Family Portal

Family Portal

When you can't be there...

A Family Portal is a secure online portal accessible via a computer, mobile or tablet that enables the friends and family of those being cared for to stay informed about their care and to keep in touch. 

Especially well-suited to friends and relatives living at a distance or where a family member is in a care home, a family portal can promote inclusive and transparent care, giving family members peace of mind. 

The Portal may display care records, charts and analysis about the individual being cared for - as well as photos, messages & other media showing them enjoying meals, social activities and trips.

A well-utilised Family Portal can help break down the barriers of distance, improve the quality of care, increase transparency, and positively contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of the person being cared for.

A Family Portal should be considered by every forward-thinking care provider seeking to build trust with relatives, reduce complaints, promote the value & recognition of their care workers, and to showcase the quality & consistency of care they offer.

This is why Autumna allows you to find, search and filter care services by whether they offer a Family Portal.

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