Debbie Harris, the driving force behind Autumna

Debbie Harris, the driving force behind Autumna

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Supporting self-funding families in their search for the best care


Debbie is committed to showcasing the quality of care that people deserve. With more than 10 years’ experience, she has helped hundreds of self-funding families find care homes.  Always providing independent advice, Debbie and her team do not take referral fees from any care provider in order to promote their service above any other.


Autumna has taken 18 months to develop and uses all of Debbie's experience and expertise to provide an independent platform that can support anybody looking for care.


The founder of Chosen with Care, a company providing one-to-one bespoke support for self-funding families, Debbie was also responsible for developing an online care provider rating system. This has been universally adopted throughout the care industry.


Autumna has been built on the belief that everyone deserves a decent standard of care. We value the older generation, treating people fairly and without judgement. This platform aims to to deliver knowledge and integrity in equal measure. 

Our intention is to support the care industry, whilst empathising with the care user. Importantly, we promise to stay unbiased and independent. By being transparent, we can shine a spotlight on the quality care that people deserve.

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Needing to find a care home for Aunty Margaret 13 years ago and feeling wholly inadequate and under-prepared to make such an important decision for somebody else, Debbie has been passionate about ensuring other families don't feel the same way.

“My mission is to get people talking about care; we need to plan, we need to think ahead"

Debbie Harris
Debbie Harris
Debbie Harris