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Retirement Living by Service Name

An index of Retirement Living in the UK by Service Name


2A Station Road


83-89 Sutton Road


Abbey Mill

Abbeyfield Court

Abbeyfield Court

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House

Abbeyfield House (Barnoldswick)

Abbeyfield House (Cheltenham)

Abbeyfield House (NE65 0UR)

Abbeyfield House (Prestbury)

Abbeyfield House (Pudsey)

Abbeyfield House (Settle)

Abbeyfield House (Southampton)

Abbeyfield House Abergele

Abbeyfield House Caerphilly

Abbeyfield House Flint

Abbeyfield House Llandudno

Abbeyfield House Llanfairfechan

Abbeyfield House Mold

Abbeyfield House Monmouth

Abbeyfield House Newport

Abbeyfield House Porthcawl

Abbeyfield House Prestatyn

Abbeyfield House Ruthin

Abbeyfield House St Asaph

Abbeyfield House Swansea

Abbeyfield House Tywyn

Abbeyfield House Usk

Abbeyfield House, Henleaze

Abbeyfield House, Keynsham

Abbeyfield House, Redland

Abbeyfield Lodge

Abbeyfield Oxford Society

Abbeyfield Paisley Society

Abbeyfield Park House

Abbeyfield Reigate

Abbeyfield Ripon

Abbeyfield Scott House

Abbeyfield Stirling

Abbeyfield West Wight

Abbeyfield Woodlands

Abbot's Wood

Abbotswood, Rustington

ABC Centre


Abona Court

Absalom Court

Acre Court

Adlington House

Adlington House

Adlington House - Otley

Adlington House - Portishead

Adlington House - Rhos-on-Sea

Adlington House - Urmston

Adlington House - Wolstanton

Ainslie House

Alan Hilton Court

Alavana Place

Albany Meadows

Albert Court

Albert Lodge

Albuhera Close

Alderman Lodge


Alexander Court

Alexandra Court

Alexandra Court

Alexandra House

Algar Court

Alice Bye Court

Alistair Robertson House


Allingham Lodge

Allister House

Alrewych Court

Alston Court

Amelia Court

Amesbury Abbey Mews

Amos Court

Ampfield Meadows

Ancaster Court

Andrews Court

Angel of the North

Anna Court

Anne Figg Court

Annett House

Anvil Court

Apni Haweli

Applegarth Court

Applegate House

Appletree Cottage

Apsley Court

Apsley House

Arbourtree Court

Archer House

Archers Court

Arcon House

Arden Grove

Armstrong House

Arthur Russell Court

Ash Court

Ash Grange

Ash Grove

Ash Lodge

Ash Tree Care Village


Ashby Court

Ashby Meadows

Ashcombe Court

Ashdale Huyton

Ashfield Court

Ashfield Park

Ashiana House

Ashtree Care Village

Ashwood Close

Ashwood Court

Assisi Place

Aston Court

Atlantic Rise

Attley Court

Atwater Court

Atwood House

Auchinleck Court

Auchlochan Garden Village

Audley Binswood

Audley Chalfont Dene

Audley Clevedon

Audley Cooper's Hill

Audley Ellerslie

Audley Fairmile

Audley Flete House

Audley Inglewood

Audley Mote House

Audley Nightingale Place

Audley Redwood

Audley Scarcroft Park

Audley St Elphin's Park

Audley St George's Place

Audley Stanbridge Earls

Audley Sunningdale Park

Audley Willicombe Park

Audley Wycliffe Park

Audrey Needham House

Augustus House

Auriens Chelsea

Austen Lodge

Austen Place


Austin Heath

Austin Place

Avery Tulip Court

Avon Court



Avril Court

Ayrton House


Badgerwood Park

Badminton Gardens

Badsworth Gardens

Bailey Court

Bailey House

Baird Lodge

Balshaw Court

Banks Court

Bannister Court

Barbara Glasgow Court

Barclay-Smith House

Barker Court

Barnes Court

Barnes Court (Coventry)

