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Introducing World Kinect Energy Services

Our new energy partners are your route to competitive energy prices, and less hassle.

You might by now be familiar with the basics of our new Go Green campaign, launched back in summer this year.

Our latest exciting development in the Go Green initiative is all about helping you improve your efficiency and control your energy costs, because we’ve signed up with an important new trusted partner: World Kinect Energy Services.

World Kinect is a globally- respected energy service provider, with a 35-year track record behind it. In the words of the company’s website: ‘one partner for Everything Energy’.

“We’re excited to be working with Autumna, and sponsoring the Go Green initiative as it aligns perfectly with everything we stand for at World Kinect,” commented Nohman Ali, Sales Director, World Kinect Energy Services.

“World Kinect is a business with a long and proud history but also a forward-thinking outlook. We’re dedicated to helping care home providers get the most competitive rate for their energy bills, as well as planning and progressing their decarbonisation journeys. We look forward to working with Autumna and the Go Green initiative to help members to do just that!”

As an energy broker, the World Kinect team is here to help you find the very best deals on your energy bills. We know that managing energy contracts can be a confusing and time-consuming job for care home managers, and one that often gets postponed in the face of more pressing day-to-day work. It’s a daunting process too, especially in recent years when the soaring price of energy has made it more important than ever to choose the right provider and tariff.

The great news is that experts from World Kinect can help analyse your energy use and recent bills for you. Next, they’ll use their detailed knowledge of the energy market and close relationship with trusted providers to compare prices and secure deals that suit your business perfectly: deals you often wouldn’t be able to secure for yourself.

As well looking to reduce your overall energy costs by accessing a wide range of competitor prices, it should also be possible for them to find contracts with the kind of terms, conditions and flexibility you need for minimising admin, hassle and risk. In fact, your World Kinect broker can take on much of this responsibly themselves, for example closing your old accounts and switching provider for you, then monitoring your energy bills and usage on your behalf.

“Autumna’s new partnership with a leading energy business like World Kinect really makes sense for our care home providers, as well as for the Autumna brand. In these difficult and unpredictable times – where we all face challenges around energy supply, prices and the environment – having a globally recognised team on our side is a priceless asset. I’m really confident that the experts at World Kinect will help our members take control of their energy bills and reduce the everyday workload, as well as making it quicker and easier for them to complete their Go Green journey.”

Debbie Harris, Founder of Autumna

There’s another big benefit to you of our partnership with World Kinect. This is a business with a whole range of resources and expertise in the area of sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It means the specialists at World Kinect can provide up-to-the-minute advice around things like energy data monitoring and reducing your carbon footprint. Again, this kind of expertise could play a big part in giving you a much simpler, clearer overview of your energy use and how you can shrink it. It could also massively help your efforts to hit CSR and legal targets like Net Zero.

Overall, it’s very exciting news that World Kinect Energy Services have come on board. With winter approaching and the energy market still uncertain and hard to navigate, the timing certainly couldn’t be better.

We’ll be updating you with more news about the partnership and about World Kinect’s services soon. For now, you can read more about the business here.


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