Introducing Autumna - the comprehensive register of elderly care providers

Introducing Autumna - the comprehensive register of elderly care providers

Posted by Debbie Harris

Introducing Autumna - the elderly care website for self-funding families

“Hello, I am Debbie Harris, and I can’t begin to tell you how determined I am to raise the profile of later life living, and the quality of elderly care throughout the UK. With, I intend to provide people, particularly those who pay for their own elderly care, with the knowledge and confidence to take control of their future, and make the right care choices for their later life."

Portrait of Debbie Harris, Founder of Autumna
Debbie Harris, Founder of Autumna

“And make no bones about it, people paying for their own care – self-funders as they are often called by the social care sector – do have a choice. So I want to give care providers, through Autumna, the best possible opportunity to promote and deliver quality elder care. I want to give families searching for care, for their elderly parents, the best chance of finding the right care homes, the quality home care agencies and live in care services. And by doing this, I want to raise the standard of elderly social care across the board, not just for the people who can fund it themselves, but also, by extension, for the local authority funded older people whose later life care is often subsidised by those with the means to pay."

“If you are interested to know more – whether you are an elderly care provider, a user of elderly care, or a company interested in partnering with us in bringing innovation to the elder care industry, then please get in touch with me.”

Debbie Harris

For many of us, getting old is our greatest fear… an unspoken dread... the elephant in the room.

Autumna plans to change that, bringing later life and the benefits to be gained from it, into the spotlight. We’re going to give people the confidence to plan ahead and ensure their hopes for later life are fulfilled. We’re going to help people taking care of elderly parents to help them make the right choices as they grow older.

The problems involved in making elderly care choices.

Very few people plan for old age and how they wish to see out their days. It’s natural not to worry about things like geriatric care until circumstances mean you really have to.

But it’s a lack of foresight that all too often leads to a poor quality of later life. It’s not helped by the fact that information about the different elder care providers can be very hard to find. It’s not that there’s too little. In many ways it’s that there’s too much. The hard bit is that until now, with, there was nowhere to find an independent, unbiased guide to the best elderly care providers throughout the UK on a website that includes the three main elderly care services – care homes, home care and live in care, presented in an easy to digest way. Too often elderly care provider searches return the companies with the largest promotional budgets, but not necessarily the right elderly care for the particular person in need of it.

Now with Autumna, later life care providers have the opportunity to market themselves effectively on a level playing field. No one can pay extra to be at the top of a search. The whole philosophy of Autumna is transparency. Information that helps people find the elder care services they are looking for is our currency. So the more information a care provider gives, that is relevant to an individual’s search, the higher they will appear on an Autumna search.

Which means that, for anyone concerned with care for the elderly, has to be the logical choice.

The solution to the search for elderly care.

Autumna is and innovative platform that challenges how elder care is perceived, sourced and delivered, whilst providing everything you need to know about retirement living and beyond. It’s all in one place. Care homes. Home care. Live in care. Easy to navigate. Easy to compare. Totally independent.

Autumna is applying cutting-edge technology to the elder care industry. We are making care accessible with easy-to-find information, guidance and choices. We are taking the confusion and fear away and helping the end user of elderly social care to recognise that they are a valuable customer whose hopes and expectations are of paramount importance.

18 months in the making, the Autumna platform offers elder care providers a better shop window than has existed anywhere before. And it provides self-funding families – people paying for their own care - with support that has been sorely lacking to date.

Care homes, Home care and Live-in care companies, all on one site. All will be encouraged to market their services on the Autumna Platform, with the opportunity (through an enhanced listing), to provide far greater detail than is available on other platforms.

This means that anyone looking for elderly care, whether it’s for them or for an elderly relative, can conduct a really deep, bespoke search according to their specific needs.

And the best thing for all parties is this: no care provider will be able to ‘buy position’ on the platform – we are offering a truly level playing field to every organisation that opts for an enhanced listing on the site. Which means the end user of care gets to see the providers that really are best for them according to their search criteria.

Champion of elder care innovation!

Autumna will herald and promote innovations that will have a measurably positive effect on the later life care industry and its users – such as digital care plans, family portals and ongoing industry training.

There are free advice lines on how to find elder care, how to pay for elderly care and the legalities around decision-making and expenditure – topics that few people are familiar with but that many worry about. In time, we’ll enable care providers to display detailed staff profiles so that care users and their relatives can see the people who are likely to be caring for them.

In short, Autumna will be doing all it can to encourage transparency, promote quality and respect the later life care customer.

With the first phase of the platform going live in August 2019, Autumna aims to bridge the gap between providers and users of care with innumerable benefits for both:

Consumer benefits of an elder care search on Autumna

    • An open marketplace approach to information and exposure
    • Clear, unbiased display and navigation; trustworthy information is key
    • Independent and transparent: care providers cannot pay to be top
    • Results are conveniently ranked by the amount of information provided
    • Free for consumers to use, eg: the public, care professionals, GPs, etc.
    • Comprehensive listing of all elder care provisions, care homes, live in and home care
    • Over 200 search fields - including: location, price, type of care and availability
    • Intuitive and user-friendly - designed for all IT skill levels
    • Free legal, care and funding advice, available via live chat or helpline

Elderly care provider benefits of listing with Autumna

    • Multi-channel marketing
    • Fixed subscription cost
    • Absolutely no referral fees
    • 'Stand out' from other care providers by highlighting additional service offerings
    • Extensive profile page to market services to consumers
    • The most user-friendly index of information on care providers
    • Multiple, detailed search options to pre-qualify leads
    • An API to display all care providers with a CQC listing

All about the Autumna elderly care platform

Watch how Debbie Harris explains further how this innovative elder care advice and comparison platform will challenge how later life care is perceived, sourced and delivered, whilst providing everything you need to know about later living – easy-to-find, and in one place.

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