Barnhill Court


Barton Cottage

Barton Farm

Basera House

Baskeyfield House

Bath Gate Place

Bath Leat

Battersea Place


Beamsley House


Beatty Court

Beauchamp Gardens

Beaufort Court

Beaumont House

Beaumont Village

Beccles Court

Bechers Court

Beck House

Beck Lodge

Beckett Grange

Beckwith Mews

Beech Court


Beeches Lodge

Beeches Manor

Beechwood Court

Beechwood Grove

Beechwood Park

Bell Mead

Bell Rotary House

Bella Best House

Belle Vue

Bellerophon House

Belong Atherton - Knightsbrook Court Apartments

Belong Chester - Sandstone Apartments

Belong Crewe - Princess Court Apartments

Belong Macclesfield - Maple Court Apartments

Belong Morris Feinmann Apartments

Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme Apartments

Belong Warrington Apartments

Belong Wigan Apartments

Belsize Court

Bemerton Farm

Ben Davies Court

Ben Mayo Court

Benedict Court

Bennett Court

Bentley Grange


Bernard Hackett Court

Berrow Court

Berryhill Village

Berrynarbor Park


Betjeman Lodge

Bevan Court



Bilberry Place

Birch Cottages

Birch Place

Bircham House


Birkbeck Court

Birtle Brook Village

Bishopsfield Court

Bishopstoke Park

Blackbourne View

Blackett Ord Court

Blackwood - Dumfries

Blackwood - Lockerbie

Blagdon Village

Blake Court

Blenheim Court 2

Blenheim Court I

Bleriot Court

Bluebell Court

Bluebell Gardens

Bluebell House

Bluecoat Pond

Blueleighs Residential Park

Blundellsands Classic

Boat Lane Court

Bob Carter Court

Boldmere Place

Boldre House

Bolton Lodge and Proctor House

Bond Lodge

Booth Court

Botanical Place


Bourne End

Bournville Gardens

Bower Lodge

Bowes Lyon Court

Bowland View

Bowler Close

Bowles Court

Bowling Court

Bowling Green Court

Bowman Court

Box Tree Court

Brackenbury Manor

Bradley Court

Bradstow Court

Braeburn House

Bramble Hollow

Bramley Court

Bramley Grange

Bramshott Place

Bransdale View

Brendoncare Alton Mary Rose Mews

Brendoncare Knightwood Mews

Brendoncare Old Parsonage Court

Brendoncare Otterbourne Mews

Brendoncare Stildon Mews

Brent Court

Bretherton Court

Brian Cummings Court

Briar Croft

Brideoake Court

Bridge House

Bridge House of Twyford

Brierley Lodge

Brigadier Hargreaves Court

Brigg Court

Broadfield Court

Broadleaf House


Broadway Gardens

Bromfield Court

Bromley Lodge

Brompton Court

Brook Close

Brook Court

Brook House

Brook Meadow

Brooke Dene Court

Brookfarm Cottages

Brookfields House

Brooklands Court

Brooklands House


Brookside House

Brooks-Taylor Court




Broomhill Park

Brough Court

Brown Court

Brown Court(Adlz)

Browning Court

Browning Court

Brunel Court

Brunel Court

Brunlees Court

Brunswick Gardens

Bryans House

Buckland Court


Buckles Court

Bugle Court

Burchell Court

Burcot Court

Burland Court

Burlington Lodge

Burnham Court

Burnham Waters

Burrows Court

Burrstone Grange

Burscough Bungalows

Burscough RL


Bushey Court

Bushfield Court

Bushmead Court

Butterworth Grange

Button House

Bygate Court


Cabot Court

Caesar Court

Callendar Court

Callin Court

Camaret Gardens

Cambrian Green Court

Camoys Court

Campbell Court

Campbell House

Canada House

Cannell Court

Canon Appleton Court

Carew Court

Carlton Colville Court

Carlton Crescent

Carnarvon House

Carne Rasch/Francis/Drake

Caroline Square


Carroll Gardens

Carrs Court

Cartwright Court

Carysfort Close

Casson Court

Casterbridge Court

Castle Court, Thrapston

Castle Gardens

Castle Gate

Castle View House

Castle View Windsor

Castle Village

Cathedral Green Court

Catherine Place

Cavendish Court

Cavendish Court (Wallington)

Caxton Lodge

Cedar Court

Cedar Court (London)

