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Care homes can save time and energy with an energy broker

We know how important it is for care homes to keep a close and constant eye on everyday costs like energy, reducing them whenever they can. Luckily for businesses like yours, our new partnership means help is at hand.

The price of goods and services has soared in recent years, putting enormous strain on care homes. This is particularly the case with utilities like electricity and gas: something you can’t manage without, but for which the cost has risen sharply. The problem is searching for deals, switching providers and overseeing your own accounts can be challenging, and takes up lots of time. No wonder so many care home managers are simply too busy to do it.

Well, we’re pleased to say help is now at hand. In our recent article about our Go Green initiative, we introduced our latest partner: World Kinect Energy Services, a team of trusted specialists with a 35-year track record of helping businesses Source Energy. One of the key services World Kinect offers is energy brokerage, so we wanted to explain what that is and how it could help save your business significant time and money.

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What is an energy broker?

An energy broker is an expert in the energy market who uses their knowledge and contacts to find the very best deals for their clients. Typically, their clients are businesses like yours: ones who rely on competitively-priced energy deals, but who don’t always have the time and expertise to find them. A good broker will start by analysing your business’s energy consumption, then they’ll use their relationships with energy providers to find – or negotiate – the most competitive, and most appropriate, electricity and gas contracts for your business.

The benefits of using an energy broker

There are lots of benefits of using a good energy broker, some less obvious than others.

Save time

It can take significant time and headspace to search for energy deals across multiple suppliers. It can also be a confusing and frustrating process. As an energy broker, World Kinect can do all of that for you, saving you the trouble of comparing prices and providers, leaving you free to focus on the day-to-day business of running your care home. They’ll even make the switch to a new provider for you, then take responsibility for managing and renewing your contracts.

Ensure maximum savings

The main reason businesses like yours use an energy broker is to save on operational costs by gaining access to the most competitive energy rates. A broker will work on your behalf, getting to know your commercial energy needs then finding prices on your behalf from reputable, vetted suppliers.

Lower your consumption

A good broker will understand how your business consumes energy, and can even help identify areas where you could reduce your usage. They can help with energy monitoring too, helping you keep track of your usage across multiple meters and sites, and then using that data to help you make informed decisions about your energy deals, and reduce your energy consumption - a key part in your Go Green journey.

Access more savings

Good brokers are experts in their field and always up to date. They can provide information and advice about energy-related tax relief, and how to use government schemes and incentives to claim any available refunds on past bills.

There’s no doubt that using a reputable broker to oversee your energy requirements makes sense, and it certainly can’t do any harm to at least have a free consultation with one. The overwhelming odds are that using this service could help you to save money in both the short and long term, as well as taking a potentially big and stressful task off your to-do list.

Gain a trusted partner

World Kinect Energy Services is a proud partner of Autumna, and sponsor of Autuma’s Go Green initiative. Part of World Kinect Corporation, a trusted Fortune 100 company, World Kinect’s contacts and expertise can help your business to source energy, reduce your carbon footprint and minimise risk, helping to provide a welcome degree of certainty in these unpredictable times.

To find out more about their services, or to book a free no obligation consultation about your energy needs with an experienced energy broker from World Kinect, visit

Now is the time for clear energy advice

Learn why going green can benefit your care home

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