Care home checklist

Care home checklist

As a self-funding family what should you focus on when searching for a care home?

Choosing the right care home is vital for long-term well-being, but as with everything, you need to get the foundations in place before focusing on the details. So what should you be looking for at the very start?

"There are four crucial factors you must first consider when looking for the right care home. They are really obvious when you look back, but at the time they elude many of us."

Debbie Harris

1. Location 

It is vital that the location of the care home is near to the person or people most likely to visit. It doesn't matter that Mum has always lived in Kent (unless she has a strong support network who will continue to visit).

The ability to call in and check on mum and speak to the staff in the care home is invaluable - and much better than sitting for hours on the motorway.

2. Type of care 

When you are looking for a care home, make sure you understand whether you are looking for a residential home or nursing home.

These homes may also support dementia, but make sure you discuss with the home what level of dementia your mum has. It's important that the care home can meet her needs now and as they progress.

3. Price

Make sure you understand how much you can afford - today and in the future. Many care homes will ask for proof of funds of two or even three years.

If you think Mum may run out of money, talk to the care home and explain that you will need to revert to Local Authority funded care, unless you are personally prepared to top up the fees. To speak to an independent care fees advisor for details, call Eldercare Solutions on 0800 082 1155.

4.  Availability 

Wherever possible, research your care options before you need them.

Bear in mind that care homes won't hold a room for you unless you pay for it. So, make sure you have chosen two or more homes that you like as at least one of them should have availability when you need it. Alternatively put your name down on the waiting list if you are able to wait for a room in your preferred home.

"Only 6% of families move a relative once they are living in a care home, regardless of whether it's actually the best place for them. This is because they are worried that further upheaval will have a damaging effect on their loved one. In reality, living in the wrong environment could be much worse for them."

Debbie Harris

Speak to an advisor

If you need more advice on how to find care, call the Autumna team on 01892 335 330

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