Cedar Crescent

Cedar Grove

Cedars Village

Centenary Place

Centennial Place

Central Park

Chalmers Court

Chamber Road

Chamberlain Manor

Chantry Court

Chantry Lodge


Chapman Court

Chapter House


Charles Busby Court

Charles Clore Court

Charles Clore Court Extra Care Sheltered Housing

Charles Court

Charles Dalton Court

Charles Jones Court

Charles Keightley Court

Charles Ley Court

Charles Lister Court

Charles Miller Court

Charles Morris House

Charles Watson Court

Charlotte Court

Charrington Lodge

Charter Court

Charters Village

Chartwell House

Chartwell House

Chatham Place

Cheriton Court

Cherrett Court

Cherry Court

Cherwood House Cottages

Cheshire House

Chester Street

Chesterton Court

Chestnut Court

Chestnut Grange

Cheswick Court

Chesworth Court

Chevin Court

Chew Vale

Chichester Court

Chiltern Lodge

Chiltern Place

Chimney Court

Chindit Court

Chinnerys Court

Christ Church Apartments



Church Court

Church Leat

Church Place

Churchfield Court

Churchill Lodge

Cinnamon Court

CitizenG Harrow

CitizenG Sutton

Clare Park

Clarefield Court

Claremont House

Clarendon House

Claridge House

Clarkson Court

Clayton Court

Clee House

Clemens Place

Clifford Ashman Court

Clifford Gardens

Clifton House

Clive Road

Clondermott House

Clothier Manor

Clough Road


Cloverfield Grove

Cobham Bowers

Cobham Park

Cobnut Park

Cohen Court

Cole Court

Colebrooke Lodge

Colin Broughton Court

Colliers Gardens

Constance Place


Coppice Court

Coppice Gate

Corbett Court

Corbett House

Corbridge Court

Corcoran Close

Corn Mill Place


Cornwallis House

Coronation Road

Cory Road

Cote Lane

Cotmaton House

Cotswold Gardens

Cotswold Gate

Cottenham Court

Countess Mountbatten Court

Covert Road

Craddock Court

Craig Yr Hendre

Cranberry Court

Cranbourne Hall Residential Park


Crandon Court

Crane Court


Craven Court

Crawshaw Court

Crayshaw Court

Creasy Court

Crescent Place

Cresswell Court

Cresta House

Crispe House

Crittles Court

Crocus Court

Croft Foulds Court

Cromwell Lodge

Crookbarrow View


Culver House

Culworth House

Culworth House

Cunningham Court

Curlew Court

Curtis Court

Curzon House

Cuthbertson Court

Cypress Avenue


Dairy View

Daisy Haye

Daisy Hill Court

Dalton Road

Darwin House

Darwin Manor

David Coffer Court

David Gresham House Independent Living

Dawson Grange

Dayton Court

De Ramsey Court

Deans Park Court

Debden Grange

Deercote Court

Deerhurst Court

Deighton Court

Dell Court

Denfield Square

Denham Garden Village

Dening Court

Denis Wilson Court

Dennis Cadman House

Dennis Potter Court

Dennis Sneezum Court

Densham Court

Derby Place

Derham Court

Devereux Court

Devonshire Court

Devonshire Place

Diamond Court


Doddington Court

Dodds Court

Dolphin Court

Dorothea Court

Dossett Court I

Douglas Yates Court

Dovecote Meadow

Dovehouse Court

Dovehouse Lodge

Doveton House

Downlands Court

Downlands Park

Drake Lodge


Drayton House

Duchess Of Kent Court

Duffield Court

Duffield House

Duke Bernard Court

Duke Of Beaufort Court

Dunchurch Hall

Dunsford Court

Dunston Drive


Dutton Court

Dutton Lodge

Dymond House


Eadhelm Court

