)

Nurseplus UK - Cambridge (live-in Care)

Nurseplus UK - Swindon (Live-in Care)


Ocearns Care Services Ltd (Live-In-Care)

Oice Support Services Ltd (Live-In-Care)

Olive Home Care & Support Limited(Live-In-Care)

On the Dot Care Ltd t/a Home Instead Senior Care Leigh (Live-in Care)

Optimal Care Plus (Live-in Care)

Orison Health Ltd (Live-in Care)

Oxford Aunts - Live-in care

Oxford House Community Care (Live-In Care)

Oxford Private Care (Live-in Care)

OxleyCare (Live-in Care)


P C Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Paradise Home Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Paragon Home Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Paratus Partners (Live-in Care)

Passion Tree Care Service Ltd (Live-In-Care)

Pathways of Hope Chichester (Live-in Care)

Pathways of Hope Northampton (Live-in Care)

Pathways of Hope Wolverhampton (Live-in Care)

Patricia Whites (Live-in Care)

Paxigater (Live-in Care)

PCR Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Peach Care Services (Live-in Care)

Penny Care Limited (Live-In-Care)

Penuel Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Percurra Grantham & Newark (Live-in Care)

Percurra North East Surrey (Live-In-Care)

Percurra North Northamptonshire (Live-In-Care)

Percurra Southend (Live-In Care)

Perficient Healthcare Solutions (Live-In Care)

Perran Home Care (Live-in Care)

PFC Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Pine Health Care Services (Live-in Care)

Pinnacle Caring Services Limited (Live-in-Care).

Platinum Healthcare Services (Live-in Care)

Precious Community Care (Live-in Care)

Premium Healthcare Staffing Limited (Live-in Care)

Prime Care Domiciliary Essex (Live-in Care)

Prime Care Domiciliary West Sussex (Live-in Care)

Pristine Healthcare Services (Live-in Care)

PRN Healthcare Staffing (Live-in Care)

Proalliance Care (Live-in Care)

Progressive Homecare Services (Live-in Care)

Promedica PLUS UK Limited

Promedica24 Berkshire

Promedica24 Cheshire

Promedica24 Derbyshire

Promedica24 Dorset & Hampshire

Promedica24 East and Mid Sussex

Promedica24 Essex (Live-in Care)

Promedica24 Hertfordshire

Promedica24 Kent

Promedica24 Lancashire & North Yorkshire

Promedica24 Leicestershire (Live-in Care)

Promedica24 Nottinghamshire

Promedica24 Oxfordshire

Promedica24 South Birmingham and Worcestershire

Promedica24 Surrey

Promedica24 Watford & Aylesbury

Promedica24 West Sussex

Promedica24 Wirral

Promedica24 Yorkshire South, West and the Humber

Prosperity Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Prudent Care 24 (Live-in Care)

PST Care (Live-in Care)

Pure Hearts Care Services (Live-in Care)


Q Care Blaenau Gwent (Live-in Care)

Q Care Caerphilly (Live-in Care)

Q Care Cardiff (Live-in Care)

Q Care Gwent (Live-in Care)

Q Care Powys (Live-in Care)

Q Care Torfaen (Live-in Care)

Q Leaf Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Quality & Compassion Ltd (Live-in Care)

Quality First and Foremost Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Quality Healthcare Professionals (Live-in Care)

Quodesh Healthcare Consultancy (Live-in Care)


Radfield Home Care Barnet & Finchley (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Bath, Keynsham & Radstock (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Bedford & Ampthill (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Bexhill, Hastings & Battle (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Brentwood & Basildon (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Bromley, Orpington & Beckenham (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Camberley, Farnborough & Fleet (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Camden, Islington & Haringey (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Chester & Ellesmere Port (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Chingford & Loughton (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Chippenham & North Wiltshire (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Colchester, Frinton & Clacton (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Crawley & Reigate (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Croydon & Sutton (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Derby, Ashbourne & South Derbyshire (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Epsom & Leatherhead (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Fareham, Gosport & Warsash (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Guildford & Godalming (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Harrogate, Wetherby & North Yorkshire (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Havering & Romford (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Ilkley, Skipton & Otley (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Leicester East, Groby & Oadby (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Loughborough, Charnwood & Melton Mowbray (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury & Oswestry (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Stamford, Peterborough & Rutland (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Wakefield & Huddersfield (Live-in Care)

Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care Wycombe, Beaconsfield & South Bucks (Live-In Care)

Radfield Home Care York, Thirsk & Ryedale (Live-In Care)

Radfield Homecare Liverpool North, Sefton & Ormskirk (Live-In Care)

Radis Community Care (Live-in-Care)

Radis Community Care. (Live-in Care)

Rainbow Sparkles Home Care Services (Live-in Care)

Rajoma Care & Recruitment (Live-in Care)

Rapid Medical Care Services (Live-in Care)

