Helping you find the right care

Helping you find the right care

Helping you find the right elderly care

Autumna is here to help you make the right choices for your elderly care. We assist you in finding the right care home, home care or live-in care and crucially the best care for you or your loved one's specific needs.

Autumna is the largest directory of residential and domiciliary elderly care providers in the UK
Easy to compare elderly care on Autumna

Navigating your way through the social care system can be mystifying at the best of times. If you're trying to find elderly care in a crisis situation, which is so often the case though, then the task can often seem near impossible.

But however urgent your situation, it’s really important to familiarise yourself first with your care options.

As a person paying for your own elderly care, you have more options and choices than you may realise. The five main categories are:

  • Retirement Villages
  • Assisted Living
  • Home Care 
  • Live-in Care  
  • Care Homes.
Autumna can help self-funders make the right choices over their elderly care
Paying for care means you have choice

Debbie Harris, the founder of Autumna has spent many years carrying out bespoke elderly care searches for private clients, so she has been in the position you probably find yourself in for the first time, many times over.

Her experiences in her searches for varied clients, with varied elderly care needs, led to the development of Autumna to help families access the information about the care they needed in a much more manageable and easy-to-compare way.

Autumna provides independent, impartial guidance to senior citizens and their families, to ensure they make the right later life decisions and receive the care they need in their latter years.

For many people, later life care options are not on the radar.  No one really wants to think about getting old. But that's why it really is important to prepare. Prior knowledge will allow your senior care decisions to be better informed and less 'hit or miss' than decisions made in haste - in a time of crisis.

Debbie has written more about each of the elderly social care categories, so that you can make a good start planning your care pathway. Read more

"When you know what you are looking for and crucially where to look, finding care needn't be like searching for a needle in a haystack"

Debbie Harris
Autumna provides a friendly and expert advice line team at a time when you most need it
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