Earl Keelan House

Earl Spencer Court

Earls Grange

Earls Manor Court

Earlsdon Park

Earlswood Gardens

East Croft

East Croft Bungalows

Eastbank Court

Eastcote Park

Eastland Grange

Eastry Place

Eaves Court

Ebbage Court

Eddington Lodge

Eden Court

Eden Manor

Edenhurst Court

Edina Court

Edinburgh Lodge

Edmund Bacon Court

Edward Arnold Court

Edward Court

Edward House

Edward Jenner Court

Edward Jobson Court

Edward Onyon Court

Edward Pinner Court

Edward Place

Edward Turner Close

Edwards Court

Edwin Gardens

Edwin Vincent Court

Edyvean Walker Court



Elderton Place

Eleanor House

Eleanor Lodge

Elgar Place

Elizabeth Court

Elizabeth Court

Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth Place

Elkin Court

Elkington House

Elles House

Ellesmere Lodge

Elliott Court

Elliott Gardens

Ellis Gordon Court

Ellisfields Court

Elm Tree Court

Elmbridge Village

Elmcroft Court

Elmhirst Lodge

Emerson Park

Emily Court

Emmandjay Court

Emmbrook Court

Epworth Court

Erdington House

Eric Long Court

Esk Moors Lodge and Bradbury Centre



Esther Randall Court

Ettington Lodge

Ettington Lodge

Eustace Street

Evans Williams Court

Evelyn House

Exmouth Court

Exning Court

Eylesden Court



Fairway Gardens

Fairway View

Fairweather Court

Falcon Court

Falkland Court

Farish House

Farmers Court

Farnham House and Mill Gardens

Farraday House

Farren Court

Farringford Court

Farthing Court

Father Popieluszko House

Fenney Court

Ferens House

Ferguson House

Fern Court

Fern House Dementia Care

Festing Court

Field Court

Field Marshal Slim Court

Filey - Bungalows

Filey Fields Court

Finborough Court

Finham Court

Finsbury Court

Fir Grove

Fir Lodge

Firsbrook Close

Fitzford Lodge


Fitzwalter Court

Fitzwarren House

Flacca Court

Flaxman Court

Fleming House

Flora Grange

Florence Court

Ford Lodge

Fordwich Place

Forest Court

Forest Dene Court

Forester Court

Forum Court

Fosbrooke Court

Foundry Close

Foundry Place

Fountain Court


Foxglove Place

Foxhall Court

Foylebank Court

Framers Court

Frank Cook Court

Frank Howe Court

Frank Phillips House

Fred Laws House

Frederick Smith Court

Frederick Street

Frederick Taylor Court

Freestone Court

Friary Meadow

Fry Court

Fullands Court

Fuller Court

Fullerton Court

Fulleylove Court

Fulwood Court

Furlong House

Further Hey Close

Fussells Court


Gabriel Court

Garrad House

Gatchell Oaks

Gavin Astor Court

General Johnson Court

Gentian Place

George Hill Court

George House

George Moore Court

George Pinion Court

George Shooter Court

Gerald Palmby Court

Ghulab Ashram

Gibson Court

Gifford Lea

Gilbert Lodge

Gilbert Place

Gildacre Fields

Gill Court

Girton Green

Gittisham Hill Park

Glaisdale Gardens

Glanogwr House


Glebe Court Romsey

Glen Court

Glen Tor

Glenhills Court

Gloucester Court

Golau Caredig Independent Living

Goldfield Court

Goldfinch House

Goldwyn House

Goode Court

Goodes Court

Goodman Court

Goodwin House

Gordon Court

Gordon Larking Court

Gordon Palmer Court

Gordon Roughley Court

Gorselands Court

Grace Court

Gradwell Park

Graeme Bryson Court

Grange Court

Granville Court

Granville Court (Wallasey)