Raza Homecare Limited (Live-in Care)

ReachOut24 Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Ready Care Services Limited (Live-in Care)

Recruitcare Professionals (Live-in Care)

Redleif Care (Live-in Care)

Renee Healthcare Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Resolution Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Rest Assured Live-In-Care (UK) Limited

Resume Healthcare Solutions Ltd (Live-In Care)

Richmoe Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Ridge Healthcare (Live-In Care)

Right at Home - Mid Hampshire (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Bedford (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Bishop's Stortford & Braintree(Live-In-Care)

Right at Home Camden, Hampstead & Golders Green (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Chichester and Bognor Regis (Live-In-Care)

Right at Home Chippenham (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Colchester and District (Live-in Care)

Right at Home East Staffs (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Havant and Petersfield (Live-in Care)

Right At Home Loughton, Redbridge & Waltham Forest (Live-in Care)

Right at Home North Leeds, Otley and Wetherby (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Reigate & Crawley (Live-In Care)

Right at Home Sefton (Live-In Care)

Right at Home Solent - Fareham, Gosport, Southampton & New Forest East (Live-in Care)

Right at Home Telford (Live-In Care)

Rigid Healthcare Group (Live-in Care)

Rivendell Care & Support (Live-in Care)

Riversands Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Robins Care Ltd (Live-In-Care)

Ronti Care (Live-in Care)

Rosecare Community Services (Live-in Care)

Royalcarehealth Cornwall (Live-in Care

Rubies Care Limited (Live-in Care)


S&P Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Saddlebrook Healthcare Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Safe Habitation Private Ltd (Live-in Care)

SAG Living Hope (Live-In-Care)

Saint Aims Care And Support (Live-in Care)

Saint Catherine's Care Oxford (Live-In-Care)

Sanaa Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Saxon Care (Royal Wootton Bassett Office) (Live-In Care)

Saxon Care Chippenham (Live-In Care)

Saxon Care Solutions Ltd (Trowbridge and Westbury) (Live-In Care)

SCS Care (Live-in Care)

Seakr (Live-In-Care)

Seasoned Hands Care (Live-in Care)

Selwood Health and Social Care (Live-in Care)

Seren Healthcare Solutions Limited (Live-inCare)

Seren Healthcare Solutions Ltd (Live-in-Care)

Seren Support Services Ltd (Bridgend) (Live-In Care)

Seren Support Services Ltd (Newport) (Live-In Care)

Serendip Home Care (Live-in Care)

Severn Vale Home Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Shalom Care Solutions (Live-in Care)

Shire Homecare Services (Live-In Care)

Shona Care Ltd (Live-in Care)

Silverberry Care (Live-in Care)

SimplyHelpingSeniors Limited (Live-in Care)

Sirius Homecare (Live-in Care)

Skyway Care (Live-in Care)

Snowhitecare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Solihull Home Care (Live-In Care)

Sorted Healthcare (Live-in Care)

South Manchester Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Spring Retirement Limited

Spring Valley Care Services Ltd (Live-in-Care)

Springfield Healthcare Leeds & Wakefield (Live-in Care)

Springfield Healthcare North Yorkshire & York (Live-in Care)

Springs of Joy Care Solution (Live-in Care)

SRP Homecare (Live-in Care)

St Agatha Care (Live-In Care)

St Lewis Staffing Services (Live-in Care)

Staffordshire (Live-in Care)

Stalwart Care Services (Live-in Care)

Star Maris Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Starlight Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Starmedi Healthcare Services (Live-in Care)

State Care Solutions - Main Office (Live-in-Care)

Staywell Care Services Ltd (Live-In Care)

Stellar Healthcare Solutions Limited (Live-in Care)

Stokely Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Stormwaves Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Sunburst Care Services (Live-in Care)

Superior Healthcare (Live-in Care)

SureCare (Reading & East Berkshire) Live-in Care

SureCare Richmond and Kingston (Live-in-Care)

SureCare Rugby & North Warwickshire (Live-in Care)

SweetTree Home Care Services (Live-in Care)

Sycamore Staffing (Live-in Care)

Sylvian Care Harlow (Live-in Care)

Sylvian Care Kingston (Live-in Care)

Sylvian Care Leicester West

Sylvian Care Newcastle (Live-in Care)

Sylvian Care Swindon (Live-in Care)

Sylvian Care Wolverhampton (Live-in Care)

Synchronised Care (Live-In Care)


Tarnta Care Group (Live-in Care)

TBSS Care Ltd (Live-In Care)

Tempra Health Care Service Ltd (Live-in Care)

Thames Homecare Service (Live-in Care)

The Care Agency


The Encounter Group

The Essex Care Group (Live-in Care)

The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group Scotland Limited (Live-in Care)

The Homecare People Ltd Live-in Care

The Live-in Care Company

The Village Care Group Limited (Live-In Care)

