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Welcome to the Autumna elder care employee benefit scheme

Your employer knows that finding care for an older and vulnerable loved one can be an extremely stressful and emotional experience. That is why they have partnered with Autumna to provide you with a friendly, helping hand.

          How does the Autumna employee benefit scheme work?

          You can either use our simple online shortlisting tool or contact our friendly and helpful advice line team.

          Email them here, or just call them. They’re on 01892 335 166 and are available 7 days a week including bank holidays!

          Your first Autumna consultation is entirely free and will usually be all you need to get you headed in the right direction.

          Autumna's Care Workers Charity dedicated advice line phone number 01892 335 166

          What makes Autumna’s elder care employee benefit scheme different?

          Autumna has more experience than anyone else in finding elder care.

              You may not have had to find a home care agency or care home for a loved one before. And quite reasonably, you may not know where to start.

              The team at Autumna though, has been supporting families find the care they need for their elderly loved ones for over 15 years. During that time our friendly and helpful advisers have built up a wealth of knowledge on how to navigate the increasingly complex social care sector.

              Autumna is a trusted source of advice and works with care professionals, GPs, hospital discharge teams, solicitors, accountants, IFAs and a host of blue-chip companies based throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

              Four telephonists in Autumna's advice line team

              Autumna gives you access to every elder care provider.

              Not only can Autumna help you find residential and nursing homes, but we also cover home care and live-in care agencies too.

              We include every registered elder care provider in the UK in any search we do on your behalf. And we have more information on each, than any other directory.

              And don’t forget, Autumna has the largest directory of retirement housing, retirement communities and retirement villages in one place than any other website.

              Unbiased, independent and impartial advice.

              We are unique in the fact that we don’t take referral fees from care providers.

              Whilst other employee benefit schemes might steer you in the direction of care providers who pay them a handsome commission, Autumna exists to help you make the right choice – whichever provider that might involve.

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              A faster way to find the right care options

              Autumna takes the stress out of finding elder care.

              Our dedicated experts, with their years of experience in the field, can identify, and put together, all the pieces you need to make vitally important and informed decisions about your loved one's care.

              Depending on the degree of complexity, care searches can take around four weeks. Thanks to the detailed nature of our database, our team can usually get results in less than half this time.  

              And don’t forget – we are independent and impartial. We don’t get a commission from the care providers we find for you.

              The changing landscape for the ‘sandwich’ generation and why employers need to respond.

              78% of all Autumna’s advice line enquiries come from adult children looking to find elder care for a parent.

              With average life expectancy now at 81 years and expected to rise to 85 by 2040, then it is very likely that adults of working age will soon have more adult dependents than child dependents.

              It is forecast that 1 in 6 UK workers will balance their job with elder care responsibilities by 2040.

              That means that over six million employees will be having to cope with the often emotional, stressful and costly process of finding care for an older relative.

              The problems are exacerbated further by the increasing numbers of older people who are in a poor state of health.

              Amongst the modern workforce, mental health is now the dominant health risk and 44% of carers describe their situation as tiring and stressful with 20% falling ill themselves.

              2 million employees have already reduced their working hours to care for a dependant. A further 2.6 million people have given up work altogether to provide care.

              A tryptich of photos showing Autumna elder care employee benefits clients

              What are the benefits to employees of Autumna’s elder care scheme?

              Autumna can help make a positive impact on all five key pillars of employee wellbeing:

              Physical. Emotional. Social. Financial. Career.

              Autumna can save time and so reduce absenteeism amongst the workforce.

              Autumna’s employee benefit scheme can share the burden, providing reassurance and emotional support when it’s most needed.

              What are the benefits to employers of Autumna’s elder care scheme?

              •    Higher productivity and increased employee engagement.
              •    Improved employee wellbeing and resilience.
              •    Reduced staff turnover.
              •    A modern and relevant employee value proposition offering a differentiator for recruitment.
              •    Mitigating impact on future insurance costs.
              •    Supports diversity, equality and inclusion.

                “Grandma sadly passed away last night, however, without the help of Roni and the team at Autumna, we would not be 10 mins around the corner and able to have spent the last five or so weeks visiting, caring and tending to her. We just wanted to say a huge thank you.”

                Emma - Employee Benefit Scheme client
                Autumna's Care Workers Charity dedicated advice line phone number 01892 335 166

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                Autumna is the UK's largest and most comprehensive later-life living & elderly care directory. Our detailed search facility and team of expert advisors can help you find the best care homes, nursing homes, retirement homes, retirement villages, home care, and live-in care services for you or your loved one's needs. Our website is free to use, we are proudly independent, and we never take referral fees.