Grays Court

Grayson Way

Great Alne Park

Great Bradfords House

Great House Court


Greenbank Court

Greenfield Place


Greenrod Place

Greenwich House

Gresham Court

Gressland Court

Greyfriars Court

Greyfriars Court

Grosvenor Court

Grounds Court

Grove Court

Grove Mews

Grove Place



Haddenham Park

Hagley Road

Hale Court

Hamilton House

Hampshire Lakes

Hampton House

Hampton Place

Hanna Court

Hanna Street Supported Living

Hanover Court

Hansen Court

Harbour Lights Court

Harding House

Hardwick Grange

Harleston House

Harroway Manor

Harrowside House


Hartley Wintney

Hartrigg Oaks

Harvard Place

Harwood Court

Hasells Courtyard

Hatchmoor Apartments

Hatherleigh Care Village

Hatton Hall

Haven Court

Hawkesbury Place

Haworth Court


Hayes End Manor

Hayley House

Hays Park

Haywards Heath


Headley Lodge

Heath Lodge

Heath Park Court


Hebron Court

Henderson Court

Henry Twining Court

Henshaw Court


Herriot Gardens

Hewson Court


High Street

Highbury Lodge

Highclere House

Highdown Court

Highfields, West Byfleet

Hildesley Court

Hillside Court

Hilltree Court

Hinchley Manor

Hinton Court


Hollis Court

Holloway House

Holly Place


Holm Court

Holmesdale Manor


Home Farm

Home Grange, Lincoln

Homestead Place

Homewood Grove


Hope Bank View


Horton Mill Court


Hotchkin Gardens

Housing 21 – Linskill Park

Housing 21 – Lonsdale Court

Howard House

Howarth Park

Hubert Lodge

Hughenden Gardens

Humphrey Court

Huntley House

Hurst Place


Imperial Court

Inchmarlo Retirement Village

Ing Royde

Inspired Assisted Living Ltd.

Invicta Lodge

Island View


Ivy Bank Court

Ivy House


J F Latimer House

Jack David House

Jackson Place

Jacob Place

Jacobs Gate

James Beattie House

James Butcher Court

Janeva Court

Jasmine House - Ely

Jebb Court

Jenner Court

Jenner House

Jennings Grange

Jessiefield Court

John Percyvale Court

John Woolman House

Johnson House

Joules Place

Jowett Court

Jubilee Court

Jubilee House

Jubilee Lodge

Jupiter House

Justice Court


Kalyan Ashram

Keatley Place

Keble Court

Keelboat Lodge

Kelly Gardens


Kennet Court

Kenton Lodge

Kenwith Castle Gardens

Kift Lodge

King Richard Court

Kingfisher Court

Kings Place

Kings Scholars Court


Kingsford Court



Kirk Close


Knaves Court

Knights Lodge

Knox Court


Lacemaker Court

Lade House

Lady Ida Lodge

Lady Susan Court

Ladyslaude Court

Ladywell Court

Lakeside Retirement Village

Lamaleach Park

Lambert Court

Lambrook Court

Lancaster Court

Lancaster House

Lancer House

Landale Court

Landmark Place

Landor House


Langton House

Langton Lodge

Lark Hill

Latham Court

Latheram House

Lauder Court

Laurel Gardens

Laurel Lodge

Lavender Fields Care Village

Lavender Meadows

Lawley Bank Court

Lawnfield Court

Lawrence Mackie House

Lawson House

Lea Court

Lea Springs

Ledian Gardens

Leggyfield Court

Leofric lodge

Leonard Houlden Court

Les Blancs Bois

Lewis Carroll Lodge

Lewis House

Leylands Lane

Leyton Road

Liberty House

Liberty Lodge

Lido Grange

Lilac Court

Lime Gardens

Lime Tree Village

Limestone View

Lincombe Manor

Linden Court

Linden Place

Linskill Park

Linters Court

Lionheart Court

Lisbon Place

Little Court

Llanthony Place

Llys Isan

Lockyer Lodge

Loddon House

London Court


Lorenco House

Louis Arthur Court

Lovat Fields

Loveday House

Loves Hill Court

Lowe House

Lower Fore Street, Exmouth

Lower Mill Apartments

Lowlands Court

Loxley Park Assisted Living Residency

Lyefield Court & The Conifers

Lyle Court

Lyle Court

Lyme Wood Grange

Lymington Gate

Lynwood Village

Lys Lander

Lysander House


MacGregor House

Macpherson House

Magpie Court

Maidment Court

Malpas Court

Malthouse Court

Malvern Court

Malvern Court

Mandeville Court

Manktelow Court

Manor Court

Manor Court

Manor Lodge

Many Brook House

Maple Court

Maple Court

Maple West

Marbury Court

Marden Court

Margaret Court

Margaret Fisher House

Margaret House

Marigold Court

Marina Court

Marjorie Baker House

Market House

Marklew and New Close


Marlborough Court

Marlborough Lodge

Marler Close

Marsh House

Marsh House

Martello Court

Martin Court

Martin Grange

Mary Seacole Close

Matcham Grange

Mattesley Court

May Tree Place

Maydenbury House

Mayfield Watford

Mayford Grange

McIndoe Lodge

McMillan House

Meadow Court

Meadow Court (Bogner Regis)