Third Hand Healthcare Ltd (Live-in Care)

Three Little Angels Ltd (Live-In-Care)


Three Roses (Live-in Care)

Timeswitch Care (Live-in Care)

TLC Care at Home Ltd

TLC Care Services LLP (Live-in Care)

Topmary Care (Live-in Care)

Topview Healthcare (Live-in Care)

Triage Care Services (Live-In Care)

Trinary Care Professionals (Live-in Care)

Tring Care Limited (Lice-in Care)

Trinity Homecare (Worcester Park) Live-in-Care

TRZ Care (Live-in Care)

TTT Testimonies (Live-in Care)

TW Care Services Ltd (Live-in care)

Twelve Trees Home Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Twinic Ltd (Live-in Care)


UK Care Staffing (Live-in Care)

Ultimate Care Services Ltd (Live-in Care)

Unique Community Services Manchester (Live-in Care)

Unique Senior Care - Cheltenham and Gloucester (Live-in-Care)

Unique Senior Care - Solihull (Live-in-Care)

Unique Senior Care - Warwickshire (Live-in Care)

Unique Senior Care Coventry (Live-inCare)

Unity Care Agency Ltd (Live-in Care)

Universal Complex Care (Live-in Care)

Uriel Care2U Ltd (Live-in Care)


Valley Care - North Nottinghamshire (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Barnsley (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Derbyshire (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Doncaster (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Hull and East Riding (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Leeds/Wakefield (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Sheffield and Rotherham (Live-in Care)

Valley Care Stockport (Live-in Care)

Varang Healthcare (Live-In Care)

Veritas Care

Verrolyne Services Ltd Suffolk and Norfolk (Live-In-Care)

Verrolyne Services Ltd Thurrock and Romford (Live-in-Care)

Vine Living (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels - Middlesex, Oxford, Harrow, Watford and Hillingdon (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Barnet and Enfield (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Bedfordshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Berkshire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Burton & Derby (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Cambridgeshire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Central Lancashire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Central Surrey (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Coventry, Kenilworth and Warwickshire East (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels East Dorset (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels East Nottinghamshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Edinburgh East (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Essex South (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Fylde Coast (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Manchester East (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Manchester South (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Newcastle (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels North Buckinghamshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels North Hertfordshire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels North Shropshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels North Surrey (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels North West Kent (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels North Yorkshire West (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Northamptonshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Renfrewshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Retford (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels South Bucks (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels South East London (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels South Hertfordshire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels South Middlesex (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels South Oxfordshire and Berkshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels South West Essex (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels Southwest Kent and East Sussex (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels Warwickshire (Live-in Care)

Visiting Angels West Leicestershire (Live-In Care)

Visiting Angels West London (Live-In Care)

Vita Cura

Vitale Care Chichester (Live-in Care)

Vitality Home Health Gravesham & Dartford (Live-in Care)

Vitality Home Health Sevenoaks (Live-in Care)


W4U Solutions Limited (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Birmingham South (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Bolton & Bury (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Brighton (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Chiswick, Hammersmith & Kensington (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Dartford (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Dunstable, Luton & Leighton Buzzard (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Ealing & Uxbridge (Live-in Care)

Walfinch East Barnet (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Edinburgh South (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Greater Manchester South (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Hampstead and Camden (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Harrow & Brent (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Hemel Hempstead & Watford (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Kingston & Weybridge (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Mansfield (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Mid & South Buckinghamshire (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Oxfordshire (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Reading and Wokingham (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Southampton (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Suffolk Coastal (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Welwyn & Bishop's Stortford (Live-in Care)

Walfinch Windsor & Maidenhead (Live-in Care)

Waterfront Studios (Live-in Care)

Watra Care Birmingham (live-in Care)

Wawcare Support Ltd (Live-in Care)

WeCare - Nottingham (Live-In Care)

WeCare - Saffron Walden (Live-In Care)

Wellness Care Provider (Live-in Care)

Wellspring Care (Live-In-Care)

Wema Health Care and Support Services (Live-in Care)

West Moors - Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Westmoorland and Furness (Live-in Care)

Weymouth - Care at Home (Live-in Care)

Whiteheart Health Care (Live-in Care)

Whitestone Care Limited (Live-in Care)

Wholehearted Home Care (Live-in Service)

Win Healthcare Limited (Live-in Care)

Winners Trophy Ltd (Live-in Care)

Woodleigh Healthcare (Leicester Branch) (Live-in Care)

Woodleigh Healthcare Limited (Surrey Branch)(Live-in Care)


You & I Care - Brentwood (Live-In Care)

You & I Care - Chelmsford (Live-In Care)

You & I Care - Mid Surrey (Live-In Care)

You & I Care - St Albans (Live-In Care)


Zera Care Support (Live-in Care)

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