What is the Butterfly Model for dementia care?

What is the Butterfly Model for dementia care?

Posted by Debbie Harris

What is the Butterfly Model for dementia care?

The Butterfly Model of dementia care is based on creating a family atmosphere.

Launched over 20 years ago it is still relatively unknown to people looking for dementia care.

The model removes any feeling of being in an ‘institution’.  The environment becomes as homely as possible.  There are no uniforms, nursing stations, drug trolleys and staff sit and eat with residents.

Carers need to understand that the focus is on feelings.  Emotional intelligence - people who understand about life is the key criteria for anybody working within the Butterfly model.  Routines are relaxing, staff are free to talk and sit and chat to residents.  Staff don’t wear uniforms or name badges, they are part of the household.

The care environments themselves are more like homes, a bit untidy with lots of relevant ‘stuff’ lying around - anything that matters to the residents.   The homes often establish small communities of people at similar points of their dementia experience. 

Langham Court is a care home offering Butterfly dementia care.

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