Moving Home Support

Moving Home Support

Help moving home with Autumna and The Senior Move Partnership

Autumna has partnered with The Senior Move Partnership to help support families who are considering moving into a retirement village, community or property.

    Autumna has teamed up with the Senior Move Partnership

    If you would like help viewing properties, a Senior Move Manager can escort you, by car, to any one of the retirement living properties in the Autumna directory.

    Autumna and the Senior Move Partnership take the stress out of relocating to a retirement property

    The Senior Move Partnership operates only in the retirement sector and has trusted and trained Senior Move Managers who will take the stress, hard work and worry out of moving home.

    The prospect of moving home at any time in life can be a daunting one, but working with a Senior Move Manager can make a later life move a more positive experience.

    Every client is different, and The Senior Move Partnership will work at a pace that suits them, enabling the person moving home to remain in control of their move and the decisions made. Once they have an understanding of the client’s needs, they will develop a bespoke plan of support to make the move happen.

    If a client has not moved for many years or if they are unwell, the thought of moving home can be almost too overwhelming to contemplate.

    Invariably a degree of downsizing is involved, and this can bring a further range of emotional and practical challenges.

    Difficult decisions have to be made around what will safely fit and where.

    The Senior Move Partnership offer sensitive, practical, hands-on support for the task of downsizing – working sensitively with their client to choose those things that are right for them and their new home.

    Often clients have lived in their home for a very long time – raising their families. Each room evokes special memories and possessions will be precious for a wide range of reasons. We work at the client’s pace, helping them access the harder-to-reach areas – ensuring they feel in control and comfortable with the decisions that they are making so they can concentrate on looking forward to settling into their new home.

    For more information on how The Senior Move Partnership might be able to help you, or an elderly relative, call 0800 044 3904, visit the website or email them here.

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