What is a Soul Midwife?

What is a Soul Midwife?

Posted by Debbie Harris

What is a Soul Midwife?

What is a Soul Midwife?

Dying well is not something many people think about. But there are several organisations who recognise how important dying well is, both to the individual and the family.

Soul midwifery

A Soul Midwife is a non-medical companion who provides one-to-one holistic and spiritual approach and care to people who are dying.

The term ‘midwife’ is no accident.  A midwife bringing somebody into the world has a lot of similarities to helping somebody leave this world.  Your first breath and your last breath.

A Soul Midwife will support a dying person by setting out their wishes for the final days.  They allow people to talk opening about their death and fears and provide support with anxiety and pain.

Soul midwives can be found in care homes, hospices, hospitals and at home.  They liaise with the GP’s and district nurses if somebody wants to die at home.

An interview with Vee at Langham Court Care Home who explains the ethos behind a Soul Midwife. 

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