Meadow View

Meadow Walk


Meadowsweet Place


Medford House

Melton Court, Dorset

Mentmore House

Merchants Gate

Mere Lodge & Hartismere Mews

Mere View

Miami House

Mickle Hill

Middleton Hall Retirement Village

Middleton House

Mill Green Lodge

Mill House

Mill House Court

Mill Place

Mill Rise Village



Millennium House

Millennium Way

Millfield Green

Milverton Lodge

Milward Place

Minerva House

Minster Court

Moat Park


Monica Wills House

Monmouth Court

Montbazon Court


Montrose Court

Monument Place

Moor Allerton Care Centre

Moorhouse Lodge


Moors Nook

Mortimer Lodge

Mountfield Court

Muirwood Gardens

Mulberry Court

Mulberry Court

Mulberry Fields

Muskerry Court

Muskham View

Mytchett Heath


Napleton Court

Naylor Court

Neptune House

Ness Court

Nevil Court

Neville Lodge

New Brook House

New Hythe Lane, Larkfield

New Oscott

New Pooles Lodge

Newland Court

Newlands of Stow

Newman Court

Newport Pagnell

Newton House

Nichols Court

Nicholson Court (Langney)

Nightingale Gardens

Noble House

Nonsuch Abbeyfield

Norah Bellot Court

Norbreck House

North Bar Street

North Bay Court

North Gate Court

North Grange

North Mill Place

Northcliffe View

Northdean House

Northfield Court

Northfield Court

Norton Place

Norvid House

Nowton Court


Oak House

Oak Priory

Oak Tree Court

Oakhill Place

Oakingham Place

Oaklands Woodhall Spa

Oakley Gardens



Oaktree Court

Oakway House

Oakwood Gardens

Oakwood Lodge

Ocean House

Octavia Housing - Burgess Field

Octavia Housing - James Hill House

Octavia Housing - Leonora House

Octavia Housing - Miranda House

Old Harlow

Old School House

Old Town Farm

Old Whittington

Olive Tree Court

Olivier Place

One Bayshill Road

Orchard Court

Orchard Gate

Orchard House

Orchard Lodge

Orchard Yard

Ormond House

Orwell Close

Osborne Court

Oscar Lodge

Osmund Court


Paddock Lodge

Page Road, Staple Hill



Pannel Croft

Pantiles House

Park Gardens

Park House

Park Place

Park View

Patricia Gardens

Paxton Court

Peachment Place

Pearl House

Pears Court

Pearson House

Peel Court

Peel Lodge

Pegasus Court

Pegasus Jesmond Assembly

Pegasus Lichfield Bonds

Pegasus Lodge

Pegasus Winchester Holts

Pemberley Place

Pen Morvah

Penarth House

Penmakers Court

Pennant House

Penny House

Pennybank Court

Penstones Court

Perran Lodge

Petersfinger Farm

Pettman Court

Pilcher's Field

Pilgrim Gardens

Pilgrim House

Pilgrims Court

Pine Court

Pinewood Place

Pinner Court

Pinnoc Mews

Plaxton Court

Plymouth Court

Polly’s Field Village

Poplar Lodge

Poppy Court

Poppy Court

Poppy Dene

Poppy Grange

Portland Grange

Portland Mews

Portman Court

Powell House

Princethorpe Court

Priory Court

Priory Court

Priory Hall Retirement Village

Priory House

Priory Manor

Priory Place

Privett Farm House

Protheroe House

Purdy Court

Pym Court


Quantock House

Quarry House

Queen Anne Court

Queen Elizabeth Court

Queen Elizabeth Place

Queens View

Queensgate Apartments

Queensridge Court


Queensway Court


Radis Community Care (Clarence Park Village)

