6 Ways Self-Funding Families Can Search For Outstanding Care Homes

6 Ways Self-Funding Families Can Search For Outstanding Care Homes

Posted by Declan Davey

6 Ways Self-Funding Families Can Search For Outstanding Care Homes

Are you looking for outstanding UK care homes or self-funding for long-term care?

At Autumna, we aim to make the task of finding elderly care easier for families.

A common complaint we hear from callers to our advice line, is that they feel confused by all the information out there. They’re not sure where to look or who to trust.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the Autumna website to search for:

  1. Type of care (Care homes, live-in care, home care)
  2. Location of care
  3. Care home or domiciliary care availability
  4. How much care homes cost per week
  5. CQC outstanding care homes near you
  6. Overall profile strength

It's easy to find elderly care through the Autumna homepage

1. Type of elderly care (care home, home care or live-in care)

First up, let’s explore how you can search for different types of care.

There are four options that you can decide from, depending on the type of care you’re looking for. They are:

  • Care Homes
  • Home Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Not Sure? 

If you don’t know the particular type of care you need or feel unsure where to start, the “Not Sure?” option can be a useful place to start.

Simply click the option that seems most suitable to you. 

Moving on to the next section, we’ll show you how to search by location.

2. Location of care

Follow the prompt that says “Enter Location or Postcode.” 

Here are a few ways that you can enter your location of choice...

Example of a county-based search: 


Example of a town or city-based search:


Example of a postcode- based search: 

“TN1 1BF”

Once you’ve typed in this information, press Enter on your keyboard or click the orange “Search” button. 

A results page will appear, such as this:

Search any location in the UK for elderly care on Autumna

You will be able to scroll down and view the various services on offer. Or, you can use filters to further customise your search, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

3. Care home or domiciliary care availability

Users of our service often come to us wondering how they can get reliable answers to queries such as these:

“What are the best live-in care agencies near me?“ 

“How do I find outstanding UK care homes?” 

“What’s the home care availability in my area?”

At Autumna, we bring together several factors to help you discover the best care homes, home care and live-in care in your area.

Availability is one of these factors. 

After all, what’s the point of researching quality care homes for example, only to find they have no availability for new residents?

Using a care home search as an example, here’s what to do...

Click “Care Homes” on the homepage search bar. 

Then, enter the location you want to search for. We’ll go through an example below for Kingston upon Thames.

Use the Availability tab to filter your elderly care search on Autumna

When the results appear, you’ll see four orange buttons. 

One of these buttons — the second from the left — is “Availability.”

When you click “Availability” you can select from two options, “Yes” or “Call for Details.”

By choosing “Yes” you will only see care services that have told us they have availability.

If you want to expand your search, choose “Call for Details.” This will display homes that you have to call to find out if they currently have spaces.

Use the Availability tab to filter your elderly care search on Autumna

4. How much does elderly care cost per week?

Okay, here’s the big question most people want answers to! 

For those who are self-funding long-term care, how much it is going to cost per week, is particularly important to know. 

The good news is that you can find all of this information on Autumna.

For simplicity' sake we'll answer the question "How much do care homes cost per week?" and we'll use Devon as the location to run through this example.

How much do care homes in Devon cost?

Again, the four orange filter buttons will appear after you enter a search.

All you need to do is click “Price,” which is the third button from the left.

Your price options will display underneath, like in this image:

Care homes have been ordered by the CMA to advertise their prices

Now you can click your price range of choice, which makes the task of researching much easier for those who are self-funding a care home.

For instance, you could select “£1000-1250” to view care homes that cost this much per week.

Select the care home price bracket that you think you can afford

The nearest care homes in the £1000-1250 weekly price range will show in the results.

Scroll down to the next image to get an idea of how this will display on your web page. 

As you can see, under “Applied Filters”, the results are narrowed down to your custom price range.

If you want a guide on self-funding care, please read this funding your elderly care article

Nynehead Court care home comes out top on Autumna

5. CQC Outstanding care homes and home care agencies near me

One of the most popular ways our users like to search for outstanding UK care homes and home care is sorting the results by “Regulator’s Rating.”

Here’s how you can do it too...

Enter your search location, e.g. Kent. 

Then, on the results page, click the “Sort results by” option, as displayed in the image below:

When you click “Sort results by,” a drop-down menu will appear. 

You can select “Regulator’s Rating” from this menu, like so:

Our Autumna database will update to show the CQC outstanding care homes at the top of the results list.

You’ll see the rating beside the care home or domiciliary care provider's name and address.

Bluebird Camden and Hampstead has an outstanding rating from the CQC

Sometimes, there won’t be any CQC outstanding care homes in an area of search. 

Instead, providers with a “good” rating will appear.

6. Overall profile strength

The final way we’re showing you how to search today is by “Profile Strength.”

By using this filter, the care services are ordered by the amount of information they have given us.

In simple terms, the more details Autumna has about the care service provider, the higher their profile score will be.

Click on “Sort results by” to view the drop-down menu. 

“Profile Strength” is the second option down.

Search on Autumna for the care providers who made the most information available to help you make your decision

Once you’ve chosen this option, the results will refresh.

As you can see in the example below, the care home with the best profile strength in Buckinghamshire is Bartletts Residential Home in Aylesbury, part of the Peverel Court Care group.

Bartletts Residential has the highest profile score on Autumna for Buckinghamshire care homes

Their profile strength is 89%, which gets a “very good” rating from us.

Bear in mind, a profile score of over 90% is rated as "Excellent" - but they are rare.

The higher the profile strength though, the more information there is on their profile and, as a result, the better able you will be to make a better-informed choice of whether you wish to contact the care provider or not.


Do you want the process of researching later life care to be easier and less confusing?

When you are paying for your own care, the actual decision making process can be very stressful, we know.

But with the search options on the Autumna website, answering a question like “what are the outstanding care homes near me?” becomes much simpler.

Feel free to use the search bar at the top of this page to get started. 

Or, if you would like to speak with a team member so they can walk you through the process step-by-step, or you need some friendly advice on your overall options for later life care, call us on:

01892 33 53 30

The line is open Monday to Sunday (8:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri, 10am - 5pm Sat, 10am - 4pm Sun).

Our thanks to Declan Davey for his help researching and writing this blog.

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