Railway Street, Hertford

Rainbow Fields

Ralph Barlow Gardens

Randolph House

Ravenshaw Court

Red Deer Village

Reeve Court

Reeve Court

Regents Gate Buckingham

Regents Gate Northallerton

Reginald Mitchell Court

Remenham Row

Rene England

Ribbon Court

Richmond Villages Aston-on-Trent

Richmond Villages Bede

Richmond Villages Cheltenham

Richmond Villages Letcombe Regis

Richmond Villages Nantwich

Richmond Villages Northampton

Richmond Villages Painswick

Richmond Villages Witney

Richmond Villages Wood Norton

Rider House

Ridgeway Court

Ridgmount Apartments Wimbledon

Rigby Close Supported Living Service

River View Court

River View Lodge

Riverain Lodge


Riverside Court

Robbins Court

Rockdale Supported Independent Living

Roden Court

Rogerson Court

Rohan Gardens

Rokeby Gardens

Roman Court

Roman Ridge

Romeo Place

Rookery Drove Residential Park

Rose Court

Rose Manor

Rosebank Park

Roseberry Mansions

Rosebrook Court

Rosebud Court

Roseland Parc

Rosen House

Roslin Place

Roslyn Court

Rossiter House

Rothesay Lodge


Rowan Court

Rowan Croft


Rowleys Court

Royal Haslar

Royd Court


Rutherford House

Ryebeck Court


Ryland Place


Saddler's Court

Saffron Walden

Saltmarshe Castle Park

Sampson Close

Samuel Close

Samuel House

Sandbanks Road

Sandbourne Court

Sanders Court

Sanderson Lodge

Sandford Station


Sandpiper Gardens

Santhem Residences

Savoy House

Saxon Court

Saxon Court

School Court

School Gardens

Scoresby View

Scott Place

Sea Breeze


Seath House

Selig Court

Sevenoaks Court

Seymour Court

Seymour Place

Shackleton Place

Shannons Mill

Shearman Court

Shebson Lodge

Sheen Court

Shenley Wood

Shepheard's House

Sherwood House

Sherwood House and Close

Shilling Place

Shiplake Meadows

Shortwood Court

Showell Court

Shuttleworth House

Sibleys Orchard

Siddington Park

Signature Apartments

Silfield Gardens

Silver Springs Support Ltd

Sir Charles Starmer House

Smithy Croft

Solihull Village

Somerleigh Court

Somers Brook Court

Soroptomist House

Southborough Gate

Southcote Lodge


Southdowns Retirement Village

Southfield House

Southlands Retirement Apartments

Southmoor Gardens


Speakman Court

Spire View

Spitfire Lodge

Spring Bank Bungalows

Spring Hill Court

Springhill Court

Springhill House

Springs Court

Springtide Cove

Squadron House

St Andrew's Court

St Andrews Drive

St Andrew's Lodge

St Bartholomew's Court

St Clements Court

St Crispin Village

St Dominics Court

St Edmunds Court

St Finnian’s House

St Georges Court

St George's Park

St Ives Place

St Luke's Court

St Margaret's House

St Marks Court

St Martin's Court

St Mary's Court

St Mary's House

St Matthews Place

St Nicholas Court (Crabmill Lane)

St Nicholas Court (Radford)

St Oswald's

St Peter’s Park Retirement Village

St Peters Close

St Rumbolds Court

St Teresa's Court

St Thomas Court

St Wulstan

St. Nicolas Lodge

Staincliffe Court

Stambermill House

Stamford Bridge Beaumont (Assisted Living)

Stanbridge Hall

Stane House


Stanley Lodge

Stanley Place

Stanton Lodge


Stapleton Court

Staveley Court

Steeple Leas

Steeple View


Stiperstones Court

Stocks Hall Mawdesley (Apartments)

Stoke Gifford Village

Stokes Lodge


Stour Court

Stour Gate

Stover Court

Stowe Place

Strand Court

Strathclyde House


Stratton Court Village

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Gardens

Strawberry Hill Gardens

Strome Park - Retirement Living

Stuart Court

Stutt House

Summer Manor

Summergate Lodge



Sutton Manor Mews



Swallowfields Martock

Swan Lane

Swift House

Swinden Court

Sycamore Court

Sydenham Court

Sydney Court

Sydney Grange

Symonds Grange


Talbot Court

Tamar House

Tanglewood Bungalows


Tannery Court

Tannery Gardens

Tantallon Court

Tanyard Farm

Taransay Court

Taylor Place

Tebbutt Lodge

Teddesley Court

Teedon Gardens

Terrill Court

Terryspring Court

Thackeray Lodge

Thackrah Court

Thames Bank


The Abbeyfield Canvey Island Society

The Apartments at Royal Gardens

The Beeches

The Beeches

The Boathouse

The Bowling Green

The Briarwood

The Bridges

The Chapters

The Charterhouse

The Chimes

The Chocolate Quarter

The Church House

The Clockhouse

The Cloisters

The Close

The Coach House

The College of St Barnabas

The Cottons

The Croft, Bourne

The Curlews

The Dairy

The Elms

The Fairways Retirement Village

The Firs Complex

The Fitzroy

The Folds

The Glebe

The Glen Care Village

The Grange

The Hawthorns Braintree

The Hawthorns Clevedon

The Hawthorns Eastbourne

The Hawthorns Northampton

The Landings

The Laureates

The Laurels

The Limes

The Limes

The Lodge

The Mansfield Care Village

The Maples

The Millpool

The Oaks

The Octagon

The Old Bakehouse

The Old Market Gardens

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage

The Orchard

The Oren

The Otterham Park

The Paddock

The Playing Close

The Pottery

The Priory

The Red House

The Rise

The Sailings

The Shires

The Sidings

The Spindles

The Vale

The Vincent

The Vinery

The Whitgift Almshouses

The Wickets

The Windings

The Woodlands

The Wyldewoods

Thomas Court

Thomas Fields

Thomas Wolsey Place


Thornley House

Thurman Lodge

Tiddington Court

Timbermill Court

Tithe Lodge




Townsend Court

Tranquility Court

Tranquility Park

Trefor Jones Court

Trelawny House


Trewin Lodge and Trewin Mews

Trinity Court

Trinity Court

Tullis House

Tumbling Weir Court

Turner Place

Turnpike Court

Twelve Acres Place

Ty Abbeyfield

Tŷ Cwm Independent Living

Tŷ Heulog Independent Living

Tyefield Place


University Farm

Uplands Place

Upper Brook Hill

Uxbridge Court


Vantage Point

Vernon Court

Victoria Court

Victoria Villa

Vinter Court

Violet Place

Viscount Court

Visram House


Voysey House


Wadswick Green

Wainwright Court

Walcot Court

Walnut Tree Place

Walpole Court

Walter House

Walter Large House

Waltham House

Walton Manor Apartments


Warburton & Clarisse Lodge

Wardington Court


Warford Park

Water Street

Waterford Court

Waterford Court

Waterford Place

Watermead Court

Waters Cross

Watling Court

Watling Lodge

Watson Place

Wattons Lodge

Waveney Place

Waverley Gardens

Wayfarer Place

Weavers House

Weavers Lodge

Webb Ellis Court

Webster Street

Weighbridge Court

Welland Place

Wellesley House

Wellington Court

Wellington Mill


Wendover House

Wesley Court

Wesley Court

Wessex Lodge

West Bridgford

West Court

West Kirby

Westall House Bungalows

Westbourne House

Westbury Fields


Westhall Court

Westholme Court

Westonia Court

Westover Park

Westwood Court

Westwood Manor

Wheatley Place

Wherry Court

Whiston Court

Whitaker Grange

Whitehill Park

Whiteley Village

Whitelock Grange

Whitgreave Court

Whyburn Court


Wickham House

Wildernesse House

Willcox Close

William Grange

William House

William Lodge

William Turner Court

Williams Place

Williamson Court

Willow Bank

Willow Barns

Willow Court

Willow Gardens




Wilton Court


Windridge Close

Windsor Court

Windsor House

Winehala Court

Winford House

Wingfield Court

Winifred Baker Court

Winton Court

Winton House Mews


Wixfield Park

Wohl Court


Wooburn Bales

Wood Court

Wood View

Woodbank Apartments

Woodgate Park

Woodland Court

Woodland Park





Woodridge Gardens

Woodrow Court

Wrestwood Close

Wye House

Wyke Mark

Wykeham Court

Wyken Court


Yarborough Court

Yates Lodge

Yeats Lodge

Yelland Place

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